How To Grow Blue Roses? 7 New Steps!

Are you having doubts about how to grow blue roses? To produce one, the first thing you have to do is acquire genetically modified blue roses. To find out more steps, continue reading this article.

Blue rose’s pigments have no existential proof in nature. They are just human creation through genetic modification, originally from a Japanese company. Though they are rare to find, they have still become well-known because of their exceptional and stunning appearance.

If you want to add another unique flower to your polytunnel and you want to know how to grow blue roses, just read on!

how to grow blue roses

Steps To Follow On How To Grow Blue Roses

It would be unique to bring a new colour to your set of roses. For sure, you’ll love looking at it, especially if you already have one in your greenhouse. But before that, let’s delve into knowing the steps.


#1 Purchase a genetically modified flower

The first thing you should do if you want to grow blue roses is to buy a genetically modified flower. You can avail of this online, from florists, or at UK garden centres. The location from where you purchase them doesn’t matter at all.

Just secure the health condition of the roses and make sure that they can survive in your greenhouse. Blue roses should be natural and genuine instead of fake ones.


#2 Soak them for 1 to 2 days

The Spring season is the best period for the blue roses to grow in your gardens in the United Kingdom. During that time, the growth of your blue roses has a high chance of survival.

When you already have your blue variety of roses, soak them within 1 to 2 days to retrieve their moisture. After that, you can start with the process of cultivation to plant your blue roses.


#3 Choose a perfect spot and organic fertiliser

Spot for an area in your British garden with a well-draining soil surface and then with an adequate sunlight strike. Using a hoe or any digging tools, start putting fertiliser to the appropriate soil for this type of flower.


#4 Start to cultivate

Make minimum holes after putting fertilisers into the soil and choosing an excellent spot for planting. You must dig about two feet for the holes’ depth to create a mound on it.

Put the blue roses at a 90 cm distance next to each other. Then, you have to cover the roots and put some adequate amount of water necessary for them. Could you do it again using a hose biweekly? Wet the roses in the morning using spray; make it every 15 days to avoid dryness.


#5 Clean the area

Look for the weeds if they are sprouting around your roses. If there are any growing weeds, remove them immediately so that they will not hinder your roses’ growth and stop their delicate thriving.


#6 Prune your roses

In the time of early summer, the roses will bloom with abundance. For that reason, you can prune them already. Cut the branches of roses into half-length and collect them.

Now, you can display your blue roses or convert them into a bouquet of fresh roses. The exquisite feeling of growing blue roses is so priceless, after all.

#7 Grow some at your UK home or in your greenhouse

Since this variety of plants is challenging to find, grow blue roses in your homes or greenhouses in the UK. It may be part of your house decoration.

A delicate flower of blue roses one needs to handle with extra care. They have a soft and vulnerable stem despite their thorns.


Making Your Blue Roses

True blue roses are very rare in nature, making it difficult for you to find one. Though it is hard, many people are still interested in having this kind of rose. One can use them as UK home decorations, souvenirs, or bouquet for your loved ones.

If you are eager to have blue roses, don’t worry because you can create your own using a dye. Here are the steps to follow:


#1 Prepare the materials needed

First off, purchase your bouquet or set of white roses. If you already have one in your UK homes, it is much better. Other materials needed are a plastic vase, sugar, water, and blue food colouring.

This element intended for colour dying the roses. You can choose colours of roses too; one can dye any roses in any colour you want.


#2 Filling the vase with water and colouring

The second thing you’ll have to do after you avail white roses, fill the vase with water up until the capacity of three-quarters.

Then, add the food colouring in the measurement of two to three tablespoons. It also depends on how strong of a shade you want for your roses. Stir it using a spoon or stirring rod for the dye to be mixed well.


#3 Soaking the roses

Place your roses in the vase of blue-dyed water. Just soak the stem and prevent the petals from touching the level of water.

Soak them for two days so that the white roses will absorb all the dye to change their colour into the blue. If you reached your target colour shades, remove them from the vase.


#4 Transferring them to your desired location

Finally, you can transfer your blue roses to your desired location. Choose a vase that would match your flower and fill it with water. They say that sugar helps the medicine sink, so you can put a tablespoon and keep them fresh.



Indeed, it takes too much time and effort on how to grow blue roses. But, I hope you have gained ideas to start your polytunnel of blue roses. You can also share it with your friends in the UK. I expected that you get to know what you have to do before you start planting one.

Have a good day!

what is the size of a baby crib mattress

What Is The Size Of A Baby Crib Mattress? Read This!

A baby is tiny, but then they also need to have a comfortable sleep since they are one sleepyhead, so, do you have any idea what is the size of a baby crib mattress?

Babies are sensitive; that’s why you should always keep an eye on them.

When it comes to mattresses, you want to find the material suitable for their skin providing comfort and support.

There are beddings with pillows sold as a package for babies.

In that way, you will be able to make sure that they have a good surface and support them when they are sleeping.

Having a soft mattress to lay them in makes their sleep a lot better.

It must be smooth and fluffy so that it would make the baby feel comfortable and sleepier.

Aside from drinking milk, another thing that babies do is cry and sleep.

As a mother, you would not want them to cry all the time.

It would mean too much stress both for the baby and for you.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss!


The Size Of A Baby Crib Mattress

A baby sometimes cries because of hunger, but it could also be uncomfortable and a strange feeling for them.

As I have said, babies are way sensitive. You must be very careful about choosing your things to avoid sudden reactions.

Putting the baby beside you on your mattress is fine, although it would be better to have their bed made for babies.

Mattresses should be soft and mild for the baby so choose wisely.

Include the thickness and, of course, the size of the bed.

But then what size is a standard baby crib mattress? There are a lot of beds found in every part of the world. It mesmerizes me to know about all this.

There are so many types of mattresses produced. It could be traditional, modern, convertible, etc. It is all up to you to choose from your preference.

So, what is the size of a baby crib mattress?

A crib mattress would usually be fifty–one and five – eights (51 5/8) up to 53 inches in length.

Including the width is about twenty-seven and one–fourth (27 ¼ ) up to 28 inches. And its thickness would be around 4 – 6 inches thick.

Familiarizing yourself with this is the right decision, especially when you are having a baby in no time.

A crib is one tool that could help you have some time for other things when your baby is asleep. You can just put them down there and let them rest for a while.

As a mom of an infant, you have no enough time for other things, and you focus on your baby. Babies are very dependent.

And that would mean having them by your side always.

You see, some babies, when uncomfortable with their sleep-wake up in no time.

You have to find the right mattress for them to put into so that their sleep won’t get disturbed, and you can also rest and sleep for a while.

Grab that crib and find the right mattress for it.


Is It Necessary To Buy A Mattress That Fits The Crib?

Well, indeed it is. Of course, it is necessary to buy a mattress that fits into your cribs.

Leaving spaces or gaps free could put your baby in danger.

Remember that your cribs could be their sleeping place up until they are 3 – 4 years old.

And that you have to consider things up to that period.

When a baby starts to crawl, walk or explore they would move more inside the crib.

And you should limit contact with the material as much as possible.

Some cribs have gaps in their structure that could trap up your babies. You have to avoid these situations from happening as much as possible.

And when talking about a mattress that is way bigger than your crib, it would still not go well.

You have to think of how it would like if it laid flat on the surface.

It would just fold upwards, which would affect the mattress’s structure and form.

It would be going up along the sides of the crib and would create a sweltering space.

Mattresses are thick, which could cause to give off some heat from it.

But then it is better that way than a bed blocking the sides.

It could result in a lack of air and could harm the baby. Just try to cut the mattress to the size of the crib’s surface as much as possible.

In an instance, to avoid this, you could learn how to measure your mattress to fit with the crib.

You can check this out, and you are good to go.



When you are carrying a baby inside you, you would want to give him/ her the best things you could when they come out. That includes a good sleeping bed or crib.

Now that we have answered your question, “What is the size of a baby crib mattress?”

I hope that you have an idea somehow and you can prepare for it.

Best wishes and have a good time with your babies!

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