What Is Pillow Sham? Learn More About It Here

If you’re confused about what is pillow sham, you can consider it as a functional decorative pillow cover. Let’s say that a pillow protector serves as a barrier to keep the pillow clean and damage-free, while a pillow sham hides your pillow behind a more aesthetically pleasing facade. But nowadays, it’s typical for some UK homeowners to use pillows with their shams on them. 

Your traditional pillowcase tends to look straightforward. But if you want your room to be more visually appealing, you can use a pillow sham by day. These shams come in a variety of designs and styles to match any room and theme.


What Is Pillow Sham

Everything You Need To Know About Pillow Shams


What is pillow sham anyway?

To put it simply, a pillow sham is a pillowcase that intends to make your pillow look more decorative. Therefore, one can use a pillow sham on one’s bed pillows during the day to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. It’s not surprising that some homeowners get confused with pillow covers and pillow shams. 


Pillowcase vs pillow sham

Both pillowcases and pillow shams are coverings for your pillows. However, a pillowcase is more straightforward for its duty. It keeps the pillow clean and protects it from daily wear and tear. On the other hand, a pillow sham is there to make your pillow look more decorative. 

Besides the more decorative design of a pillow sham, you’ll notice that this pillow cover opens from the back. Because it means to turn any pillow into a decorative piece, pillow shams use hidden closures. They typically use the overlapping fabric at the back compared to the plain pillowcases.

Pillowcases don’t hide their closure, and it’s even familiar that they have an open end. This way, it’s easier to replace and change them quickly. They also match the bed sheets for a more straightforward look, but you can also find pillowcases with embroidery or hemstitching designs. 

How to use a pillow sham

As previously mentioned, pillowcases create a more monochromatic look because they match the bedsheet. However, shams are there to add variety and may even look unique from the bedding. They can also match the comforter, but don’t be surprised if they have a different colour or texture. 

Pillow shams can be plain, but you can play with their accents to improve the look of your room. They also typically have flanges, which are pieces of fabric that go on the side of the cover. However, can you sleep on a pillow covered with a sham?

A common misconception is that pillow shams are only limited to being ornaments. You can sleep on pillows covered in sham if you find them comfortable. After all, the fabric they use might have an awkward texture, or the flanges may be disruptive for sleep. 


How To Style Your Shams

Once you have your pillow shams, it can be overwhelming to come up with a way to style them. The good news is there are three basic styles for pillow shams. Even someone who has no experience in interior designing can get their creative juices on. 



Perhaps the simplest way to style shams is to layer them. Homeowners typically place their sham pillows at the front of their bed pillows close to the headboard. You can play with different pillow sizes and shapes, as well as colours and textures that will complement your bedroom. 

If you’re still unsure, a traditional way to layer pillows is to start with your bed pillows lengthwise against the headboard, followed by Euro shams and then larger shams at front. At this point, you can add different types of pillows as accents. Remember that you don’t have to go for a monochromatic look.  



Another way to style pillow shams is to stack them directly on top of each other. Like layering, the first level would be the pillows you use for sleeping topped by your sham-covered pillows. But for a neater look, check your bed pillows so that their cuffs point toward the bed edge.

Stack styling for pillow shams would look best if most of your pillows have the exact sizes and shapes. Stacking sham-covered pillows provide a clean look with good height. You can also lean other pillow types against the stack if you want to add accents. 


Get creative

If you want something less traditional and hotel-like, why not get creative with your pillows? You don’t have to go for a neat look because asymmetrical styling can be as eye-catching. A helpful tip to avoid ending up with a confusing design is to separate pillow sizes by shapes and colours and have one group per side. 



Using pillow shams, you don’t need to buy separate throw pillows from your bed pillows. But what is a pillow sham? You can think of shams as decorative covers for your pillows. 

Therefore, you don’t need to use ornamental pillows for designing your bedroom. Put shams on your bed pillows in the day, and voila! Your simple-looking bed pillows transform themselves into decorative pieces!

Are you still overwhelmed with styling sham-covered pillows? You have three basic ways to use them. If you want a neat and traditional look, you can layer or stack them, but you can also get creative and go for an asymmetrical finish. 

what is the size of a baby crib mattress

What Is The Size Of A Baby Crib Mattress? Read This!

A baby is tiny, but then they also need to have a comfortable sleep since they are one sleepyhead, so, do you have any idea what is the size of a baby crib mattress?

Babies are sensitive; that’s why you should always keep an eye on them.

When it comes to mattresses, you want to find the material suitable for their skin providing comfort and support.

There are beddings with pillows sold as a package for babies.

In that way, you will be able to make sure that they have a good surface and support them when they are sleeping.

Having a soft mattress to lay them in makes their sleep a lot better.

It must be smooth and fluffy so that it would make the baby feel comfortable and sleepier.

Aside from drinking milk, another thing that babies do is cry and sleep.

As a mother, you would not want them to cry all the time.

It would mean too much stress both for the baby and for you.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss!


The Size Of A Baby Crib Mattress

A baby sometimes cries because of hunger, but it could also be uncomfortable and a strange feeling for them.

As I have said, babies are way sensitive. You must be very careful about choosing your things to avoid sudden reactions.

Putting the baby beside you on your mattress is fine, although it would be better to have their bed made for babies.

Mattresses should be soft and mild for the baby so choose wisely.

Include the thickness and, of course, the size of the bed.

But then what size is a standard baby crib mattress? There are a lot of beds found in every part of the world. It mesmerizes me to know about all this.

There are so many types of mattresses produced. It could be traditional, modern, convertible, etc. It is all up to you to choose from your preference.

So, what is the size of a baby crib mattress?

A crib mattress would usually be fifty–one and five – eights (51 5/8) up to 53 inches in length.

Including the width is about twenty-seven and one–fourth (27 ¼ ) up to 28 inches. And its thickness would be around 4 – 6 inches thick.

Familiarizing yourself with this is the right decision, especially when you are having a baby in no time.

A crib is one tool that could help you have some time for other things when your baby is asleep. You can just put them down there and let them rest for a while.

As a mom of an infant, you have no enough time for other things, and you focus on your baby. Babies are very dependent.

And that would mean having them by your side always.

You see, some babies, when uncomfortable with their sleep-wake up in no time.

You have to find the right mattress for them to put into so that their sleep won’t get disturbed, and you can also rest and sleep for a while.

Grab that crib and find the right mattress for it.


Is It Necessary To Buy A Mattress That Fits The Crib?

Well, indeed it is. Of course, it is necessary to buy a mattress that fits into your cribs.

Leaving spaces or gaps free could put your baby in danger.

Remember that your cribs could be their sleeping place up until they are 3 – 4 years old.

And that you have to consider things up to that period.

When a baby starts to crawl, walk or explore they would move more inside the crib.

And you should limit contact with the material as much as possible.

Some cribs have gaps in their structure that could trap up your babies. You have to avoid these situations from happening as much as possible.

And when talking about a mattress that is way bigger than your crib, it would still not go well.

You have to think of how it would like if it laid flat on the surface.

It would just fold upwards, which would affect the mattress’s structure and form.

It would be going up along the sides of the crib and would create a sweltering space.

Mattresses are thick, which could cause to give off some heat from it.

But then it is better that way than a bed blocking the sides.

It could result in a lack of air and could harm the baby. Just try to cut the mattress to the size of the crib’s surface as much as possible.

In an instance, to avoid this, you could learn how to measure your mattress to fit with the crib.

You can check this out, and you are good to go.



When you are carrying a baby inside you, you would want to give him/ her the best things you could when they come out. That includes a good sleeping bed or crib.

Now that we have answered your question, “What is the size of a baby crib mattress?”

I hope that you have an idea somehow and you can prepare for it.

Best wishes and have a good time with your babies!

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