Free Guide Of How to Clean Lace Curtains In 4 Proven Ways For Beginners!

Lace curtains are traditionally elegant and beautiful, but they can be a pain to clean. They often become dusty or stained with food spills. Luckily, there are some effective ways you can get your lace curtains clean without ruining them! This blog post will learn how to clean lace curtains, from easy to slightly challenging.

Step #1: The first step on how to clean lace curtains is determining your material. Decide on the type of curtain you have. If it is a heavy lace material that is dry clean only, I recommend bringing the curtains to the cleaners for an expert job. But if your curtains are made from lighter fabric or can be machine washed, then read on!

Step #2: The first and easiest way to clean your lace curtains is to wash them in the machine on a delicate cycle. Use minimal detergent and no bleach or fabric softener, as these ingredients can damage your lace curtain!

Step #3: The next step on how to clean lace curtains is applying detergent. If any stains don’t come out after washing, you should soak the curtains first for an hour with a cup of baking soda (make sure it’s not too hot!), then wash them as usual.

For the most thorough clean, you can bath your lace curtains in cold water, using soap or laundry detergent and an old toothbrush. Bathing will get rid of the dirt that builds up over time. (If there are any stains, soak them first for about 30 minutes with a bit of vinegar to help break them down.).

Step #4: The last step on how to clean lace curtains is rinsing. Then rinse them thoroughly in cold water. Air-dry the curtains by hanging or put them through the machine again on a delicate cycle!


how to clean lace curtains

What Material do I Need to Clean Lace Curtains? 

  • Soap or laundry detergent and an old toothbrush.
  • If there are any stains, soak them first for about 30 minutes with a bit of vinegar to help break them down.

What is the best way to clean lace curtains?

  • Wash them as usual.
  • For the most thorough clean, you can bath your lace curtains in cold water, using soap or laundry detergent and an old toothbrush. Bathing will get rid of the dirt that builds up over time.


What is the measurement of detergent to use while cleaning lace curtains?

Use one cup of detergent for every two gallons of water.


What is the Proper Way to Clean Lace Curtains?

  • Use a gentle cycle.
  • Machine wash lace curtains on a delicate or handwash setting, cold water with mild soap.
  • If there are any stains, soak them first for 30 minutes and then launder using the same cycle.
  • Line dry if possible to prevent shrinkage from the heat of the machine.


How Long Should I sun dry my Lace Curtain After Washing?

If you line, dry your lace curtains, put a clothespin on the curtain to keep it from blowing in the wind.

How Often Should I Clean my Lace Curtains?

Step #1: Lace curtains can be washed every two weeks or so depending on how dirty they are and if any members of your UK household have allergies that might need to take into consideration.

Step #2: If lace curtains not washed often enough, the dust and dirt will accumulate on them, making it more difficult to clean in the future, so they might need a deep cleaning sooner than expected.


Should I Iron my Lace Curtains?

If your lace curtains made from silk or another fabric prone to wrinkling, you can iron them.

Ironing will result in a crisp and professional appearance if they need to hang up for an event, but it might not look good on the windowsill where some people in the UK display their curtains.

How to Whiten Lace Curtains?

Step #1: Making a simple bleach solution will make your lace curtains look brighter.

Step #2: Add approximately half a cup of chlorine laundry bleach to four cups of warm water in a bucket or container and give it time to dissolve before adding the lace curtain fabric.

Step #3: Leave the curtains soaking for about an hour, then rinse them well with cold.

How to Bleach Lace Curtains?

Step #1: Mix a solution of water and chlorine laundry bleach in your washing machine.

Step #2: Add the lace curtains to the washer, close it up, and let them soak for about an hour before removing them to rinse well with cold running water.

Step #3: If you want more whitening power, add another cup or two of chlorine laundry bleach to the water before adding the curtains to soak.

Step #4: If you want even more whitening power, use a solution of chlorine laundry bleach mixed with hydrogen peroxide or TSP (trisodium phosphate).

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bleach on Lace Curtains?

  • One advantage of using bleach is that it whitens the curtains.
  • The disadvantages are that some people in the UK prefer natural fabric dyes and don’t want to use chemicals on their lace curtains, or they worry about damage from chlorine in the washing machine and fumes of chlorine when rinsing them outside (using a hose). So, you might want to use hydrogen peroxide or TSP as an alternative.


In conclusion

Lace curtains add privacy and need proper attention. Reading this article, I hope you have learned how to clean lace curtains. The steps are straightforward. You don’t have to be a professional to clean your dirty lace curtains.

what sizes do curtains come in

Free Guide Of What Sizes Do Curtains Come In?

What sizes do curtains come in? It depends; you may opt for standard curtain panels, standard-tier curtains, or standard valance curtains.

Choosing what curtain panel to use can be very daunting.

Some thought that they could buy one from the store after they have got the measurement of their window.

Little did they know that you cannot find a curtain panel of the same size as your window most of the time.

What’s more disheartening is that curtains’ sizes differ from one another, depending on the particular type of curtain.

The most common standard sizes include curtain panels, tier curtain panels, and valance curtains.

Read until the end of this post to know the measurements of those curtain sizes for you to know which one can fit in your window.


3 Standard Curtain Sizes

As promised, we will be discussing the measurements of the different types of curtains along with any other information that may be necessary for you.

You can choose from any of them depending on which you think can work best to cover your window.

So, what sizes do curtains come in?


Size #1. Standard curtain panels

Most people in the United Kingdom resort to making their curtain panels because if you buy those ready-made ones, you will find out that the sizing option is limited.

Most often than not, the standard sizes that are available in stores include 120, 108, 95, 84, and 63-inch long with a 48-inch width.

They are available in a variety of designs, from a solid colour to sheer to blackout curtains.

Generally, regardless of the design you choose, they all come in the exact sizes.

But of course, you can opt for custom-made curtain panels so that the size will be made precisely based on your window requirements.

But the standard curtain panel can cover any window at your UK house with a standard size.

In the UK you can use it for bathroom, bedroom, or living room windows,

These ready-made curtain panels that come in standard sizes are a versatile solution that you can use quickly and conveniently anywhere it fits within your home in the United Kingdom.

It is also up to you if how many panels you will slide onto your curtain rod.

Remember the golden rule, the more curtain panels you slide, the more it can offer a fuller look.

You might as well layer this under a sheer curtain layer to achieve a gorgeous look.


Size #2. Standard-tier curtains

These standard tier curtains are commonly installed on windows that are smaller than the standard size.

But you might as well put this on if you don’t like to cover your window completely.

Typically, it is used to cover half of the window.

For instance, you can hang the curtain on the bottom half of the windows on top of your kitchen sink.

A lot of people in the UK also utilize this specific size in their bathrooms.

But of course, it will depend on the size and placement of the windows.

There are two most common lengths that you can find for this particular curtain type.

It can either be 36 or 24 inches long. For its width, it commonly measures 45 inches.

Like the previous curtain type, you can also get a tier curtain according to the specific measurement you desire if you have them custom-made.


Size #3. Standard valance

This type is the opposite of the previous one. It is designed to cover only the upper part of your window.

The most common valance size measures about three up to 5 inches long and about 50 inches wide; this depends on its particular design and style.

It is commonly used when the setup of the window does not require a full curtain. For instance, you can use valance a bay window.

But you might as well put this on if your window already has other types of privacy coverings.

Adding this is usually done for design. But sometimes, it is also used to hide blinds, shades, and screens.


How To Choose Curtain Length?

Curtain length can be classified into three. Choosing one will depend on how you want your curtains to look.


Type #1. Puddling length

If the curtain is flaring out onto the bottom, it will create a curtain puddle onto the floor.

In general, this curtain length is used for formal and heavy curtains.


Type #2. Kiss length

It refers to the length of the curtain that is barely kissing the floor.

Remember that this particular length requires exact measurements.

If you like to achieve this, you will need to consider the hanging method and the hardware to use to impact the results.


Type #3. Floating length

There are two ways of hanging curtains with this length.

You can hang this to hover just right above your floor, with only an inch gap between the curtain and the floor.

But you might as well let them hanging beneath the window.

Depending on your window placement, it may or may not float off the floor.

It’s A Wrap!

What sizes do curtains come in?

As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to choose the right curtain size.

But if you know and understand what you are looking for, the process would be a lot easier for you.

Also, know in advance how you like the curtain to sit onto your window.

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