4 New Steps Of How To Hang Kitchen Curtains?

How to hang kitchen curtains?

It is the same in hanging regular curtains in windows, but the difference is with its size.

Curtains an essential when moving to a place or decorating your home in the UK. It comes in many forms and designs.

These kitchen curtains have a considerable impact when it comes to your kitchen’s appearance.

And it also provides you privacy and protection from the bright sunlight.

I love getting pumped up for decorating my UK house, including hanging curtains to match up the room.

But what if you don’t know what curtains are perfect for your kitchen? Fear, not my friend, I tell you about it more.


How to hang kitchen curtains

Kinds Of Kitchen Curtains

There are many different types of curtain choices, but the thing is you don’t know which one you should choose.

Well, here are some things you should consider when choosing a kitchen curtain.

These will help you in choosing which ones will suit your kitchen style and looks.


Pattern or colour

You put the curtain on because you want to make your kitchen look more appealing.

Therefore, you are supposed to look up some designs, patterns, and colours.

It is one of the essential things you should consider in having a kitchen curtain.

So look for a more suitable pattern or color of curtains that would suit your style.



Of course, every curtain’s purpose is for privacy. It has been a reason to put up curtains to cover or conceal since ancient times.

Some don’t want to be seen, especially when there is a stalker outside looking at you. Well, that would be awkward and creepy.

But of course, you don’t want to over everything all up now, would you? Some fabrics offer a little bit of sunlight and a view outside.

It lets you see through the curtain but not entirely and clearly unless you open them out.


Length and width

Ah, yes, length matters too. Have you ever seen a window just above a sink getting a more prolonged curtain fall than it should have?

That would look awful and unruly, and that makes length matters.

Make sure to measure the window’s length to make sure your curtain fits the shape.

Now, some of you probably don’t know which lengths and widths are suitable, so here’s a tip.


Size #1. Standard full

Standard full curtains measure twice the window’s width and a right at the top of the window sill.


Size #2. Deluxe full

Deluxe full curtains measure 2.5 times the window’s width and a length that’s just at the window sill.


Size #3. Maximum full

A maximum full curtain measures the window’s width and a length of 1n inch or two below the window sill thrice.

Choose one that suits your window’s location and length since curtains that are longer get wet whenever we wash dishes or use the sink.


Steps To Hang Kitchen Curtains

Now, how to hang kitchen curtains?

Whether you will use rod pockets, curtain clips or hooks, or a curtain track is up to you.

But here are the steps that you should take to hang up your kitchen curtain.


Step #1. Measure

Measurement is essential because this determines how much fabric you will use and how much of the window you’re going to cover.

Now, measure the window’s dimension. Add an extra 3 to 4 inches at all sides for allowance.


Step #2. Prepare the fabric

Place your fabric on a flat surface and ensure that it stays flat to have an accurate cut later.

Cut the fabric according to the dimensions measured in step one, but please refer the size to the length mentioned above if you want a fuller curtain.


Step #3. Hems

Once you have done cutting the fabric, put hems on all sides except the top part.

It will give a well-finished look at your curtains.

A 1 to 2 inches hem will do. You could either sew it or use iron-on tape if you don’t know how to sew.


Step #4. Top

Now, this is the tricky part.

There are numerous ways to hang a curtain, and it depends on what you use. Here are some options:


Rod pockets

If you plan to use rod pockets, make sure to have enough fabric to use as a header. You can use another design or just the same material.

Make a double folded hem at 4 inches hemline using a pencil and ruler the header’s back part with a 2-inch gap.

Cu the lined fabric. Make sure to cut only the back part and not the front. You can also use eyelets for a neater look.


Curtain hooks

Using curtain hooks, you can fold 2 inches, double hem the top, and sew it. Attach the curtain hooks at the top. And you’re done.


Curtain tracks

Curtain tracks come in many sizes and designs. There are installation procedures and instructions that may come upon purchase, so make sure to follow them.



Make sure to place the rod outside the window frame to look cramped and unruly.

Insert pockets, hooks, or the curtain trail into it, and make sure to attach the end tightly.

Arrange your curtains, and you finished the job!

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That is all.


It is easy for now that you know how to hang kitchen curtains.

It is just like hanging curtains, but usually, kitchen curtains are smaller than room curtains.

Well, nevertheless, I hope you’ve learned more and enjoyed decorating.

How to hem curtains

How To Hem Curtains? 4 Easy Steps!

How to hem curtains? You could either sew a curtain or applying fabric tape to it.

If your windows seem to be missing something, adding curtains will do the trick. However, we don’t always get the right size for every purchase.

You can’t make shorter curtains long, so having them longer is better. Having a sewing skill is an advantage too.

Have you ever heard of hemming? Or have you ever tried to hem long curtains to fit your windows?

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you will learn various ways to add hem to your curtains and fit your wall perfectly.


Hemming Curtains

A hem is a finishing method wherein the cloth’s edge is folded and sewn without letting it show on the outer side.

This technique prevents the fabric from unraveling or adjusting the curtain’s length to fit your needs.


Steps To Hem A Curtain

How to hem curtains?

Hemming is just like folding the edges that will add a little detail to your plain-looking curtains.

Well, you sew it to make the curtain more fitted.

Adding hem to a curtain can be from different sides of edges or done in various ways.

Here are the steps on how to hem a curtain.


Step #1. Measuring

The first thing to do is to measure the surface that the curtain will be covering.

That way, you will know the length of the curtain that you will use.

Next is to measure the curtains.

 Make sure that your curtains are long enough to for a double folded hem at the bottom.

Standard curtains have three to four inches wide hems.

So it is a given that your curtain must have a 6 to 10 inches allowance at the bottom.

Shorter curtains look better with a 2 inches wide hems, while longer curtains look best with 5 inches hem.


Step #2. Setting the curtain

After measuring the desired length, place the curtain on a flat surface with the wrong side up.

You could either do this on the floor or the table as long as it is lying flat.


Step #3. Folding

Then fold the bottom part of your curtain according to your allowance.

Divide the length of the allowance into two to have a two-fold hem.

Whenever you are folding aside, iron it to stay firm.

You could also use pins to hold it in place while ironing.


Step #4. Appling the hem

You can use various methods in this step.

You could sew, put on a tape or



When it comes to sewing them, make sure to have at least the basic skills in sewing.

You could use basting or backstitch if you are going to sew the hem by hand.

Basting is best if you want to make it look like it’s been attached to the curtain.

Suppose you have a sewing machine, the better.

You can sew the hem with the sewing machine, and you’re done.


Iron-on tape

If you have no idea how to sew or just too lazy to do so, you can use iron-on tape.

Haven’t heard it before? It is an adhesive tape used to attach fabrics by just ironing it in between.

Place the tape in between the hem and the back of the curtain of the folded hem.

Make sure that the tops are aligned to make a better appearance.

Press the iron with the tape in between the fabrics.

Do it for 10 minutes or as the package of the tape suggests.

To prevent the cloth from burning, you can place a damp cloth on top of the curtain or a paper.


Sewing Or Taping: Which Is Better?

If you were to ask me which method I would like to do best or probably better, I would like to say it has to be sewing.

Both have their ups and downs:



Sewing is better than taping if were talking about long-term usage of curtains. It is also a plus to make it adjustable.

When you adjust the curtain’s length, you can remove the stitches and sew them again.

If you sew them, it could last longer than taping it, and it will be less messy than the lather.

Yet, stitches will be visible with the curtain’s hem unless you use the basting method of stitching.



If we’re talking about appearance, taping is better since you can’t see any sewing marks or traces on the curtain hems.

It also requires less work and effort. All you have to do is to tape and iron it.

Although you can’t adjust its length after taping it, it will become messy once you detach the hem.

Moreover, it will also cost you another dollar for buying the tape, but if you already have one, then there’s no problem.

Yet, this one still depends on your preference and for what purpose your curtain is for; make sure that the curtain’s length is what you need.

We don’t want to make it all over again and waste our time, don’t we?

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That is all.



Knowing how to hem curtains can save you a lot than making others do it. You can save much from doing it on your own.

You could make adjustments yourself to suit your preference and add some finishing touches to it.

I mean, I had fun making hems on my curtain.

It helped me kill time at the same time made my curtain add some details.

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