5 Tips Of What Color Curtains Go With Tan Walls?

Curious about what color curtains go with tan walls?

There are a lot! Brown, white, chocolate brown, and also tan curtains would look amazing!

So, do not worry. We got you!

One person’s common instinct is to think of how the curtain should match the wall’s colours.

That will make the whole view seem harmonised and look somehow pleasing to one’s eyes.

Tan is a lighter shade of brown that looks like your skin when exposed to sunlight.

A lot of people in the United Kingdom love how memorizing tan people looks.

That also indicates that tan as wall looks good.

It is a soft colour that can match and highlight different colour curtains. Curtains are indeed important.

These curtains have many uses that can generate your access to them, but they should look good at first glance.


what color curtains go with tan walls

What Color Curtains Go With Your Tan Walls? 

Curtains are beneficial.

You can use it in different places and purposes, but then the touch it gives is quite essential.

It adds to your room’s aesthetics by making it simple, elegant, and sophisticated in simple ways.

Moreover, curtains could block too much light or make your life a bit private and hidden from the outside world.

We have here choices for you to choose from, and colour schemes are one.

Your curtains need to match and complement the colour of your room so that it will look adorable.

So, what colour curtains go with tan walls?


Option #1. White curtains

First, for tan-coloured walls, the colour of curtains that we can suggest that would perfectly fit is white.

White goes along with almost everything and no cap, saying that even when you match your white shoes with any clothes.

That principle goes the same upon walls and curtains, considering that the curtain you will use is white.

We call a palette neutral, wherein brown and white belong to it.

You can play with these things accordingly, as one of the reasons why tan and white works so well together are that the light touch of brown and the pureness of white is a pleasing sight.


Option #2. Chocolate (cocoa) brown curtains

Another thing that can go with it is something dark. When your wall is light, you should add in a dark colour curtain.

You can add chocolate brown curtains. It will have an excellent reverse effect on your room.

That will show contrast upon colours and a good play on the colour scheme of brown shades.

In that way, it will look pleasing to the eyes.

One thing that could probably make the whole plate better.

Considering that your curtain will be that important, it should be a good opposite of your wall.

Upon adding, it considers that it will not be too dark inside the room when you close your curtains.

Adding a dark curtain to a light shaded room is a beautiful aesthetic.


Option #3. Brown curtains (textured)

These curtains would look good as they look like the chocolate brown curtains, although the difference is that these can be any shade darker than your tan-coloured room.

Choose an excellent dark brown color to contrast the color of the wall, and then make sure you find a good textured one.

Textured curtains are often patterned curtains just in the same shade as your curtains.

In that way, it is not that bold, but it will look sync and well balanced.


Option #4. Tan curtains (sheer)

This one will look beautiful, but we will not advise you to use these curtains in a bedroom.

It will not add a lot of dark shade or cover the brightness of the outside world.

You can put these curtains up on your living rooms, dining area and a lot more, but it is not that dark.

These sheer tan curtains would look so cute and straightforward in your tan-coloured room.

A play of colours. Sheered curtains would look like a little transparent than the heavy ones, but it is in the same shade.


Option #5. Sheer white curtains

Another option is sheer white curtains. This one serves the same purpose for your sheer tan curtains.

Although, this one will look quite sophisticated and gentle. It will add a touch of uniqueness to the room.

Sheered white curtains would highlight the tan-colored wall, and it will not overpower it.

It will be soft and mild upon the walls so that it will look pleasing and very eye-catching. It is a good complement.

These curtains come in different styles, varieties, and designs; you can choose your own, one that suits your personality.

And you must get with the look and the final touches of your curtains, making sure to wise.

Upon choosing the right one, the decision is always important.


And we are now done with this article. I hope that you will manage to choose the right colour of curtains.

Good thing we have answered, “What color curtains go with tan walls?” and we hope that you got ideas from this.

It is always better to seek something you are not sure of than decide without any basis.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money using your internet and gadgets to look for it online.

how to hang curtains without curtain rods

How To Hang Curtains Without Curtain Rods In 5 Bonus Ways?

For any reason you don’t want to use a curtain rod, it could be because you are trying to show off that you have some eclectic style and curtain rods don’t fit your style and still create good curtain decor. This article will show you how to hang curtains without curtain rods. 

However, there are no strict rules that you must use. So to be creative in your designs, you may choose not to follow the traditional rules. As a result, you would get a new and unique result for your window treatment installation.  

Below are some of the options you can choose from when looking for methods of how to hang curtains without curtain rods: 

  • Upholstery tacks
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Hook-eye screws and drapery pins
  • Tension cables
  • Staples and furring strips


Upholstery Tacks

Using curtains doesn’t necessarily have more functions than adding colour and finishing to your room. So if you are not to open your curtains or prefer curtains drawn using curtain tie-backs, then use upholstery tacks that are easy and cheap to get.   

Steps on how to Hang Curtains Without Curtain rods Using Upholstery Tacks

You would need; 

  • Upholstery tacks
  • Tape measure 

Step #1: Buy upholstery tacks following a coordinating finish.

Step #2: Test the number and size of wrinkles required to ensure you have a well-positioned curtain panel that will cover your window correctly.

Step #3: Start by inserting the first upholstery tacks into your curtain at the corner on the outside edge of your window’s opening.

Step #4: Then, use some fabric to create a crease, tack it into the curtain wall up to three inches from the first.  

Step #5: Repeat the process throughout the window. And that’s it!  


A Tension Cable

A tension cable is another method of how to hang curtains without curtain rods. It can work with any particular type: rod pocket, tab top, or ring clip.

It is ideal for hanging sheer and lightweight curtains and can function as dividers for your room for a row of lengthy windows.

Step 1:  You need to get these materials;

  • Two turnbuckles, 
  • Two-wire clamps,
  • Two wall hooks, 
  • Plastic-coated wire cable (buy up to 1-1/2 to 2 feet extra cable than required because it’s better longer than too short.)  
  •  Screws 
  •  Anchors that fixes the hooks into the wall

Step #2: Start by screwing in the hooks to the wall, each window opening sides.  

Step #3: Make 5 to 7-inch loops at the cable ends, then secure them using wire clamps. Get your measurement using tape or any other measuring material.

Step #4: Insert the wire into the curtain’s grommets or tabs.

Step #5: Fasten the turnbuckles’ ends to the tension cables and hooks.  

Step #6: Cut off the excess cable wire and fasten the turnbuckles so that you can create the correct tension.  

Step #7: Using the hook clips for the wire cables, hang them to fix the curtain.  


Hook-Eye Screws and Drapery Pins

If you like to give your pleated a formal hook and don’t want to install a curtain rod, hook eye screws would be perfect. 

You would need;

  • Drapery pins
  • Pins
  • Pencil
  • Eye hooks

Step #1: Insert drapery pins through your curtain panel top.  

Step #2: Measure your curtain width at the top and record the distance between the pins.  

Step #3: Note the pin’s position on top of your window using a pencil.  

Step #4: Fasten in eye hooks at the point where you marked with your pencil. Let the eyepoint horizontally so that it will take in the drapery pin.  

Step #5: Insert the pointed drapery pins into the centre of the wrinkles.  

Step #6: Put the drapery pins inside the eye screws and install them to the wall with several inches intervals.   

Staples and Furring Strips

Using furring strips and staples is one way to hang curtains without curtain rods, especially for stationary curtains. Furring strips are long light plywood that we popularly used to construct applications.  

You would need: 

  • Furring strips
  • Paint
  • Screws
  • Nail 
  • Staples
  • Tape measure

Step #1: Measure your windows.

Step #2: Buy the accurate length of furring strips you would need for your windows.

Step #3: Paint your furring strips the colour of the wall. 

Step #4: You can screw or nail these furring strips to the wall studs so that you can secure the installation. 

Step #5: Use staples to fix the curtain panels to the furring strip while stapling the pleats.

Step #6: You will hang the curtain non-functional panels using stapling pins on the furring strips.   


The best in “how to hang curtains without curtain rods” is using the available options above.

Instead of curtain rods, including the materials you would use, get the available materials needed to hang your curtain without a curtain rod in the local store near you.

They are pretty cheap too and give your room a beautiful look. It adds style to your UK house at an affordable cost without much hassle. 

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