Example Of How To Choose The Right Curtains For Your Home? 3 Bonus Steps!

How to choose the right curtains for your home in the United Kingdom?

How to choose the right curtains for your home

In three easy steps, you can; as simple as knowing the length of the curtains, choosing the fabric, and selecting the hardware.

Just come to imagine the natural light that is streaming into your living room or bedroom, perhaps.

Isn’t it a beautiful idea?

How about when you want to have a little privacy or maybe you want to sleep in the morning?

Without a doubt, curtains are vital anywhere you may be.

Before you should buy one, you need to research the best option for your UK home.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Choose The Right Curtains For Your UK Home

Please don’t fret, my dear friends. We’ll help you get through this.

Our goal is to help you have the right size and design according to your wants and needs.

Here are the steps on how to choose the right curtains for your home:


Step #1. Figuring out the length you’ll need

In choosing curtains for your home, you need to consider their length.

Here are the standard lengths that you can opt for (in inches):

63, 84, 95, 108, and 120

The size of the curtain is usually dependent on the window and ceiling height.

Eventually, you would also want to consider what you want to achieve.

So, how can you determine the length of the curtains?

It’s simple! You can measure from the rod pockets.

What are these, you ask?

These are where the rod pockets of your curtains are hang.

Anyway, you don’t need to follow the entire shape of your window when you measure your curtains.

There are cases when you merely want a short curtain; it’s called a tier curtain.

This curtain covers only a part of your window with a measurement of either 24 or 36 inches.

Here’s how you determine your curtain length.

Know the height; measure from the rod to the floor.

Then, figure out the location where you will install the rod. If there’s already one, then that’s great!

Oh wait, the option is not always a long curtain. You can also measure until the bottom of the window.

Just a tip:

When measuring, use inches, as this measurement is usually used in the UK.

Also, the standard width of the curtains is 45 inches.

To know whether you’ll be needing one or more panels, measure your window’s width.

You must add 12 inches; this is to account for each rod that is an overhang.

At the same time, it permits the curtain to have gentle folds; for sure, you can avoid the curtains hanging taut.


Curtains types according to length

Here are some specific types that you may encounter:


Apron curtains

See a curtain that’s hanging below your window’s bottom? The apron curtain is what it called!


Floor curtains

From the name itself, it’s a curtain that can reach down your floor.


Tier curtain

If it covers just a part of your window, then this is what it’s called.


Puddle curtain

Aside from the fact that it reaches down to the floor, it also has some puddling fabric below.


Step #2. Selecting the fabric for your curtain

Yes, you can opt for various materials.

It’s not always the looks that count.

It would help if you also accounted for many factors, such as the amount of light you want to enter your room.

For instance, if you want more light, then sheer fabrics are the best option.

The same is true with cotton fabrics; they’re sure to allow lots of light to enter through.

Even if you selected a wide range of colours, this fabric would surely be helpful.

Otherwise, it would help if you went to opaque fabrics.

These fabrics are heavier than usual, such as blackout and velvet curtains.

Opaque fabrics are best if you want to get rid of the sunlight completely.

Anyway, we have just the suitable options; linen curtains have some textured weave that allows light to enter through, though not all.

Aside from these considerations, you also have many options to choose from- be it patterns or colours.

Do you want to emphasise the curtains?

Then, go for bolder ones.

Anyway, you can always opt for simple curtains, giving you a natural feel.

Step #3. Choosing your hardware

Are you excited about the final step?

Well, it’s a straightforward one.

You have to think about where you will buy these things, and it should include your curtain rod.

To ensure balance, opt for a curtain rod ranging from six to 12 inches wider than your window.

Why so?

It’s sure to provide visual interest. Also, it allows you to move the curtains when necessary.

Don’t fret; you have many options to choose from.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve already known how to choose the right curtains for your home in the UK.

It’s time for you to execute the steps.

I’m sure you can do these in a breeze.

As easy as 1-2-3, you can make your home a better place to stay at.

Just know the length, the style, and the hardware!

how to keep the mattress from sliding on box springs

New How To Keep The Mattress From Sliding On Box Springs?

How to keep the mattress from sliding on box springs? You could either use paddings, rubber mats, and more.

I know how hard it is to keep your bed organized if it keeps falling off or sliding on your box spring.

I love to organise my UK room, so it bothers me to fix my mattress every day as it keeps sliding out my bed frame.

So I`ve tried some ways to keep it in place. And guess what? Some of them work out well!

So with this article, I will share five tips and ways to keep your mattress in place! Let’s get started!

Mattress And Box Spring

Using Velcro, carpet tape vacuuming or rubber mats is the best solution to an unruly mattress when it comes to boxing springs.

Changing the mattress itself is the last resort and if you do, purchase a non-slip mattress.

Nevertheless, read on to learn more.

5 Ways To Keep The Mattress From Sliding On Box Springs

How to keep the mattress from sliding on box springs?

Here are the things that I’ve tried.

If you are having a hard time finding a way to keep your mattress in place, do not worry, as we have five ways to keep it in place.

Way #1. Use vacuum

If you have a vacuum in your home, you can use this to make your mattress stay in place.

If your mattress keeps on sliding out your bed frame, vacuum the top and bottom parts of your mattress.

The slipping over may occur by the dust accumulated on the mattress’s surface, so cleaning it is a way to tack it in place.

Try vacuuming the bedframe and underneath it, too, as it will help improve your mattress’s overall performance.

Way #2. Use carpet tape

Have you ever tried using carpet tape on your ever-moving rug? If you have, then you can also use it with your unruly mattress.

It is a tested solution to keep the mattress in place. However, this is for a short-term solution only.

You can buy carpet tapes at the nearest UK shop near you or always shop online.

Way #3. Mattress pads

One of the simplest methods is to place some non-slip material or some rubber matting underneath the mattress.

Non-slip mattress pads

Many bed stores sell non-slip mattress pads, which specially made to keep mattresses in place.

The materials usually made from PVC rubber attached to both the mattress and the bed frame to avoid the mattress from slipping over.

Choose the right one that fits both your mattress and bed frame and place them in between the mattress and bed frame and see if it solves your problem.

Rubber matting

Another option for mattress matting is rubber matting. You could purchase a rubber matting designed for rugs as an alternative solution.

Cut the rubber matting that fits just right with your mattress if it is longer or wider than your mattress.

This method is cheaper compared to buying some gripping pads in the UK.

These may cost you more than alternative methods, so it’s worth shopping in the UK if you are on a tight budget.

Way #4. Bed frame change

If any of these methods doesn`t work out for you, change your bed frame.

It may cost you much, but what else can you do if your mattress doesn’t fit with the bed frame?

Changing bed frames could be your last resort, so think first and try all of the abovementioned ways.

Way #5. Switch out mattress

This tip may sound like a viable alternative to switching out bed frames, but this may solve your problem though.

Since your problem is the mattress, changing it would solve the problem.

Make sure that the bed you will change it with will fit right your box springs.

Why Does The Mattress Keep On Slipping Off?

Several factors make your mattress slip off the box spring. These factors are the following.


Due to lack of friction, the mattress will surely slip off any surface.

It is especially true with memory foam and latex mattresses.

These types of mattresses experience trouble gripping on the surface because of the nature of the materials used.


An uneven bed frame or base of the bed can create a space for your mattress, causing it to slip off.

So to have a better experience, make sure that the mattress fits just right with your bed frame.


Rails are excellent support for your bed. However, some mattress doesn’t necessarily require one.

But if your mattress keeps on slipping off the bed frame, you might want to consider adding some rails to it.

Adding some bed headings or a small piece of rail on the sides to keep the mattress from moving may solve your problem.

Mattress age

Yes, mattress age may be a factor too. A mattress that is ten years old or more could have developed body oils and excretions over time.

These oils could form a sliding film underneath the mattress. Consider buying a new one in the UK in this case.

For extra knowledge, click here.

Nevertheless, that is all.


I also had trouble keeping the mattress from sliding on box springs, but I am already making the most out of my sleep, thanks to the aforementioned ways.

Do not give up if one method doesn’t work out.

Try other ways, too; you might be surprised at what methods will solve your problem.

Now, you know how to keep the mattress from sliding on box springs.

How to draw curtains

3 Bonus Steps How To Draw Curtains For Beginners?

How to draw curtains? There are three ways I want to share with you, and these ways are easy to execute. I`m sure everything will be a breeze for you!

In drawing curtains, it would not mean your typical understanding of drawing. It is not like art.

That would mean how you pull the curtains that stand as to how you draw out your curtains.

Upon doing this, there are a lot of ways on how you can draw your curtains, although it depends.

It is not as easy as it looks because you will adjust your ways based on your window type.

But then do not worry because I will be giving you our ideas and different options on what you should do.

Curtains sometimes divided into half or plain and whole, which also concerns how you draw it.

Worry less. We will discuss this further.

Ways To Draw Curtains

Upon drawing curtains, you will need to consider some things, especially your fabric and curtain type.

Some curtains divided lengthwise to enable you to open them or close them during day and night.

Another concern for you is how you can access your windows and rods upon drawing your curtains.

Drawing curtains means how you will open and close the curtains by pulling or dragging them in.

I have here options for you, and you will have a good time reading all these options until you find the one that suits your situation.

Here are the ways on how to draw curtains:

Option #1. Draw it with your hands

This one is relatively easy and familiar when your window is just on the same level you can reach.

You can draw your curtain to the sides and draw it again to the middle once you want to.

That`s one thing that you can easily do. Just reach for the rod and draw the curtain to the side.

It would depend on how wide you want to open the curtains and how far the curtains get dragged.

After that, you can have a tie on the sides after you draw it to the side of the window frame.

Putting ties onto your curtains secures it from swaying or getting back in place, especially when the window is open.

The wind will blow off the curtain. It doesn’t concern any rod or fabric since it is in reach.

Be very careful and gentle upon dragging because doing this can ruin your fabric in the long run.

Too much force on it can rip it out.

Option #2. Use blinds to draw

This option is not applicable for fabric curtains, but you can also do this by sewing a garter on your curtains.

You can always improvise and make something about a problem that concerns you.

In an instance that you want a curtain that does not divide but pulls up when you want it opened, you can add blinds instead.

Blinds are far different from curtains, but it serves the same purpose. It is way easier to draw this one.

It comes off with a tool on its side that you can pull off, and it will reveal the outside view.

You can also make this an inspiration for your curtains, and you can constantly innovate and experiment.

Try putting a garter on it that works like a blind on its side so that you can draw it by just pulling it on its side.

Then, when you want to bring it back, you can unhook it and let it flow down to the way it should be.

Option #3. Drawing it by a stick

When your window is way too high, and you cannot draw your curtains with just your hands, you can use sticks to do it.

Or you may also use reach sticks. These reach sticks commonly used for clothes that are hanged so high.

But just like your clothes, curtains can also be hanged high.

This problem concerns you, right??

Do not worry.

You can choose a reach stick based on your preference, but I would advise something with clippers.

In that way, you will clip it on top of the curtain, and you can draw it to the sides like that.

Or you can also clip it on the rod and drag it to the sides. The curtain will follow as you do.

After that, you can tie it on the sides again and untie and do the same when you want to close the curtains.

Upon using sticks, you should be careful and wise.

Use sticks that are not too sharp. It might ruin your fabric.

It is up to you which one would work best in your situation, so make sure you do research and consider the things I mentioned.

Researching and visiting blogs can always help you out when you are not familiar with some things.

That is how you draw curtains.


And that’s it for today. I hope I answered your question “How to draw curtains?”

I hope that you already learned something and that you will be able to solve your problems.

Always look for an answer before giving up. And now you can share it with your family and friends in the UK.

How to put two curtains on one rod

5 New Steps How To Put Two Curtains On One Rod?

How to put two curtains on one rod? In just five easy steps, you can! I guarantee you can do all these things in a breeze.

Yes, this question might confuse you, but it is the one that you usually do as to how you would want your curtain.

Some in the UK prefer putting just a single piece of the curtain on their window, but two look more elegant.

Another is that you will need ideas and tips on how you can do it right.

The process may seem easy, but then there are many things you will need to consider such as:

The choices of fabric, rods, and a lot more.

Do not worry because I will keep you company.

Steps are detailed and precise throughout this article, so I am hoping that you learn from them.

Steps To Put Two Curtains On One Rod

Before we proceed to the steps, I hope you had an idea or experience doing this one.

If you do not have one, it’s alright. I can help you with it. You will need only paper and a pen to take down.

Or you can take a screen capture later on. But then again, your choices and preference are always valid.

Let us now end that confusion and question you have on top of your head, how to put two curtains on one rod?

Step #1. Grab your materials

One of the most important things you should do is make sure you have all the necessary materials.

The things you should prepare are the hook on the wall, the rod, and of course, the two curtains that you will be using.

You have to make sure that the hooks are proportional on both sides and hold your rod.

Upon purchasing those two things in the UK, you have to make sure that your rod can fit in the area of your hook.

Or else you will have to buy another set in the UK, and it will just waste the money and energy you used after your purchase.

Ensure that your curtains are the right size for your windows not to encounter a problem.

It is okay for it to belong but not so short because it would look like a crop top.

Step #2. Grab your rod

This one is indeed essential for you, so make sure that your curtain has something to hold on to when hanged.

Make sure that the holes of your curtains are more significant than the size of your curtain rod.

Step #3. Slide in the curtains

Insert one curtain from one side of your rod, but before that, make sure to get the lock or stopper first.

Some curtain rods have these stoppers you can unscrew when you are putting up your curtain, do that one.

And then, as you insert it, slide it until the middle of the rod.

Close the side you unscrewed right after that one.

The next thing you have to do is apply the same steps and process to the other side of the rod and the other curtain.

You have to make sure they have equal areas among the rod to make it even and proportional.

The curtain might crumple above because it might be too wide, so it compressed, but you can arrange it properly.

Make the folds even and good-looking even though it does not do not sit properly on the rod.

Those two curtains will have a division between them, allowing you to view and adjust how you open them.

Right after that that you can now set it aside, considering both ends are screwed properly.

Step #4. Put the rod on the hook

This step is quite common.

You will just put up the rods on the hook you drilled or pinned earlier.

Be careful when putting it up so that it won’t get damaged or it won’t fall on the floor, or else it might get disassembled.

Also, upon setting it up, make sure to double-check it before you leave it like that.

It might be a bit twisted or so.

Step #5. Add curtain ties and other decorations

This one is unnecessary, but it will add to your enjoyment when you are looking at your window.

You can have the option to tie your curtains during the daytime for the sunlight to come in.

Have curtain ties on the sides that complement the color of your wall and curtain.

It can highlight the whole thing to make it stand out even more.

You can also add curtain drapes if you wish.

Make sure that you know how to measure your windows for curtains to avoid sudden problems.

When you have the idea of buying a curtain in the UK, you have to know your window’s area and dimensions.


That’s it for our article today.

I hope you all learned something today that concerns your curtains and windows.

House beautification is a must! It’s a good thing we have answered, “How to put two curtains on one rod?”

At least now you have ideas on how to properly do it which you can share with your family and friends.

how to hang curtains in a dorm

4 New Steps Of How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm?

Are you wondering how to hang curtains in a dorm? Then keep on reading.

College students in the UK are always excited to move into a dorm.

But once they set foot in one, they will only realise how outdated and small these UK rooms can be.

One way to enhance these cramped quarters is to install some curtains. By doing this, you can make space feel more like home in the UK.

However, most colleges do not allow you to put nails or drill the wall, so your decorating selections will be limited.

But do not worry because, in this article, we will be teaching you the steps in hanging curtains in your favourite dorm without drilling.

We will also share some tips to follow to ensure that you choose suitable curtains for your UK room.


4 Steps To Hang Curtains In A Dorm

Hanging curtains can improve room temperature.

You can also sleep better with it. Don’t know how to hang curtains in a dorm?

Just follow the steps below:


Step #1. Measuring the window space

In this step, you need a measuring tape.

Measure the inner frame of the window to get the length.

You will use this number to acquire the dimension needed for the curtain rod.


Step #2. Gathering the tools and materials needed

It is essential to prepare all the supplies and tools required. You can choose any fabric material.

But in terms of the hardware to use, we recommend using a shower rod because they are more durable or adjustable tension rods.

Among the two, the latter option is relatively more cost-effective. It is also easier to mount.

You may or may not use an adjustable rod, ensure to measure the window frame correctly so that you can get the right rod size for it.

But if you opt for an adjustable rod, it does not require you to install brackets anymore.

Meaning to say the dorm rooms will not suffer any holes.


Step #3. Installing the curtain rod and testing its stability

If you are using a rod that you can adjust, you have to place it on the window frame and adjust its size accordingly.

It works just like those shower rods.

They are easy to tighten and loosen as you match them with the measurement of your window.

If you are using command hooks, you need to mark the location in the wall where you like to mount them. Use a pencil for this.

Detach the adhesive backing from the hook. Then, press the hook on the spot you marked earlier.

Remember that it is better to measure than to estimate it with your eyes when knowing where to place the hooks.

But just in case you messed up placing the hook, don’t worry because you can pull it down and repeat the process.


Step #4. Hanging the curtains

You can hang the curtains either by attaching them directly onto the rod or through the clips.

Clip your curtain panel beneath the curtain rod.

Take note that you need to put an extra allowance of about an inch or two when you are using clips.

That will intend for the drop length of the clip.

After you attach the curtain panel onto the clips or command hooks or slide them on the rod, you can see how the room’s ambience has changed.


Some Tips To Remember When Choosing A Curtain Fabric

Whichever method you choose in hanging the curtain into your dorm, you have to consider several things when choosing your curtain fabric.

Below are some of them:


Tip #1. Choosing a light fabric

Most methods that do not require drilling may not support heavy fabric materials, so it is better to choose light fabric such as linens or cotton.


Tip #2. Considering blackout fabric

Perhaps, you desire to block off the sunlight.

It would help if you went for blackout curtains. They are available in various patterns and designs.

More so, they offer you more privacy.


Tip #3. Choosing a subtle pattern or simple solid curtain

If your room in the UK already has many design elements, you won’t want your curtains to overtake or clash with them.

Choosing a curtain with a solid colour or subtle patterns will match them easily with the overall decoration.

Regardless, here is an article you might want to read.

And that is how you hang a curtain in a dorm.

It’s A Wrap!

When hanging curtains into your dorm, you can do it in several ways.

So, how to hang curtains in a dorm?

You can use hooks, clips, rings, or rods, depending on the easiest option.

What’s nice about hanging curtains is that you can transform the look of the room.

From the shabby UK room it used to be, you can still make it into something else.

Whether you want a minimal design or you prefer the extraordinaire interior design, a curtain can be an excellent material to add to your decorations.

According to interior designers, a curtain can break or make a room valid with dorm rooms.

So ensure to pick the right ones for your dorm by taking into account the tips provided above.

After that, you can hang them by following the easy steps that we also provided earlier in this post.

Good luck with your new journey, and stay safe!

how to get wrinkles out of new curtains

4 Steps Of How To Get Wrinkles Out Of New Curtains?

Too excited for that newly bought curtains though they always come with wrinkles, you might also wonder how to get wrinkles out of new curtains.

Most of us enthusiastic buyers have never been able to purchase wrinkle-free curtains.

It usually comes with that ugly creases and wrinkles, especially if they kept on packages for a long time.

And it is not a secret for us UK homeowners that these professionally-made curtains are very costly and are even considered luxurious.

These luxury curtains, precisely when bought online, are primarily packed in tight packaging.

And are often severely creased on the folded area even if they are said manufactured from wrinkle-free materials.

The wrinkle stays on curtains even after you’ll try hanging but worry no more.

We prepared some helpful tips for you to remove those annoying wrinkles that damage your curtain’s beauty.

Just keep on scrolling for more information.


Steps To Get Wrinkles Out Of New Curtains

First, it would be best to read the instructions found on the curtain’s packaging to know how to take care of these delicate fabrics.

If the label instructs to use dry clean, UK experts strongly suggest bringing the fabric to professional curtain services for optimum wrinkle removal.

On the other hand, if the label says otherwise, you can use these helpful steps to do your work more accessible with the lesser time consumed.

How to get wrinkles out of new curtains?

Just keep on reading to know these four steps in removing wrinkles on newly bought curtains.


Step #1. Wash the fabric on the washing machine, then the dryer

Washing curtains on a washing machine, first you must remember to use gentler cycle or the short cycle setting.

After washing, remove the wet curtains and transfer them to the dryer.

Next, place the curtains in a cool press cycle on the dryer.

Tip, adding some soft cotton towels while drying the curtains would help avoid the formation of creases.


Step #2. Using dryer instead of washing machine

If you prefer to use a dryer without washing the curtains first on the washing machine, you may stick to what you are comfortable using.

Just put the curtains inside the dryer directly and add damp cotton towels to avoid the curtains from clumping together and form a wrinkle.

Set the dryer on a delicate press cycle.


Step #3. Use fabric steamer

When using a fabric steamer, first fill the steamer with water, then place the curtains on a steel rod.

As the water’s temperature rises, move the fabric steamer across the curtain slowly, best to do it from end to top direction and repeat the process.

If the wrinkles are still visible, steam from the underside part of the curtain.

When the curtains made from delicate materials such as silk or velvet, remember not to point the steamer’s nozzle directly on the fabric.


Step #4. Ironing the curtains

When ironing the curtain’s wrinkles, remember to use the lowest setting.

But for hard to remove wrinkles, make use of cotton-made cloth over the curtain’s side if you couldn’t avoid a higher setting.

You can spray water over the curtain, while ironing is also an effective option in smoothing out the wrinkles.


How To Remove Wrinkles On Curtains Without The Use Of Iron

New curtains surely improve our UK home’s beauty, but most of these curtains are folded in packaging before they displayed for sale.

If they are on packages for a long time, you couldn’t avoid the formation of wrinkles.

There are many ways you can remove those annoying wrinkles, and one of them is through ironing.

But what if you hated it and ironing for you is a hassle and time-consuming.

We prepared different alternatives for you. Just keep on reading.


Method #1. Water in a spray bottle

You can remove the curtain’s wrinkle by dampening it with water.

Just fill the spray bottle with water, then remember not to open the spray’s nozzle fully.

Just set it to mist setting to avoid getting the delicate curtains wet.

After spraying water on the fabric, place a slightly heavy thing such as a rod, knife, or rolling pins at the end to help straighten it.

The wrinkles will not be visible after the curtains are thoroughly dried.


Method #2. Wrinkle release products

In this method, you can remove wrinkles through the use of chemicals.

Just spray the wrinkle release product on the curtains, then watch the magic happen.

The wrinkles will be gone in just a few minutes. No effort and force is needed.

There are many wrinkle-release products found in the market; pick the one suited for the type of fabric you have.

If you want to find more articles, you want to click here.

That is all.

Final Words

I hope your questions on how to get wrinkles out of new curtains thoroughly answered.

Indeed, there are many effective ways you can use to remove the annoying wrinkles on your curtains.

Know that your dedication to reading the article up to this point is greatly appreciated.

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