Explainer Of What Are Pinch Pleat Curtains?

What are pinch pleat curtains?

When we say pinch pleat curtains, you would imagine something that is highly decorative.

I tell you, it’s something that comes with plenty of fabric stitched and gathered tightly on its heading.

Well, it’s sewn into the fabric permanently to create a brilliant finish.

It also creates elegant folds that are flowing beautifully from the top to the bottom of the curtain.

These curtains can either hang on a track or a pole.


What are pinch pleat curtains

4 Different Types Of Pinch Pleat Curtains

So, what are pinch pleat curtains?

Below are the different types of these curtains.

You can choose from the following:


Type #1. Single pinch pleat

Among the different types of curtains, the most common one is the single pinch pleat.

This type also referred to as the New York Pleat.

The folds are evenly spaced and sewn into the heading of the fabric to create a uniform and rigid style.

It might be simple, yet it is elegant.

It can perfectly go with the smaller windows you have in your living space.


Type #2. Inverted pleating

The next type is very much similar to the first one.

But the only difference is that the pleats are on the reverse.

So, the pleats positioned at the rear portion of the curtains.

As such, your curtains can hang down in relatively more wide rolls.


Type #3. Double pinch pleat

This type requires the fold to be bunching together to create an array of V shapes at the heading of the curtain.

Given that double pinch pleat involves more folds, more fabric is required to make them.

As a result, your window will have a covering that looks fuller than usual.

Some people in the United Kingdom also used Dutch pleating to refer to this type of curtain.


Type #4. Triple pinch pleat 

Last but not least is the triple pinch pleat. This one takes the concept of pinch pleating to another level.

Instead of having two folds per cluster, your curtains will have three.

Each of the trios folds forms a fan shape.

As a result, your curtain will look voluminous, best suited to interiors with traditional designs.


Measuring Pinch Pleat Curtains

When you have decided to do this to your window’s curtains, you need to get their measurements.

Below is the quick way to do it.


Step #1. Figure out the length needed for the curtain rod

You have to remember that the curtain rod must be longer than the measurement of the window.

It is crucial so that you can draw the entire curtains beyond the window.

Not only that, but it will also allow maximum light to pass through.

It would help if you allotted about 30-percent of the window’s width on each side of the rod for the stacking area of the curtain.


Step #2. Calculate the curtain width that you will be needing

It must be wide enough to cover the whole width of the curtain rod.

In case you are hanging a few pairs of curtains, each should provide extra inches for allowance.

In such a case, your curtain panels will overlap in the middle.


Step #3. Try it out

Now it’s time for you to determine the curtain width.

Take note that the curtain rod must be sitting about four inches right on top of the window.

That is to ensure that your window space entirely concealed from the outside.

In any case, if you intend to have your curtains falling until the windowsill, they need to be a couple of inches longer than your windowsill.

This way is to prevent the hemming from swaying onto the outside.

Consequently, if you want floor-length curtains, you need to minus an inch so that they will not touch the floor.

To know more, read this article about how you can measure your windows for curtains.


What Are Rooms And Styles Best For Pinch Pleat Curtains?

These curtains are indeed ideal for any interiors.

They have a certain crispness that can go well either in formal or in chic environments.

Furthermore, they are also unfussy, which is why they also suited in relaxed settings.

Due to the fold’s depth, pinch pleat curtains can even highlight rich material and bold patterns.

You have to look for these curtains intended for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms when choosing one.

Above all else, it must complement the entire décor of the room.


Alternatives For Pinch Pleat Curtains

What do you think you can use instead of pinch pleat?

Well, you can try a pencil pleat curtain.

This kind of curtain can offer a classic style, and just from its appearance, mainly its gathered heading that looks like pencils.

You might as well consider eyelet curtains that used metallic eyelets that threaded onto the pole. This type of curtain is very modern.


It’s A Wrap!

Still wondering what are pinch pleat curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains offer a tailored finish. If you compare it with other curtain types, it can give a more decorative and formal look.

With its pleats permanently sewn into the curtain, it can even provide a more innovative look.

Furthermore, its folds flow elegantly from the top to the bottom of the curtain.

These can work with either a track or a curtain pole. It also suits slightly sheen fabrics like silk and taffeta.

how to hang curtains in a dorm

4 New Steps Of How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm?

Are you wondering how to hang curtains in a dorm? Then keep on reading.

College students in the UK are always excited to move into a dorm.

But once they set foot in one, they will only realise how outdated and small these UK rooms can be.

One way to enhance these cramped quarters is to install some curtains. By doing this, you can make space feel more like home in the UK.

However, most colleges do not allow you to put nails or drill the wall, so your decorating selections will be limited.

But do not worry because, in this article, we will be teaching you the steps in hanging curtains in your favourite dorm without drilling.

We will also share some tips to follow to ensure that you choose suitable curtains for your UK room.


4 Steps To Hang Curtains In A Dorm

Hanging curtains can improve room temperature.

You can also sleep better with it. Don’t know how to hang curtains in a dorm?

Just follow the steps below:


Step #1. Measuring the window space

In this step, you need a measuring tape.

Measure the inner frame of the window to get the length.

You will use this number to acquire the dimension needed for the curtain rod.


Step #2. Gathering the tools and materials needed

It is essential to prepare all the supplies and tools required. You can choose any fabric material.

But in terms of the hardware to use, we recommend using a shower rod because they are more durable or adjustable tension rods.

Among the two, the latter option is relatively more cost-effective. It is also easier to mount.

You may or may not use an adjustable rod, ensure to measure the window frame correctly so that you can get the right rod size for it.

But if you opt for an adjustable rod, it does not require you to install brackets anymore.

Meaning to say the dorm rooms will not suffer any holes.


Step #3. Installing the curtain rod and testing its stability

If you are using a rod that you can adjust, you have to place it on the window frame and adjust its size accordingly.

It works just like those shower rods.

They are easy to tighten and loosen as you match them with the measurement of your window.

If you are using command hooks, you need to mark the location in the wall where you like to mount them. Use a pencil for this.

Detach the adhesive backing from the hook. Then, press the hook on the spot you marked earlier.

Remember that it is better to measure than to estimate it with your eyes when knowing where to place the hooks.

But just in case you messed up placing the hook, don’t worry because you can pull it down and repeat the process.


Step #4. Hanging the curtains

You can hang the curtains either by attaching them directly onto the rod or through the clips.

Clip your curtain panel beneath the curtain rod.

Take note that you need to put an extra allowance of about an inch or two when you are using clips.

That will intend for the drop length of the clip.

After you attach the curtain panel onto the clips or command hooks or slide them on the rod, you can see how the room’s ambience has changed.


Some Tips To Remember When Choosing A Curtain Fabric

Whichever method you choose in hanging the curtain into your dorm, you have to consider several things when choosing your curtain fabric.

Below are some of them:


Tip #1. Choosing a light fabric

Most methods that do not require drilling may not support heavy fabric materials, so it is better to choose light fabric such as linens or cotton.


Tip #2. Considering blackout fabric

Perhaps, you desire to block off the sunlight.

It would help if you went for blackout curtains. They are available in various patterns and designs.

More so, they offer you more privacy.


Tip #3. Choosing a subtle pattern or simple solid curtain

If your room in the UK already has many design elements, you won’t want your curtains to overtake or clash with them.

Choosing a curtain with a solid colour or subtle patterns will match them easily with the overall decoration.

Regardless, here is an article you might want to read.

And that is how you hang a curtain in a dorm.

It’s A Wrap!

When hanging curtains into your dorm, you can do it in several ways.

So, how to hang curtains in a dorm?

You can use hooks, clips, rings, or rods, depending on the easiest option.

What’s nice about hanging curtains is that you can transform the look of the room.

From the shabby UK room it used to be, you can still make it into something else.

Whether you want a minimal design or you prefer the extraordinaire interior design, a curtain can be an excellent material to add to your decorations.

According to interior designers, a curtain can break or make a room valid with dorm rooms.

So ensure to pick the right ones for your dorm by taking into account the tips provided above.

After that, you can hang them by following the easy steps that we also provided earlier in this post.

Good luck with your new journey, and stay safe!

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