3 New Steps Of How To Decorate With Curtains?

Are you on the journey of giving your room an exquisite look? Do you want to have a change of curtains but on a cross on making it look great? Don’t worry, and I will take you on the steps on how to decorate with curtains to give your room that desired look.

Curtains are an essential aspect to consider when furnishing your UK homes. They serve a whole lot of purposes than you’ve possibly noticed.  

You use curtains to regulate sunlight; you can either let in more sunlight or block out excessive rays from entering your room with curtains; temperature regulation in a room is also possible using curtains.

Materials like linen curtains help keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Most people in the United Kingdom use curtains also to improve privacy in their UK homes.

And most importantly, curtains are used to improve the beauty of the UK home. 

Many questions keep coming on how to improve the look of the house in the UK with curtains. That is why I have decided to put in writing how to decorate with curtains. This write-up will help you give your room that expensive look that it deserves with so little effort. 

How To Decorate With Curtains


There are few steps to getting that perfect curtains decoration that you want from your room. They include:

Step #1: Select a Matching Color

As you learn how to decorate with curtains, you do not match colours with others. You can choose to go with two contrasting colours.

Colours like green and pink, yellow and red. Weird right? Yes, it is. It shows courage and braveness. This combination is rare but wonderful. 

Step #2: Introduce a Pattern

Avoid solid colours at all times, introduce a pattern, make your room more lively, you can even go with a curtain with a picture, it’s nobody’s headache, so far it looks good, and you are okay with it.

Step #3: Play With Texture

The smoothness of the curtain is essential when following these steps on how to decorate with curtains. The eyes feed on your decoration. Play with the texture until you get the smoothness you desire.

What Should You Match Your Curtains With?

You can match your curtains with several things in your room. You can compare with your choice, but here are a few guidelines to help.

  • Also, you can match your curtains with the furniture or bedding. This way is another way to enhance the presence of the curtains in a room. This option is perfect, but you have to do it the right way. For example, if you have patterned furniture or bedding, you should use a solid-coloured curtain. Also, if you have solid-coloured furniture or curtain, you should go for a patterned curtain that enhances the bedding colour.


How You Can Make Curtains Look Nice

You can make your curtains look nice with just a little or no cost. You don’t only learn how to decorate with curtains; you also learn to make the curtains pleasant and appealing to the eye. Follow these steps to know how to make these curtains look nice.

Step #1: Hang your curtains high and wide. Giving extra height to your curtains makes your room look taller than it seems. Also, giving it width is another enhancement your curtain needs. If you can’t get curtains as wide as you want them to be, you can sew two of the same patterns together to make them wider.

Step #2: Weigh your curtains down. Your curtain doesn’t have to end under your window sill, nay, that is old-fashioned. Give it additional length, let it hem the floor, or better still, let it pool on the floor. This way will add an exquisite look to your room.

Step #3: Train them. Training is a simple way to improve the look your curtains give your room. You can achieve this by ironing the curtains before you hang them. After hanging, you tie it in laps with a rope. Allow it to stay for two to three days before losing it. When you lose it, the curtain will fold itself in pleats.


How Do I Decorate With Drapes?

Drapes like curtains are excellent in improving the look of a room. Drapes of the correct colour, pattern, and texture can take a room from regular to extraordinary.

How to decorate with curtains and drapes are almost the same, just a little bit of difference.

 Below are tips to help you in hanging your drapes.

  • Measure: take measurements of the window’s width and height to ensure that the drapes are proportional to the window.
  • Addition of Accessories; jewellery like decorative rods with finials, brackets, and tie boats is a budget-friendly way to improve your style.
  • Hang; hang your drapes properly. Close to the ceiling and close to the floor. Voila! You transform your room.


I am sure you’ve learned how to decorate with curtains to get beautiful results on a low budget and with little energy. Is this writing helpful? Comment below. We would love to hear from you. Have a lovely day.

what color curtains

7 Tips Of What Color Curtains Is Trending UK?

Choosing a curtain can be daunting because you must know what style you want, and often that style is not available on the market. So the question is, what color curtains would be the best for you? Picking a colour for your curtains can indeed be challenging. 

Check out our curtain selection tips if you are trying to renovate or build a new home and looking for the right curtain for your rooms. Such a win-win choice for your house would be grey and mustard curtains, among thousand of other possible options.

As a consequence, I’m here to assist you in choosing the right curtain for you. The right curtain can base on your preferences, such as what colour is pleasing to your skin, what type you like, etc.

The Top 7 Best Curtains That Will Suit You

#1 – Minimalist geometric motif curtains

This type of curtain has a bright base colour, and you can hang it on the ceiling or above the window. It has a good design, it is not unsightly, and it is ideal for the minimalist. It is suitable for use in the dining room or bedroom. It is appropriate for those in the UK who dislike the over-the-top design or colour.

#2 – Ombre minimalist curtains

Because of its design and colour, this type of curtain can give you a sense of aesthetics and simplicity. This curtain’s theme is fundamental and pure, and it comes in two colours. The two shades are combined in the centre of the curtain, as you can see. It is ideal for windows and high ceilings.

#3 – Black minimalist curtains

This type of curtain is perfect if you want a manly or mystical vibe. Because of the colour, this curtain has a plain yet masculine vibe to it. Your living room or bedrooms will be furnished in a modern theme if you go for this choice.

#4 – Minimalist white thin curtains

Suppose you are searching for a clear curtain that is not bad for the eyes or does not bad if you look at it. You would need a curtain that gives you relaxation whenever you look at it. Minimalist thin white curtains are a perfect choice.

This curtain can provide excellent natural light because of the thinness of this curtain. Whenever the sun hits it, it will create a good view.

#5 – Wave pleats drapes

This curtain may seem the same as the minimalist white thin curtain, but it is not. This curtain is small enough to absorb light as you walk by, but the folded wave will captivate you. This curtain has the ideal wave fold.

#6 – Ring clip drapes

The first thing you’ll note about this curtain is its beauty. This curtain screams ease and purity. Even though this curtain has no pattern and is just one colour, it is still appealing.

This curtain has only two colours: dusty whites and blue at the curtain’s ends. And the best part is that the curtain isn’t too thick.

#7 – Shoji screen

It gives you a sense of peace and order. This kind of curtain has a one-of-a-kind fabric. It has thinness as well, but this one has a fragile material. It is fundamental and is ideal for UK houses on the seashore.

How To Choose The Appropriate Color?

Consider if you want your window curtains to integrate into the decor or stand out as a focal point in the living room when choosing a fabric. Pick curtains close to the wall colour or little shade of the room if you want them to play a more subdued part. However, if you wish for your custom drapes to make a statement, a bold colour would be your best bet. 

Just a word of warning: light-coloured drapes can reflect more natural light and feel airier. On the other hand, darker tones will appear firm, solid and can dominate the room. All in all, choose a colour you like and represent the room’s personality, as your custom curtains can play an important role.

Should I Select A Heavy Fabric Curtain?

When you need a lot of coverage, go for a thick cloth. Get a fabric that will fall firmly if you need very thick curtains to fill expansive spaces. Velvet, velveteen, suede, corduroy, tapestry, and wool-blend fabrics can remain in place in front of your windows and block the most light.

Heavy fabrics can help insulate the space and your heater’s rove energy efficiency if you have a cold winter. Cotton duck curtain covering, which is very heavy and thick, is another choice. Remember that heavier fabrics have a more traditional look, so if your space is more modern, you might want to avoid them.

Try to match the curtain theme to the rest of the room’s decor as much as possible. Curtains significantly influence a room’s overall appearance, so consider the room’s latest stylistic theme. 

Small, transparent curtains fit well in airy, modern spaces. Layered panels or dense materials can complement formal accent spaces. Consider the room’s current effect and how you want the curtains to complete it.


Deciding on what color curtains to get can be challenging. But, suitable curtains can have a significant and positive effect on any room. Discussed above are some curtains that you can choose from for your UK home.

However, since there are so many variables to weigh, it can be a tough decision. When choosing the best curtains for a room, consider the colour, fabric, length, and lining. You must also consider the existing decoration and the aesthetic statement you want to make, as well as the room’s shape and size.

How to hang double curtains without a double rod

3 Tips How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod?

How to hang double curtains without a double rod? In three easy ways, you can; and these methods you will learn as you read along!

When you want a lovely curtain, you can go extra on a double curtain, but then you should have a double rod.

But what if you haven’t purchased a double rod or it is no longer available? You don’t have to worry about it.

I have here different ways of how you can hang double curtains even without a double rod.

Yes, you have read that right. It is all about making the best out of something that often found in your house.

You might not see things as necessary in your UK house, but you can use them here.

A key to achieve this is innovativeness and vast imagination. You can always think of an alternative.

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod?

Alright, so you might be worried about how to hang double curtains without a double rod.

I will give you something to look into; these options are way better than you expect.

The materials you will need are widespread and all that you can see and purchase everywhere.

Another thing about it is that it is way cheaper and affordable than your double curtain rod.

I have here options for you to choose from and it is all up to you which one you would like best.

Option #1. A piece of curtain rod

A single curtain rod might do the trick.

If you have double curtains, it does not necessarily mean that you should have a double rod.

By unscrewing the piece on its end and putting the curtain into it, and screwing it up again is a step closer to it.

Using a rod is beneficial for you since it will not slide onto the sides when you use a ladder.

This single rod is not as heavy as the double one. However, you cannot extend it to parts that are separated.

All you have to do is ensure that the rod reaches both hooks placed along the window frame’s two sides.

You can then slide in your double curtain on the rod and hang it on both hooks you have placed earlier.

Option #2. A tie (cord)

I know you are thinking of how it would look like a cord as a rope when hanging your curtains.

But wait, don`t judge so quickly you know why considering this option might be one of the best.

It is a very light material to use, which means it will be heavy for you and easy to lift.

But then you have to consider that you will have a hard time inserting it on the curtain.

You sure know how a rope works, and it is not as firm and sturdy as a rod, but then it is still a good substitute.

All you have to do is tie the rope on one of the hooks found in the wall near your window.

Then you can insert the rope on the curtain, making sure that it faces the right direction.

You can then tie the other end of the rope on the hook opposite to your tied rope.

Make sure that you bring scissors with you because they might be longer than the rope you prepared.

We always do this with our old UK house since we see curtain rods as unnecessary when you have ropes at home in the UK, helping you save some money.

Option #3. Using a bar

That is not a bar that you go to when you want to party. It is a bar that manufactured of metal.

You can resort to this as your last option since not all have a metal bar in their household.

But then there are issues upon using a metal rod or bar, if ever. Since it does not have a stopper and the material is metal.

The possibility that your curtain will slip off the metal rod is way higher, but you can always do something about it.

Is It Necessary To Learn These Things?

When you are away on your own or have a family, you need to learn things independently.

You have to make sure that you can still do something about it if one goes wrong, and you will not just give up.

Finding solutions out of will and innovativeness is always good. It is better if a guide supports it.

Always do your research and make sure that you note the essential things in what you have read.

You can visit blogs or sites, which include articles such as this to help you out. It is always better to make sure of things when you are dealing with them.

And that is how you hang double curtains without a double rod.


Good thing we have answered, “How to hang double curtains without a double rod?” at least you have learned.

You can now apply it or share it with your family and friends. Problems should be solved and not disregarded.

How To Make Valance Curtains

How To Make Valance Curtains In 5 Special Steps?

Curtain valances cover the very highest top of your window. In this write-up, you will be learning how to make valance curtains. They started existing during the Renaissance era, and they became even more popular in Victorian England. Window valances are used as practical and decorative pieces to hide every hardware device attached to the wall to support the blinds and drapes. You can also find them in different designs.

Valance has different styles, and you can have them in whatever form you want. You can do this by adding colours, texture, and preferred patterns to the complete room scheme of your choice. You can find valances to buy in different places that you can use in your UK home. 

However, to get the exact appearance you want, you need to make it for yourself. It is simple to make valance curtains even if you don’t know how to sew. However, we have outlined step-by-step procedures below on how to make valance curtains, whether using a sewing machine or other non-sewing methods.

Easy Process Of Making A Window Valance

The first thing to do when you plan on how to make valance curtains is getting the materials ready. It would help if you got your valance curtains making materials ready; these include:

  • Fabric
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine or Glue Gun
  • Thread
  • Straight pins

Step #1: Measurements

Use a tape measure to measure the width of your window.

Start from the curtain rod and decide on the length you want for your valance. Typically it should be up to 15 inches in-depth, but it can also be longer with an extensive window.  

Spread the fabric on a flat surface, make sure the front of the material is the part facing down. Measure out the preferred width of the valance from the fabric.

Hanging a valance might be in a gathered form or straight across a rod. If you are going for a straight valance, the width should be wide enough for the distance in between the drapes’ outer edges.   

If you want a gathered look, you will measure up to 2 and a half times the width of your window for both lightweight and medium-weight fabrics.

For sheer fabrics, it should be three or four times your window’s width. In some cases, you may have to use more than one valence panel. 

Step #2: Cutting the fabric

The next step on how to make valance curtains is cutting the fabric material. Then, you add two more inches to each valance panel’s width, which is for the hems. Cut your fabric.  

Measure out the preferred depth of the valance on the fabric. Make the measurements double because you would fold the fabric in half. Add two inches more to do the hems and cut.  

Step #3: Pinning

The next step o  how to make valance curtains is pinning. With the fabric still face down, measure 1 inch into both sides of the material for the hems and use straight pins to keep them in place on the length of the material.  

Step #4: Sew with machine

If you want, use a sewing machine on both sides to stitch the hem. Remove the straight pins. If you don’t want to sew it, you can use a glue gun or press-on tape to seal the hem into place.    

Then, turn the fabric up for the side with the hemming to be facing the floor. And fold up the bottom of your material to the upper edges for both edges to meet.  

Measure a 1-inch hem on the top of your fabric and pin it into place. Stitch with a sewing machine or use a glue gun or iron tape for the hem.  

Now, turn the right side of the fabric out; like this, the hems should be facing inside. 

From the line you sewed or sealed into place, measure an inch and a half. You would place your curtain rod inside or if your rod is thicker than the standard size, increase the space to fit.   

Use pins to keep in place through the width and sew or seal with a glue gun or iron-on tape.  

Step #5: Installing the Valance

The final step on how to make valance curtains is fixing the valance. Slide your curtain rod in and hang. Or, you can also stuff the valance with toilet paper or newspaper to have a puffy look, then you hang it.  

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Valance?

The quantity of fabric you would need for a valance depends on your choice. However, you should need about one and a half yards to 5 yards for the front fabric if you have a 36 to a 40-inch standard window. For windows that gave double-width, up to 70 to 80 inches wide, you would need a face fabric quantity of about two and a half to 8 yards.  

How Long Should you Make a Valance?

When determining the valance’s length, it should be a quarter of the window’s height, then add one inch. With this measurement, cut out your fabric and lining in a rectangular form.

How Much of a Window Should a Valance Cover?

A valance should cover about 2 to 6 inches of your window’s top and the frame. This allowance is known as your window’s overlap. At the same time, the remainder of the valance covers the wall on top of the window. 


Anyone in the UK who possesses some beginner-level sewing skills will still easily learn how to make valance curtains with a customised finished look. You will find them in UK fabric stores with different materials in trendy patterns, colours, and designs. Or you can get it in retail stores or UK home stores that provide affordable valances, which you can change per season for another fresh appearance.  

You can also construct a valance using other materials apart from fabric materials like corrugated metal or wood. For such structured treatment for the window, it is known as a cornice.  However, this structured window treatment referred to as a cornice. You don’t need much fabric to make valances, so if you prefer a fast DIY project that doesn’t consume time nor resources, then they are perfect for you.

how to shorten curtains

6 Proven Steps Of How To Shorten Curtains Easy?

Are you wondering how to shorten curtains? We have six steps here; just read on, okay?

Does having long curtains bother you? Then cut it with a pair of scissors! Simple as that. But this article will teach you how to do it properly.

If your curtain is way too long for the side of your window frame, do not worry because you can still do something about it.

Well, not a big thing, but this idea would pop into your mind once you have accepted the situation.

There are times where we would want a particular pattern or curtain design, but the measurements just would not fit.

One thing that we can do about it finds another that matches the dimensions of your window frame.

But then, if you are really into that pattern, colour, or design and the curtain is too long, grab it.

You might be confused as to why? Do not worry. We can do something about that matter.

We will give you how you can shorten your curtains and still manage to pull out the look.

Steps To Shorten Curtains

Alright, not all long curtains look good in a particular UK room.

In which, we are going to learn how to shorten it.

It is not like cutting your hair where you grab scissors and cut and take a good understanding and skills.

We have here a few and easy steps to follow on how to shorten curtains.

Keep up and make sure you follow and note it down.

Step #1. Get the proper dimension

This step is the first thing you should do, which is way easier than the following.

Grab your measuring tapes and measure the sides of your window frame and take it down.

Step #2. Put in the pins

You will need pins here. I suggest you use those that have heads so that you’ll find them easily.

Align them along the lines where you would cut your curtain later on.

Make sure that it is straight throughout.

Put the pins behind the area where you will be cutting.

You can also use Tailor’s chalk if you want.

But then pins are more practical.

How so?

Especially that curtains can be thick and the colour might be too dark, which implies that you couldn’t see the chalk.

Step #3. Decide if you want to fold or cut the excess

This one is a bit crucial.

You can choose to keep the excess and fold it up or cut it and sew it again.

You will fold it to the back and sew it after folding it, following the pins when you want to keep it.

But when you want to cut the excess, you will just cut and sew it directly, considering the stitch type.

Step #4. Lay it flat on the floor

It would help if you lay your curtain flat on the floor on any flat surface you have around you, like a table.

Make sure that it is equal and fair from one side to the other.

In that way, your cut or fold will flow smoothly.

It is crucial to align it properly because it will look uneven and non-proportional if you insist.

Right after that, you can cut and fold it out.

A tip when folding it, iron the surface where you folded.

It is best when flat to avoid a balloon outcome.

Step #5. Sew the hem

This one is the second to the last thing you could do when you want to shorten your curtain ideally.

When you decided to fold it up, sew it on the curtain’s back portion, making a clean sew.

Ensure that you choose the right colour of the thread so that the sewed part won`t be visible.

That is one of the essential things you have to consider.

Step #6. Final look!

And we are now almost done.

Put back the curtain on the rod and hang it on the hooks.

You have to check first if the curtain had equal cuts and folds.

Make sure that you have a good sight for it.

You must check all errors upon the time you hang it again.

Be very mindful and observant.

If you see no errors upon the time you checked it. You can now be at ease as long as it fits your standards.

On the other hand, if it does not look good to you, you can always repeat the steps to revise it.

That one is better if you fold it. It will cause trouble if you cut it out since you cannot restore it.

Make sure you know how to measure windows for your curtains to have the perfect dimensions.

Remember that your goal is to make it look better and sophisticated, so better follow the steps and ace it!

You can always find solutions to your problems; you have to be innovative and hopeful.


And that’s it for today, our article “How to shorten curtains?” is ending in a bit, but I will give a short reminder first.

Remind yourself that you can always do something you are not familiar with and still give it a shot.

Continue exploring and enjoy things out. Don`t be afraid to try!

How to Hem Sheer Curtains

5 New Ways Of How To Hem Sheer Curtains Easy?

Hi everyone, I am happy to share this topic on how to hem sheer curtains with you. Recently, I changed to a new apartment in the United Kingdom, and I bought a sheer curtain for my windows.

After hanging them, I discovered they were too long for my liking. I had to figure out how to hem the sheer curtains to reduce the length, which I will share with you in this article.

If you are wondering what sheer curtains are all about, they are very light curtains placed before the main curtain. Ideally, when you open the main curtain, the sheer curtain remains to provide a little privacy and ensure that enough light rays get into the room.

Steps on How to Hem Sheer Curtains

As I mentioned earlier, hemming a curtain is one technique you can employ to shorten a curtain’s length. You can use this in place of trimming.

Hemming a sheer curtain is a little bit tricky due to the delicate nature of their fabrics. It is, therefore, essential to be careful while carrying out the process.

The process is relatively easy and does not require advanced skills. Basic knowledge of sewing and measurement are the only requirements needed to achieve good results.

So, if you are ready to learn how to hem sheer curtains, I am prepared to teach you!


Step #1: The first step when you want to hem the sheer curtain is to hang your sheer curtain and observe how long the curtain is. This process will help you to determine at what length you want to hem the curtain.

Step #2: Use an erasable marker and make a mark on the curtain. This mark will indicate how long you want the curtain to be and help you know where to start folding.

Step #3: Use a pin and fold the curtain at the position where you made a mark with the erasable marker.

Step #4: The next step on how to hem sheer curtains is to bring down the marker from the curtain and the hanger.

Step #5: Take a measurement of 3 inches from the end of the curtain, fold it and then run a stitch across using a sewing machine. If there are rough edges, you can carefully remove them using scissors.

After this, fold another 3 inches, strengthen it with a pressing iron, and then sew it using a sewing machine to form the hem’s second layer. Continue this process until you get to the point where you made a mark.

If the Sheer curtain is too long initially, you may need to cut off some excess fabrics before proceeding with the hem.

When folding the hem and ironing them, you must be extra careful not to damage the sheer curtain with a hot iron.


What Other Techniques can you use to Shorten the Length of a Sheer Curtain?

Aside from how to hem sheer curtains, which we have discussed above, there are other techniques we can use to shorten our sheer curtains and, in fact, other curtains in general.

Place the sheer curtains behind the traditional curtains. Although they are light and compromise our privacy, they benefit from allowing more light into the room than the traditional curtains.

The issue with them is that they are often too long, so there is a need to shorten them. Shortening them also comes with its challenges because the materials are very light.

In this section, I will share some of the ways you can shorten the length of these sheer curtains without destroying the fabrics.



Trimming is an easy and appropriate method to reduce the excessive length of a sheer curtain. Hang the curtain and make a mark on the desired size.

You can then proceed to cut down the excess length. Do remember to leave out an extra half-inch when you are cutting. You will use this extra ½ inch for folding.

Helm Tape

You can use Helm tape to shorten the length of the curtain. After trimming. Place the help tape at the button of the curtain and then fold the tape backwards. You will get a stunning and neat look at the bottom of the curtain.


You can also use hemming to reduce the length of sheer curtains. The reduction involves sewing a stitch of about ¼ inches, removing the rough edge with scissors and folding them again. The process is beneficial when the length of the curtain is not too long.


Yeah, I believe you have learned one or two things about how to hem sheer curtains. It’s an easy process, and anyone can do it if they have basic sewing skills.

So, next time you want you to want to shorten your sheer curtain length, you do not necessarily need to cut it, except the size is way too much.

If the curtain is just a few inches on the ground, you can decide to use this method and reduce the length. Kindly share your thoughts, and when you encounter any question or clarification on the steps, do not hesitate to drop them right there.


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