How To Make A Swaddle Blanket With Velcro? 4 Free Steps!

Swaddle blankets are great to use for babies as they are soft, stretchy, and lightweight. But do you know how to make a swaddle blanket with Velcro for even easier use?


Swaddle blankets are known to have many benefits for babies, and babies who sleep well have parents who sleep well, too.


Below is a step-by-step guide to helping you make a swaddle blanket for the little one.


how to make a swaddle blanket with velcro

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Swaddle Blanket With Velcro


Step #1. Buy and cut the fabric

Using muslin or cotton gauze fabric is excellent for a soft, stretchy, and lightweight swaddle.


For two swaddles of about 44 by 44 inches, you need two and a half square yards of fabric.


You will need about three and a half square yards for a more oversized swaddle that is 60 by 60 inches in size.


Because muslin or cotton tends to shrink, put the fabric through the washer and dryer before cutting it. Run a small load with cold water and tumble dry on low.


After, you can iron the fabric to smooth out wrinkles and creases.


Using a swaddle pattern, cut out a 44 by 44 inches square, but you may increase or decrease the size of the fabric accordingly.


Remember to mark the placement where you are supposed to sew the Velcro in.


Step #2. Create the hem and sew the swaddle

Fold the edges of the fabric over half an inch. Smooth down the fabric as you sew along with the blanket.


If the corners come undone, you can try putting a heavy book or a paperweight to weigh it down as you sew.


Do a second fold, ironing the edges of the hem to keep the fabric in place. Be careful when using the iron, and don’t forget to turn it off after using it.


Sew along the fold to finish the hem and ensure no excess fabric sticking out of the swaddle.


Step #3. Adding the Velcro

Pin the smooth side of the Velcro down on the marked areas on the swaddle and sew along the edges of the Velcro strap.


Take care not to sew along the pins to avoid malfunction on your sewing machine.


Step #4. Using the swaddle blanket

Wrap your baby in the swaddle during naps or at nighttime, fold the swaddle into a triangle and place the baby with their shoulders even along the fold.


Bring the left corner of the swaddle to the baby and tuck it under their body between their side and right arm.


Bring the bottom end of the swaddle up to their feet and tuck in the tip. Fold the right corner over the baby and fasten with Velcro.


Benefits of using a swaddle blanket

There are many benefits to using a swaddle blanket. Some of them are the following.


  • It mimics the womb

Swaddling recreates a secure and cosy environment for the baby that makes them feel like they are in the womb.


Swaddling makes the baby’s transition from the womb to the world more accessible.


  • It minimizes Moro reflex

The Moro reflex or startle reflex is a normal neurological response that makes babies feel like they are falling.


They experience this all the time in the first three to four months of life.


While it indicates a healthy infant, it can disturb the baby’s sleep as it has involuntary movements that could wake them up.


Swaddling helps prevent these spontaneous movements, making it easier for the baby to sleep through the night.


  • It regulates the temperature

Swaddling helps maintain the optimal temperature for babies, so you must be using high-quality, breathable fabric.


Avoid double swaddling or using a blanket as these can be too warm for the baby.


Over bundling could lead to overheating, increasing the risk for Sudden Infant Death (SID).


  • It alleviates colic

Parenting an infant with colic can be very difficult as it makes parents feel helpless in their inability to stop their child from crying.


Swaddling can have a therapeutic effect on a baby suffering from colic. It applies light pressure on the baby’s belly, giving a cocoon-like feeling that provides relief for the baby.


  • It reduces incidents of SIDs

Newborn infants need to sleep on their back to avoid suffocating through the night.


Swaddling the baby in a supine position helps the baby maintain a safe sleeping position.


For babies who are not yet capable of rolling over, this significantly diminishes the risk of SIDs.


Swaddled babies tend to be happier babies, so if you know how to make a swaddle blanket with Velcro, this is a great way to help your angel adjust and transition outside the womb.


Swaddling can help soothe and settle your baby, but more than that, it also triggers a relaxation mechanism, making them happier and more comfortable.


Give yourself and your baby the gift of a swaddle blanket with adjustable Velcro tabs to make the swaddle blanket more adaptable and better fitting for all babies.

how to fold a blanket

The 4 Best Ways On How To Fold A Blanket

There are four different ways on how to fold a blanket. On which way you should use, it will depend on whether it is for decoration or storage.


You can fold them several times for storage, roll it for more space, put it creatively over the couch for display, or make it into a pillow for extra use.


Whichever way you choose to fold your blanket, it’s going to be simple enough as long as you follow the steps correctly!


The Best Ways On Folding A Blanket

Blankets are your warm companions during chilly days and cold nights. Aside from keeping you warm, there are other uses for it such as for having a picnic, covering your pets, or making a tent.


While it is practical, it can’t be denied that it’s quite a bother to put away because of its size and weight. Fortunately, there is more than one way to easily and quickly fold a blanket!


Folding for storage


Step #1. Lay out your blanket on top of a flat surface. 


Step #2. Fold it in half. Hold it by the corners and bring them to its opposite side to complete the first fold. 


Step #3. Using your hands, smooth out the blanket and make sure that there are no wrinkles or folds. 


Step #4. Fold it half crosswise. Hold the shorter side and bring it over to the opposite side to make the second fold. Again, smooth it out.


Step #5. Continue to fold the blanket in half until you are satisfied with the size. 


Turning into a pillow


Step #1. Fold the blanket twice. Each fold dimension must be at least a quarter of the blanket’s width.


Step #2. Flip the blanket over.


Step #3. Fold the blanket across the other axis until you reach the middle.


Step #4. Now, fold the opposite side till you reach the other folded parts.


Step #5. Starting from the central part, fold it on itself.


Step #6. Wrap it around the thicker side. Check if the folded blanket created a pocket. Place the last parts of your blanket into the pocket. 


Rolling Up


Step #1. Lay it on a flat surface. Hold the two corners and shake the blanket so it opens up more. Drop it to the ground and smooth uneven edges.


Step #2. Fold it in half and make both corners meet.


Step #3. Place the other side together with the bottom corners.


Step #4. Roll the blanket neatly.


Step #5. You may either store it like that or tie it with a ribbon to make sure it won’t come to unloose or unroll itself.




Step #1. If you plan to display your blanket, you must first fold it in thirds. If you wish to display more of it, fold the blanket in half.


Step #2. Lay it out on the chair, couch, or bed. Now for the fun part, you can arrange it the way you prefer. You can put it over the chair’s arm or back.


You can go for a casual or a rumpled look. You can even lay it unfolded for a comfy style. Let your imagination run wild.  


How To Fold A Blanket That Is Thick?

There are various types of blankets, all suitable for different uses and seasons. For a cold day, a thick blanket would be perfect.

Thick blankets like comforters are most likely hard to fold. To make it easier, it might be ideal to fold it as soon as they dry. While it’s still hot, you can manipulate it with less effort.

Lay it flat and fold the thick blanket one-third of the way. Press it so air would leave, and it’ll be smaller and easier to store.


What Are Other Stylish Ways On Folding A Blanket?

Aside from the ways mentioned above, there are other stylish ways on how to fold blankets.


Triangle fold

Step #1. Fold it in half


Step #2. From the left side, fold it in a triangle shape


Step #3. Keep folding the blanket in a triangle shape


Flower fold

Step #1. Fold it only from the left or right side


Step #2. Place together all corners and make a square


Step #3. Do it once again


Step #4. Flip the blanket


Step #5. Make a square once again by uniting the corners


Step #6. Keep hold of the center


Step #7. Pull the backends slowly


How To Best Store A Blanket?

Keeping them in a closet isn’t the only way to store blankets. There are several creative ways you can do so!

One of the best methods is to place them inside a display cabinet. This is especially recommended to those with stylish and vintage blankets. You can use a china cabinet or even a console table.

Aside from a display cabinet, you use a basket, box, towel racks, and even another blanket! Just squeeze those creative juices out!



A blanket provides you the warmth you need during those cold nights. Not only that, it has other uses too. The duty of taking care of your blankets will fall unto you.

You need to know how to fold a blanket and how to store it properly if you want it to last for years.

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