How To Start An Orchid From A Cutting? 3 New Steps!

It takes three steps to learn how to start an orchid from a cutting. The process is straightforward, and rooting orchids from cuttings are not something you should feel intimidated by. If you want to have a thriving orchid garden in the UK, it’s not enough to learn the three basic propagation methods because starting from cuttings offers many advantages. 

However, it’s worth noting that not all of them will grow from cuttings with a vast array of orchid species. In general, those from the genus Dendrobium are popular for this method of propagation. It would help to check your orchid species first and prepare the ideal growing environment for the cuttings


How To Start An Orchid From A Cutting For Beginners

Orchids are not the easiest plant to propagate, but learning skills such as stem cutting rooting would surely make you stand out from the competition. To further help you, you should have a polytunnel to start the cuttings. It’ll be easier to control the conditions indoors and avoid drawbacks in orchid growth. 


Step #1. Take cuttings

As mentioned earlier, Dendrobium orchids are one of the types that can reproduce vegetatively with the use of cuttings. Make sure that you can successfully propagate the orchids you have with cuttings before starting. For this guide, we’re going to base it on using Dendrobium orchids. 

The ideal time to take the stem cuttings is when the flowers fade on the parent plant. You’ll clip the spikes that emerge from the nodes with a sterilised tool to prevent infection. Then, select the stems that are around 1 foot in length and cut them so that each section will have three to four nodes. 

The parent plant you choose must be healthy and stress-free, which is why it’s advantageous to grow them in the greenhouse. This way, you’ll be sure that the plant will survive after you’ve taken the cuttings


Step #2. Rooting

The next step is preparing the medium for your cuttings. Gardeners in the UK often use a rooting tray with moist sphagnum moss and pebbles. Once ready, you will place the cuttings on top of the medium and mist them with water as moisture supports rooting. 

To further encourage rooting, cover the tray with plastic wrap and place it in the warm and dark polytunnel area. In addition to the resulting high humidity, you can use the polytunnel and maintain a temperature between 75 to 85°F and regularly mist the cuttings. This resulting environment should help them root and develop leaves.

Should you feed orchid cuttings before replanting? Experienced British gardeners fertilise every two weeks during the first two months with liquid seaweed extract. This practice will help hasten the growth and development of the cuttings for replanting. 

Step #3. Replanting

Before replanting, you must remove the cuttings that develop rotting. Select the healthy ones and remove their stem between the keikis using sterilised pruners. If you remember using offshoots for propagating orchids, these plants that developed on the stems are them. 

At this point, you’ll replant the keikis the same way as you would in offshoot propagation. A small pot around 2 inches should accommodate them well without the risk of overwatering or limiting the roots. You can also use a mix of sphagnum moss and bark as the medium. 

Loosen the medium and soak it to create a moist environment. Plant the cuttings in a way where the offshoots face the sideward or upward while the stem is upright. You can use stakes to help with the plant’s stability and keep it upright as well. 

For maintenance of Dendrobiums, you can water once or twice a week, depending on your plant’s size and the current climate. You also want to maintain high humidity, which is easier to do in the greenhouse. Lastly, fertilise monthly from spring to summer to support healthy orchids in the growing season. 


Can You Grow Orchids From Leaf Cuttings?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not as ordinary as starting orchids from stem cuttings. If you’re interested, Vanda orchids are famous for this method. The method is not as easy as using stem cuttings, but some gardeners in the UK still attain success using leaf cuttings. 

You’ll use a parent stem with new leaf growth and wrap a section of the stem with a plastic bag and sphagnum moss. This technique is quite similar to how you’ll recover orchids suffering from root rot. Therefore, using leaf cuttings, in theory, should lead to rooting if done in perfect conditions. 



Orchids may not be the easiest plant to grow, but you can always experiment and find the propagation method suitable for you. If you have Dendrobium orchids, you can learn how to start an orchid by cutting three simple steps. Similar to how you’d root other plants from cuttings, you’ll collect the orchid stem cuttings after their flowers fade. 

Select a cutting around 1 foot in length and cut it into sections having three to four nodes. Then, use a rooting tray with pebbles and sphagnum moss to encourage their growth. Maintain high humidity, moisture, and temperature between 75 to 85°F for the cuttings using the greenhouse, and they should be ready for replanting once you notice keikis. 

Lastly, replant the cutting so that the stem is upright and the offshoots face upward or sideward. You can stabilise the plant with stakes and wait for the orchid to outgrow the pot for final repotting. 


Gel memory foam mattress how long to expand

How Long To Expand Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Gel memory foam mattress how long to expand? Have you ever heard of gel memory foam mattresses?

If it does sound new, it is a type or a kind of memory foam mattress sold.

Memory foams are famous in the mattress industry. It is known as one of the best mattresses one can have. It has so many benefits to give out.

You might be familiar with composes a traditional memory foam mattress and how long it takes it to expand fully.

Some memory foam mattresses might be unfamiliar and odd for some people. But then these things exist.

Knowing that memory foam mattresses get sold out quickly and have a very friendly and sturdy foundation, many people look forward to one.


How Long To Expand Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Gel memory foam mattress how long to expand?

Memory foam variants are found all over the world. Manufacturers may export it from one place to another.

And a gel memory foam mattress doesn’t differ much from your traditional memory foam mattress. Let’s say it is a better version of such.

I will give you a brief background about the gel memory foam mattress. It has the same materials as what used in the usual one.

Somehow, what makes it better is that the producers of gel memory foam mattresses infused the mattress with some gel beads, specifically the cooling gel.

That doesn’t change the fact that they are both memory foam mattresses, and they both serve the same purpose.

With that, they might come the same way. They are both called mattresses in a box. When you order it, it also can be compressed or rolled up like normal.

A gel memory foam mattress, like any other memory foam mattress, does expand at the same time.

Since it when through almost every process, they will come out the same.

The expansion of this famous gel memory foam mattress would take about a day or two. And that’s similar to 24 to 48 hours for the standard memory foam mattress.

It expands the same with the memory foam alone. When you open the box and let it stay at your room temperature, it would slowly rise and expand.

It would help if you lay it on a flat surface to expand at the right level and time given.

It also comes with an instruction flyer together with the box.

Following the advised period and other instructions would make your life easier. It would lessen your worries when it comes to the mattress expanded.

Be very careful when you are unboxing it using scissors or a cutter.

Even small damages could mean big. It could also affect the expansion process.

What would happen if you slept on it while 24 hours have not passed yet?

Find out here.

Linked along is the expansion process of a standard memory foam mattress.

Maybe that can help you up and give you ideas on what do’s and don’ts you have to apply.

It is better to have enough knowledge when it comes to this matter.


What Is Better: A Memory Foam Mattress Or A Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

You must be very curious about these two and what is the real deal between them. A lot of people are thinking of what is better between the two.

Both can be the right choice when looking for a mattress that could resist pressure upon laying down in it.

Both works for the said to set up.

But then again, remember that the material used on these two is primarily similar except for a few added gel memory foam mattresses.

When it comes to sturdiness, quality, and strength, both will work correctly. Both mattresses are on the same page in this, and no one gets better from the other.

That would only differ from the producers. Different companies maintain different standards, and you have to understand that.

Talking about comfort and the feeling, one would bring home the bacon.

These two could give convenience when you are lying down.

On the other side, a gel memory foam mattress can give you a better feeling and a more comfortable experience. It comes with one particular component.

It is unique for it to have cooling gel beads that give off a cooling effect when you lay down. It also helps when the temperature gets high.

You know that a mattress gets warm when the temperature is. And too thick a mattress could make you feel a little warmer than the thicker ones.

But then, having those cooling gels infused into its gel memory foam mattress is way ahead of its competitor.

The traditional one is way cheaper when it comes to the price, but if you’re looking for a good investment, then gel memory foam mattresses are the best choice.

Regardless, it would still be up to you.


When buying a mattress, you have to consider many things before, during, and after purchasing it. That takes so much patience to win over.

We have answered, “Gel memory foam mattress, how long to expand?”

I hope you had the idea and answer to your question.

It is worth the wait and money as always. It is just a day or two, so be very patient and enjoy the cooling mattress.

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