Free Guide Of How Long Are Shower Curtains?

How long are shower curtains? The standard size for curtains is 72×72 inches.

When I moved to our new UK house, someone left me the task of placing curtains all over the house in the UK.

So I had a hard time thinking where and what I should put all over the place. My mind was puzzled.

I looked up some recommendations and tips online for finding which curtain one supposed to place.

When I was done with the windows and the only place left in the bathroom.

Since bathrooms should have different types of a curtain to be installed, I had to get another one.

Now, I finished my task. It’s time for you with ours.

Are you having trouble finding the right curtain for your bathroom?

Here are some buying guides and tips that I’ve learned from my experience. I hope it helps you too.


How long are shower curtains

What Are Shower Curtains?

Shower curtains are used in the bathtub or shower area to provide privacy to the one who uses the shower and keeps the water from spraying outside.

Usually, a shower curtain covers only the bathtub, but it is now used to cover the shower area.

You could either purchase a curtain online or make one yourself.

Either way, you should know what things your shower curtain has.


How Long Are Shower Curtains?

How long are shower curtains?

Well, shower curtains come in different sizes. Here are the different sizes of shower curtains.


Size #1. Stall

A stall shower curtain measures 54×78 inches.

It is suitable for shower areas with no bathtub.

The modern bathroom has this type of shower curtain.

So if you want a shower curtain that covers the shower area, this is good.


Size 2. Standard

The standard size of a shower curtain is 72×72 inches.

This one is a little higher than the floor since it only covers 2/3rd of the bathtub.


Size #3. Long

A long shower curtain measures up to 72 x 84 inches.

The curtain should brush the bathroom floor.

It covers up to the floor and completely conceals the bathtub.

So if you want a longer curtain, this is your best choice.


Size #4. Extra-long

If a long curtain seems to be lacking, try the extra-long shower curtain.

It measures 72 x 96 inches.

This shower curtain is perfect for more oversized bathrooms—especially bathrooms with high ceilings.


Size #5. Extra-wide

The extra-wide shower curtain is the perfect type of shower curtain if you have a more extensive bathroom shower area.

Remember to compensate height with width.

It measures 108 x 72 inches. Perfect for broad shower areas.


What Materials Are Used For Shower Curtain?

You may be a classic vinyl liner lover, but it is also essential to find other viable options for your liners.

Fabrics like polyester and nylon should also be considered a good material for shower curtains.

Vinyl liners may look cheaper than fabric shower curtains, but they could be of a greater effect than fabric curtains.


Type #1. Synthetic materials

Synthetic materials like vinyl, polyester, or plastics are durable, waterproof, and are wrinkle resistant.

They may look cheaper than the other curtain types, but these materials can clean them easily.

All you have to do is to spray or toss them in a drier or washer.

Some may resemble a natural fabric, but these are more water-resistant and mildew resistant.


Type #2. Natural fabrics

Fabrics like canvas, cotton, or linen are all eco-friendly materials yet can be luxurious-looking.

But always keep in mind that these are not water-resistant nor waterproof, so you will have to keep these materials dry for them to stay long.


Keeping Mildew And Bacteria At Bay

Since these curtains are almost wet every time we take a shower, it is possible to accumulate unwanted bacteria.

There are shower curtains that are mildew and bacteria resistant.

This property is significant in highly humid areas.

So if you think you live in a place in the United Kingdom with a humid climate, I advise you make sure to get one yourself.


Style And Design Of Shower Curtains

Like ordinary curtains that you hang on your window, shower curtains also come in different sizes and designs.

You can always match its colour with your bathroom’s interior. 

Remember, your preference is essential.

You can make it look expensive, fancy, or simple. It all depends on you.



Your shower curtains may look decorative with all the patterns and colours present on the curtain.



You can also have hook-less shower curtains to get rid of unwanted hook accidents resulting in tearing.


Shower Curtain Tips

Here are some tips to keep your shower curtains functioning well for a long time.


Tip #1. Magnets and suction Cups

Add magnets to weigh down the shower curtain.

It will keep the curtains in place to protect the floor from getting splashed by the water.


Tip #2. Use of Grommets

Shower curtains meant to stay opened and closed, so it’s not a brainer that it will come to the point of breaking.

Adding some grommets along the header could prolong its usage that could prevent the curtain from tearing apart.



How long are shower curtains? Well, it will depend on whether they’re in standard, long, or stall shower curtains.

The size will differ based on its purpose.

In buying or making a shower curtain of your own, make sure to keep the things mentioned above.

It helped me in my case. I hope the same goes for you.

what sizes do curtains come in

Free Guide Of What Sizes Do Curtains Come In?

What sizes do curtains come in? It depends; you may opt for standard curtain panels, standard-tier curtains, or standard valance curtains.

Choosing what curtain panel to use can be very daunting.

Some thought that they could buy one from the store after they have got the measurement of their window.

Little did they know that you cannot find a curtain panel of the same size as your window most of the time.

What’s more disheartening is that curtains’ sizes differ from one another, depending on the particular type of curtain.

The most common standard sizes include curtain panels, tier curtain panels, and valance curtains.

Read until the end of this post to know the measurements of those curtain sizes for you to know which one can fit in your window.


3 Standard Curtain Sizes

As promised, we will be discussing the measurements of the different types of curtains along with any other information that may be necessary for you.

You can choose from any of them depending on which you think can work best to cover your window.

So, what sizes do curtains come in?


Size #1. Standard curtain panels

Most people in the United Kingdom resort to making their curtain panels because if you buy those ready-made ones, you will find out that the sizing option is limited.

Most often than not, the standard sizes that are available in stores include 120, 108, 95, 84, and 63-inch long with a 48-inch width.

They are available in a variety of designs, from a solid colour to sheer to blackout curtains.

Generally, regardless of the design you choose, they all come in the exact sizes.

But of course, you can opt for custom-made curtain panels so that the size will be made precisely based on your window requirements.

But the standard curtain panel can cover any window at your UK house with a standard size.

In the UK you can use it for bathroom, bedroom, or living room windows,

These ready-made curtain panels that come in standard sizes are a versatile solution that you can use quickly and conveniently anywhere it fits within your home in the United Kingdom.

It is also up to you if how many panels you will slide onto your curtain rod.

Remember the golden rule, the more curtain panels you slide, the more it can offer a fuller look.

You might as well layer this under a sheer curtain layer to achieve a gorgeous look.


Size #2. Standard-tier curtains

These standard tier curtains are commonly installed on windows that are smaller than the standard size.

But you might as well put this on if you don’t like to cover your window completely.

Typically, it is used to cover half of the window.

For instance, you can hang the curtain on the bottom half of the windows on top of your kitchen sink.

A lot of people in the UK also utilize this specific size in their bathrooms.

But of course, it will depend on the size and placement of the windows.

There are two most common lengths that you can find for this particular curtain type.

It can either be 36 or 24 inches long. For its width, it commonly measures 45 inches.

Like the previous curtain type, you can also get a tier curtain according to the specific measurement you desire if you have them custom-made.


Size #3. Standard valance

This type is the opposite of the previous one. It is designed to cover only the upper part of your window.

The most common valance size measures about three up to 5 inches long and about 50 inches wide; this depends on its particular design and style.

It is commonly used when the setup of the window does not require a full curtain. For instance, you can use valance a bay window.

But you might as well put this on if your window already has other types of privacy coverings.

Adding this is usually done for design. But sometimes, it is also used to hide blinds, shades, and screens.


How To Choose Curtain Length?

Curtain length can be classified into three. Choosing one will depend on how you want your curtains to look.


Type #1. Puddling length

If the curtain is flaring out onto the bottom, it will create a curtain puddle onto the floor.

In general, this curtain length is used for formal and heavy curtains.


Type #2. Kiss length

It refers to the length of the curtain that is barely kissing the floor.

Remember that this particular length requires exact measurements.

If you like to achieve this, you will need to consider the hanging method and the hardware to use to impact the results.


Type #3. Floating length

There are two ways of hanging curtains with this length.

You can hang this to hover just right above your floor, with only an inch gap between the curtain and the floor.

But you might as well let them hanging beneath the window.

Depending on your window placement, it may or may not float off the floor.

It’s A Wrap!

What sizes do curtains come in?

As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to choose the right curtain size.

But if you know and understand what you are looking for, the process would be a lot easier for you.

Also, know in advance how you like the curtain to sit onto your window.

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