how to plant lotus seeds

How to Plant Lotus Seeds? 5 Powerful Tips!

Want to know how to plant lotus seeds? Lotus flowers may seem exotic and hard to grow, but they thrive in cold-hardy areas in the United Kingdom.   5 Practical Tips in Planting Lotus Seeds If you’re looking to plant lotus seeds, here are some tips you need to remember:   Tip 1: The best […]

How to Divide And Transplant Bleeding Hearts? More Facts!

Moving your plants to a new location may not seem like a significant issue, but not following how divide and transplant bleeding hearts can be lethal to their roots. These perennials are known for their heart-shaped blooms that have never failed to catch people’s attention during spring. However, when the flowers that one suppose to […]

How To Get Rid Of Asp Caterpillars? 4 Special Tips!

Are you looking to find ways on how to get rid of asp caterpillars in your garden? Perhaps as you were walking through your beautifully-tended UK garden, you spotted a group of tiny moths flying all around it. You probably didn’t think that it was an issue until you took one long, hard look at […]

How to Get Chrysanthemum to Bloom Again? 5 Effective Tips!

If you want to know how to get chrysanthemum to bloom again, then you must be very serious about honing your gardening skills. Perhaps you already know that the plants’ flowers refuse to grow in the UK when it’s near the end of a plant’s growing season. However, you’ll be glad to know that there […]

How Do Poinsettias Change Color|

How Do Poinsettias Change Colour? More To Discover!

Why and how do poinsettias change colour? It’s important to note that regardless of the cultivar, there is one trait all Christmas Stars share: the fading of hues. While you would usually see the poinsettias in red, they come in different colours, and the tinted parts are, in fact, leaves or bracts, not flowers. They […]

How Do You Start A New Poinsettia Plant|

How Do You Start A New Poinsettia Plant? Trust Tips!

Countless gardening enthusiasts in the UK are wondering, “How do you start a new poinsettia plant?”. When the holiday ends, you might still want to keep your Christmas flowers. It has indeed become a routine for some UK households to adorn their homes with poinsettias every Christmas. As their colours would not be as vibrant […]

How Often Should You Water Pepper Plants in Pots|

How Often To Water Pepper Plants in Pots? 2 Questions Answered!

Come to think of it, how often to water pepper plants in pots? If this question keeps on popping in your head, you should know that providing your plants with moisture will not be enough to make them thrive well. Understanding how you can properly hydrate your precious pepper plants is something that every greens […]

How Do You Get Rid of Whiteflies|

How Do You Get Rid of Whiteflies? Bonus Tips!

So, how do you get rid of whiteflies? If you’re one of the countless others in the UK who are new to gardening, then this should be one of the biggest questions you have in mind. Having these pesky insects in your garden isn’t something that you should take lightly. Once whiteflies get a hold […]

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