What Colour Curtains Go With Brown Sofa Best

You might ask yourself, “what colour curtains go with brown sofa best?” White, grey, sheer brown, and different shades of blue are only some of the many-colored curtains that go well with your brown sofa. You might find that looking for the perfect pair of colored curtains to match your brown furniture to be a bit challenging. _x000D_
Sometimes the perfect colored curtain is exactly the piece of decoration you need to light up the room. And choosing what color curtains go with brown sofa is relatively easy if I do say so myself. In fact, the options are far broader than you might expect._x000D_

what colour curtains go with brown sofa best

Matching Colors

If you want an aesthetically pleasing living room or home interior design, deciding on your color scheme beforehand is a must. After all, it is not just about your curtains and sofas. Your pre-picked color palette should tie the room together, starting from a few minor details to large room decorations. _x000D_
So, how exactly do designers mix and match over thousands of different shades, tones, and hues?_x000D_
The first step is by looking at your color wheel. You’ve probably learned the basics back in kindergarten, like primary, secondary, or tertiary colors. But aside from the different color categories, a color wheel should be able to tell you the accent and complementary shades of a chosen hue. _x000D_

Choosing A Curtain

Curtains are a great way to add luxury to any home, especially your living room. It is a chic and stylish interior design tactic to block out the heat during hot summer afternoons or stay warm on a cold winter morning. _x000D_
As convenient as curtains are in home interior designs, you can’t simply throw a random bunch of drapes over your windows and hope for the best. At least, not if you are aiming to achieve a relatively stylish-looking interior._x000D_
Conveniently enough, there are hundreds of curtain designs to choose from. You can opt for those with either solid colors, light patterns, bold patterns, and many more. But right now, let’s take a look at what color curtain suits your brown sofa best._x000D_

1. Cotton White 

Obviously, if you want that beautiful brown couch to stand out, hanging a pair of crisp white curtains in the background can complement its lush color perfectly. It can help create a warmer interior design because of the soft contrasting color between brown and white. _x000D_

2. Space Grey

You’re probably wondering how on earth did grey land a spot on this list, right? It may not be easy to picture, but rest assured, grey paired with an earthy color can help make a pretty relaxing space. Make sure to try different shades of grey to know which suits your couch’s shade of brown. _x000D_

3. Velvet Teal

Another uncommon opinion is teal curtains complementing brown sofas. But despite the unlikely pairing, blue is actually a rather chic complementary color of brown in the color wheel. Deep velvet teal curtains are perfect for rooms with white walls and large windows that let in a lot of light. _x000D_
Make sure that you’re pairing these darker colors with a bright living room environment. Try not to hang them in places with low light, as you may end up with a gloomy atmosphere._x000D_

4. Sheer Brown

Ever heard of a monochromatic color scheme? No? Well, you should know that it is a fantastic way of incorporating different shades of your favorite color into a single design. If you’re a big fan of brown or probably just love the earthy atmosphere it gives your living room, you’d be glad to know that you can carry the same vibe onto your curtains._x000D_
Play around with different shades of brown that are contrasting with your couch. For instance, if you have a dark brown leather sofa, you can opt for a sheer brown curtain. Thinner curtains will allow more light to enter the room and soften the different shades of brown. _x000D_

5. Cream

Cream is another alternative to white curtains. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try hanging lightly patterned cream curtains. It will give your living room more character as opposed to using plain white or cream curtains. _x000D_

6. Patterned Neutral Colors

Who said anything about grey, black, white, beige, and cream being boring? Switch up your neutral color schemes with textured or patterned neutrals into curtains. Whether it’s a brown to white or cream textured with black curtains, there are tons of designs that will make your living room look bright, clean, and relaxing._x000D_
This is perfect if you are not comfortable with incorporating too many vibrant colors into your space. Cream and blended neutral colors in your curtains can also provide your living room with unique character._x000D_

7. Green

If you’re absolutely smitten with an excellent nature-inspired color combination, then a pair of green curtains is perfect for you. Just make sure you are hanging them on a lighter-colored wall like cream or white. Add a few white accents, like placing your plants in white pots. _x000D_

In Summary

You don’t have to stick to a brown-white-black color scheme just to pull the room together. Sofas are the focal point of your living room, so it is crucial to decorate around its brown color. Think outside the box and go for vibrant colors if you’re feeling bold. _x000D_
Overall, choosing what color curtains go with brown sofa does not have to shove you towards a neutral color palette. However, if you like the thought of monochromatic or minimalistic color schemes, then there are tons of ways to switch it up and incorporate those relaxing shades in a bright and non-boring manner. 

how to paint curtains

4 Free Steps Of How To Paint Curtains Like A Pro?

How to paint curtains? Well, it’s easy as 1-2-3! All you need to follow four simple steps, and you finished!

Perhaps you use a distinctive colour palette for your UK room. It’s hard to find a curtain that can coincide with it.

Some people in the United Kingdom would hang a neutral palette or a white one.

But don’t you know that you can paint your curtains in any colour that you like?

Read further to know how to do it.


Things Needed

Before we get right into it, let us first know the things that you need to prepare.

Here’s the list!

  • Drop cloth
  • White curtain panel made of cotton material
  • Stencil
  • Adhesive spray
  • Fabric paint
  • Painters tape
  • Water and spray bottle
  • Stencil brush
  • Cloth


4 Simple Steps To Paint Curtains

How to paint curtains?

After you have prepared all the things needed, follow these easy steps:


Step #1. Preparing the fabric

It is best to wash the fabric first before painting it.

You can also hem it to your window size.


Step #2. Securing the stencils

Lay your curtain on top of clean drop cloth with its ride side facing you.

Start securing the stencil in its proper position using a painter’s tape or a stencil adhesive.

You can overlap various stencils or run them over the edge to achieve any look that your desire.


Step #3. Applying the first layer

Before you apply the paint, lightly spray your fabric with water first.

Then, thinly apply the first layer using any textile medium.

In doing this, ensure to follow the direction provided by the UK manufacturer of the paint.

This step usually indicated on its bottle.


Step #4. Adding more colours

You can add a second or third layer of different colours over the first layer to achieve any desired effect.

Let it dry first before removing the stencil.

You can continue adding more paint to complete your design.

You can do the same process for your other curtains.

If they have dried off already, hang them in your room.


Best Paint For Curtains

Getting the right paint is crucial in achieving the best results.

Below are some of the good options that you can try.


Option #1. Fabric medium and acrylic paint

Fabric medium and acrylic paint come in any colour you like.

Typically, the medium and the paint are available in tiny bottles and comes at relatively low prices.

Using these, you can put together the fabric medium, paint, and water, then mix.

To know the correct amounts to use, refer to the instructions provided in the container.

Many people in the UK prefer to use this on their projects because they can get any colour they like.

Plus, they are very inexpensive.

Much more, this fabric paint is soft to the touch.

However, they may not be the best paint to use when you want to achieve very saturated and vibrant colours.

That is because adding fabric medium into the mixture tends to dilute the paint’s colour.


Option #2. Fabric Paint

You might as well purchase those paint that intentionally formulated for fabric.

It is like acquiring a colour that already comes with a fabric medium.

This particular paint can also provide an excellent and soft finish.

One downside of this, however, is that it is only available in limited color options.

Plus, they are typically more expensive.


Related Questions

In this section, we will answer some of the most common questions related to painting curtains.


Question #1. Can I spray paint my curtains?

Yes, you can spray paint your curtains too.

Through this, you can quickly achieve any pattern or design that you like.


Question #2. What paint will stick to the fabric?

We have discussed several options when it comes to choosing the right fabric paint earlier.

Among all them, acrylic fabric paint tends to stick well on fabric.

Well, it specially intended for this purpose.

Fabric paint, or what some people in the UK refer to as textile paint, is usually an acrylic polymer.

After they bond this acrylic with colour, they emulsify it making this paint more durable against sunlight, multiple washes, and routine use.


Question #3. How long does paint fabric last?

Both fabric paint and paint mixed with fabric medium last for a reasonable time. It can hold up to numerous washings.

But if you use paint, make sure to heat set your painted fabric to be completely washable.

You can do this by ironing the backside of your curtain.


Question #4. Does fabric paint crack?

Fabric paint is permanent. This kind of paint also does not require a heat setting anymore.

Once it dries, you will see that it is very flexible and soft to the touch.

It also sticks to all textiles to not harden, peel, or crack even after routine use and wash.

It’s A Wrap!

Painting fabric is the ultimate solution when you can’t find the right curtain that can coincide with the colour scheme of your room.

However, the process can be very messy.

But if you are still up for the challenge, grab your working boots and start painting your curtains.

Remember that this can be a trial and error process.

You may or may not achieve the look that you have envisioned.

But with the right paint and some extra patience, I know you can do it!

And that is how to paint curtains.

Good luck!

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