How To Hang Curtains In An Apartment In The UK?

One of the difficulties (challenges) faced in an apartment in the UK is maintaining a rented one. Because the fear of damaging some parts – like boring holes on the wall, comes into play here. In this article, we will discuss how to hang curtains in an apartment in two contexts.

One is hanging curtains in a rented UK apartment, and the second is on a built or personally owned apartment. You would as well learn the general steps involved in this process.

how to hang curtains in an apartment

Steps On Hanging Curtain in an Apartment in the UK

This section will learn how to hang curtains in a rented apartment without boreholes in the wall. Salvage and optimise your chances on how to hang curtains with the steps below;

  • Magnetic curtain rods
  • Command Hooks
  • Tension Rods
  • Simple Fit Shades.

Step #1: Use magnetic curtain rods

It only requires you to get the magic rods, fixes the magnetic rod on the measured or designated location across your window, where you’d want your curtain to hang.

After fixing the rod’s magnetic tape, in the curtain sleeves (that space in the knitted or sewn curtain, where you will have to pass the rod in), and bring it close to the magnetic tape for a perfect and tight magnetic holding.

However, this process is not often used for the long-term hanging of curtains because it may lose its magnetic properties if you hang heavy curtains.

But it may last for 1-2 years. You are to use lightweight curtains when taking on this step.

Step #2: Use of Command Hooks

The next step on how to hang curtains in an apartment is using the command hooks. Command hooks come in different sizes and shapes. When considering “how to hang curtains in an apartment” that you rent and the curtain is lightweight, this process/step may be best for you.

Large command hooks can hold up a rod firmly, and smaller command hooks hold up curtains with clips. Command hooks are not only limited to hanging curtains.

You can also use them to hang mugs, pictures, keys, etc. Make sure you are not giving the hook overload. If not, the hook will cut off, and the curtain falls to the ground.

Note: Always check the pack of the command hook you buy to see the hook’s recommended number you are to use in each hanging. It is always a minimum of 5 hooks.

Step #3: Use Of Tension Rods 

The next step on how to hang curtains in an apartment is using tension rods. Tension rods are the cheapest and quick solution on how to hang a curtain in an apartment. Tension rods come in colours to fit the colouration or decoration of your apartment in the United Kingdom. They have a rubber at the end of the rod to attach to the wall.

However, just like command hooks, tension rods are mainly used to hang lightweight curtains because if you hang drapes or heavy curtains, they will collapse, damaging or leaving a scrub on your wall.

Step 4: Use fit Shades 

The crucial aspect of this process is that it doesn’t need much time to install. A maximum of 50 seconds and a push of a button to lock them in place is required.

You can buy customised fit shades, and it comes in different colours and styles. This process is a tremendous damage-free step to hang curtains in a rented apartment in the UK. All you need is to buy the pre-installed shades and fix your curtains on them.

However, this process’s challenge is the price range of about £78 upward, which is considered costly.

What Happens if Curtains are too Wide?

When curtains become too wide, the hem may be at risk of loosening. It generally makes the decoration and beauty of a room (a location where you hang the curtain) unattractive on sight and tends to get dirty quickly.

How To Hang Curtains For UK Apartment Therapy?

One consideration in this class is to hang the curtain high. The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window becomes on sight. As such, do well to hang your curtain rods close to the ceiling 4-6 inches above your window frames.


How To Hang Heavy Curtain Rod On Drywall?

This process is less complex. You apply the exact steps on hanging curtains with screws here. This process is so because it holds the drapes/curtain rod firmly and strongly.

You only need to make sure the rod is so firm on the wall to avoid falling when a heavy, heavy curtain is on it.

How To Hang Curtains without drilling holes?

You apply the same process/steps on how to hang curtains in an apartment here in the UK. The only difference here is that you will not make a hole to hang your curtain rod. You use any adhesive material to hold the curtain rod. You now hang your curtain depending on your spec. 


If you have read this article from the start, you will notice that we discuss the problem with “how to hang curtains in an apartment” extensively. It would be best to have a proper understanding of the steps before practising any to avoid damages.

how to make rod pocket curtains

5 New Ways Of How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains?

Do you know how to make rod pocket curtains? It’s effortless! All you need to do is to follow five easy steps.

Suppose you do not know how to worry less because we will help you out in this one.

You can always rely on us.

Simple curtains are pretty lovely, and sometimes people in the United Kingdom tend to buy already made curtains.

But that is not fun, especially when the fabric or style you want is not available in made curtains.

You only left with the choice of making your curtains, which sounds good because you’ll explore.

Learning new things and making them from scratch can be a good start for you upon having an interest in sewing.

Money is hard to earn now, so it is more practical if you know how to make things on your own.

That includes making beautiful and drastic curtains that have rod pockets into them to make them even better.


Steps To Make Rod Pocket Curtains

Making rod pocket curtains is like making an ordinary curtain, but it is more detailed.

Rod pockets are one way to make sure that your curtains will be able to hang after you sewed it and that it fits the rod.

You will need a few things, including this guide, to make it successful and have a good look.

So, how to make rod pocket curtains?

Follow the steps provided and start making your rod pocket curtains to avoid spending too much money.


Step #1. Gather all the materials you will need

The first thing you should do is think of the materials you will need upon making these rod pocket curtains.

You will need a fabric suitable for curtains, a marker for material like a tailor’s chalk.

Upon sewing, you will need thread, needles, pins, and of course, a sewing gauge, but this one is optional.

A measuring tape, iron, and fabric scissors are also essential for this process, ensuring that you have all of them.

But one more thing, you need patience and presence of mind to make it through.

Trust the process!


Step #2. Get the window dimensions

Upon getting the window dimensions, you will use your tape measure, and I have here a guide you can use.

It is crucial to get the dimensions right, or it will affect your sewing process later on.

You need to add extra measures on the width and height of the fabric so that you will add hems and it is wider than the frame.


Step #3. Prepare the fabric

Cut the fabric on the dimensions you decided it to be. And then you can prepare it for sewing.

Fold the ends by an inch and iron it to make it flat, easier for you to sew later on, and backstitch.

You can sew down the length with the type of stitch I mentioned earlier.

Lock the ends. Do this on both sides.


Step #4. The top hem

Now for your top hem, it is where your rod will fit later on.

You can use a 3-inch hem but double folded.

Fold it, and then you can iron it so that it would look even better.

Just repeat all this step over again.


Step #5. Completing the curtain

The last thing we do to complete the curtain is to create the pockets on top of the fabric.

You can then sew the bottom part right on the crease.

But then leave about an inch far in the end.

Hang the curtain when you finished and check on it if it already satisfies your style and design.

You can then recheck errors and go through the whole process if you think something isn’t right.


Our Rod Pockets Necessary In A Curtain?

Yes, of course, it is. Imagine how you would hang your curtain without those curtain rod pockets.

It is the area where you will insert your rods which can be designed as something that attaches to the fabric or sometimes a tool.

There is a way to design curtain pockets differently and will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Options are always in the corner.

You have to find one that might suit your feels.

But this one is just simple and easy to do.

There are more complicated and broad ways of doing this.

This one is good for starters and those who do not know a lot about sewing or curtains.

Do not worry because you had the idea right after reading all the steps we gave you earlier.

You can research for more or check out blogs like where you have seen this article.

We have a lot of topics and questions that have answers to them, including questions about curtains.

If you want to dig in and know more about these things, check us out, and you will see more.

And that is how you make rod pockets for your curtains.


We now finished with our article.

I hope you have learned a lot, especially about “How to make rod pocket curtains?”

It is not easy to start from scratch, but it is always better to try and learn than to sit there confused.

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