Example Of Where Can I Buy Beaded Door Curtains? 2 Proven Options!

Do you want to make your UK home feel more like a dream? We understand that it can be challenging to find the perfect place where you can buy beaded door curtains. Luckily, this blog post will provide many options and help answer the “where can I buy beaded door curtains” question!

Where can I buy beaded door curtains


Some places to find the curtains are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You could also search Google shopping or other online retailers for a beaded door curtain sale.

Etsy: Etsy is a great place to buy beaded door curtains if you’re looking for unique pieces of decor that artisans handcraft! You could also look at Etsy Stores, where the seller has many listings on their page, such as this store.

Amazon: Amazon is another excellent place to buy beaded door curtains. You could search for the specific curtain you are looking for or browse Amazon’s extensive selection of all types of different styles and colours!

eBay:  You could find beaded door curtains on eBay. You can search for the specific kind of curtain you want or browse through items until you find what you are looking for!

B&Q:  You could find beaded curtains in sections like Curtains or Window Coverings at B&Q.

Vintage: Vintage stores are another great place where you can find beaded door curtains if you’re looking for a piece of decor with some history behind it! You could also visit antique shops to see what they have available in their selection, such as this shop here.


In-Store: If you’re looking in the store, you can find beaded door curtains at discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s.

Local Shops: Local craft fairs and shops are great places to find beaded door curtains if you’re looking for a more personalised experience. You could also visit some of the local shops specialising in handmade products, such as this store here.


What are Beaded Door Curtains?

Beaded door curtains are a type of curtain that has beads or sequins attached to the edges. These beaded curtains often have fringe on them as well, which is perfect for decorating your doorway. Hence, it looks more elegant and stylish!


What’s the Difference Between Regular Curtain Rods and Hooks?

Regular curtain rods often installed into your wall. In contrast, hooks typically need to be mounted onto a surface on the same level as or below your doorway. So if you have a high entrance, you’ll need to attach hooks onto a surface below it.


Do I Have to Use the Same Type of Hardware for Both Curtains?

No! You can mix and match different types of hardware depending on your needs. If one curtain is shorter than the other, then using hooks might be better because they won’t show if you mount them on the side of a door.

On the other hand, if one curtain is longer than the other and you have space above your doorway for rods to be mounted, then it might make sense to use rods instead.


What does “Counterweight” Mean?

The counterweight is what keeps your curtains open by engaging against the weight of the curtain fabric. The counterweight one can do by adding a rod to your door and attaching it at a diagonal angle, or you could use an object from around your UK house like books, bricks, etc., to act as the counterweight.

Can I Wash my Beaded Curtain?

Yes. Dry clean or machine wash in cold water with gentle detergent, then tumble dry on low heat and promptly remove wrinkles.

Can I sew Beaded Curtains?

You can know how to use a sewing machine or have someone else do it for you. If not, many places will sew them for you.


How to Take Care of Beaded Curtains?

To maintain the beauty and quality of your curtain, they must be hung in an area where air can circulate freely around them. They should also not touch any surfaces other than a hanger or rod because this will cause damage to the strings or beads.


How to Hang Beaded Curtains?

The most common way is with the hooks on the top of a rod that has been placed into the ceiling where there’s plenty of room for them to drop in and out when pulled back and forth by their holders (usually children).  One can also hang them from various places, like a wall or from a ceiling.

What are the Benefits of Beaded Curtains?

They’re cheap, easy to maintain, and they make windows look more attractive. They offer privacy without blocking out natural light.


What Places can I use Beaded Door Curtains?

  • Hanging them over doorways to provide privacy and protection from the sun,
  • More decorative purposes such as for a window or fireplace. They’re often hung vertically on each side of a doorway if you want to make it look more attractive. If they’re not heavy enough, tie the fishing line across where you need them held up.
  • If you are hanging them over your bed to create a canopy or use the top of the curtain rod for decorative purposes.
how to hang curtains without a rod

3 New Tips How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod?

Do you know that there are several ways how to hang curtains without a rod?

One of which is to turn them using a rope is the best alternative.

Curtains are part of every UK people’s life.

They are not just there to fill in the gaps, but they are essential in setting any place’s mood.

You may want to explore interior design, or maybe you just moved into your new UK home.

Whatever the reason is, hanging your curtains in a different way instead of the conventional rod is worth the try!

Indeed, you`ll be amazed at the outcome.

Dear folks, if you want to learn more about this inquiry, this article is for you. Just keep on scrolling!

Simple Ways To Hang Curtains Without A Rod

We’ve been using rods to hang our curtains for so long.

It is just a nice piece of information: there is a right way to hang your curtains using a rod.

But, however you do it, if it fits your style, then why not?

Nevertheless, what if you’re missing such a medium.

What will you do? Leave your window as it is?

Worry not, dear friend. Your things and tools at home in the UK are the keys to hang your curtains successfully.

Let me tell you how to hang curtains without a rod:

Way #1. Hang curtains using a rope

Of all the other mediums where you may hang your curtains aside from a rod, a rope is the best. Why is it so?

The different techniques we`ll discuss later on will include noticeable effort to finish off.

But if you`ll use rope, the work is lesser, and the result is satisfying. How will you do it?

Step #1. Measure the width of your window

Wait. Why measure the width of the window? Why not the width of the curtain?

Simply because it is the window that you’ll need to cover.

You’ll waste your rope if you base its length on your curtain. You see, curtains are designed with creases.

So when you buy curtains in the UK, make sure to check that their width is more than that of your window.

Or, if you buy two, add their width and compare it to the window you’d like to cover.

Step #2. Cut the rope

Now, for the rope’s measurement, add 10 inches on every end before you cut it.

You also have the choice to make it longer and later make the tie visible or let the different ends of the rope hang down as an additional accent to your design.

If you are now so sure of the measurement, it`s time for you to cut it.

Step #3. Screw-in hooks

To support the rope, you have to screw hooks on the wall. The size and design of the hooks are all yours to decide.

The important thing here is to make sure that the curtain hanged evenly.

If you have a lightweight curtain, installing hooks for both ends of the rope is alright.

However, if you have a heavy curtain or a vast space to cover, then it’s recommended that you screw a hook in the middle area.

Step #4. Curtains on

Insert the rope to the curtain’s opening, then tie both ends of the rope around the hooks.

Adjust the pleats to make it look equal. Then you`re done!

Way #2.  Hang curtains using upholstery tacks

The market offers different types of upholstery tacks. If you are aesthetic, then this option is for you.

We know that upholstery tacks used to design our furniture.

Who would have imagined that they can make our curtains not just simply hanging but gorgeously hanging!

A good reason to use upholstery tacks to hang your curtains is to don’t want the drilling process.

Or maybe, you’re staying for the short term in a rent-house in the UK, so what`s the use of buying expensive rods?

To successfully hang your curtains using upholstery tacks, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Perform first a dry run to determine the size of the pleats you want
  • To make sure that you hang your curtains horizontally straight, use the window frame as a guide
  • If you are now confident, then tuck the edge of your curtain to the edge of your window
  • Take some fabric of your curtain to make a crease, and then tack the pleat with the distance you desire from the first crease
  • Do the same process across the window then in no time, and you’ll finish

Way #3. Hang curtains using drawer knobs

Who would have guessed this third medium? Don`t worry that this way may be inappropriate.

You’ll be amazed at how artistic it is to use such to hang your curtains.

However, take note that this method is suitable for curtains with tabs or ties. The process is straightforward.

First, determine the spaces between the ties or tabs. After which, use a level to mark where you`ll drill each knob of the drawer knobs, then drill pilot holes accordingly.

Then, screw each knob to corresponding anchors.

There you go! It’s time for you to loop or tie the curtains onto the drawer knobs.

Want to read more articles? Click here to learn how to fold your memory foam mattress.

Regardless, that is all.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to hang curtains without a rod.

May the writings above be beneficial to you.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

how to hang rod pocket curtains

2 Proven Ways How To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains?

As a newbie in curtain furniture, I am willing to share with you the steps on how to hang rod pocket curtains.

You need to insert the rod into the top pocket or metal rings found in the curtain.

It is just as easy as that.

If you have bought a new piece of drapes and wonder about perfecting its position to improve your UK room’s appearance, well, this is for you.

I won’t keep you hanging, so scroll down and read the article carefully without further waiting.

Methods To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains

A perfect curtain should embody the windows and ceiling of a UK room, making the overall appearance flawless.

Hanging these curtains can be divided into two methods: standard rod pocket curtains and ringed curtains.

But before we start, you should adequately measure your curtain and its rod to your window size.

If your windows are 15 feet wide, you will be needing a curtain of 30 feet wide or double curtains measuring each a width of 7.5 feet.

However, it may be up to your preference in having the measurements, or better, you can consult an interior designer in this matter.

In terms of height, your curtain rod placement must be an inch or two away from the ceiling itself.

This way will give your curtains the best appearance to show the windows a more prominent look than usual.

So, let’s go to the methods on how to hang rod pocket curtains:

Method #1. Standard rod pocket curtains

First, observe your curtains if it has exits on both sides. If so, you can use a standard curtain rod.

These rods have distinct sizes, so you can assess your curtain’s specifications before hanging them on your windows.

If you already have your rods, insert them from the other side.

Then, carefully slide it until it reaches the other side.

Method #2. Curtains with metal rings

This method can also apply to standard rod pocket curtains containing rings in their topmost part.

First, if the curtains come with hooks, insert them into the curtains. Then, you can insert the rod inside the hooks.

Second, if your curtain is in pencil pleats, you should find the included plastic hooks in the curtain.

Then, please insert it into the braids or ridges of the curtain every three to six inches in length.

Next, find the threads that hand on the ends of the curtain. Pull them apart and see the curtain top compress.

You can finally hang your curtains if you finished this step. Congratulations!

What Are The Tips In Hanging Any Curtains?

Well done! I know you are very eager to learn everything about hanging curtains in your UK home.

I recently discovered these tips that you may use in putting your drapes, making your UK room more beautiful than before.

Tip #1. Measurement

You should take into assessment the size of the curtain and the window.

Make sure to know the depth of the window moulding in understanding the size of your drape brackets.

It will ensure your curtains extending away from the distance of your edges in the curtain.

You can use a pencil or a tape measure by marking the appropriate placement of the brackets, making the rod four to 6 inches over the window frame.

It would help if you considered the curtain brackets you should position about half a foot from the window frame’s the outside rim.

This one will allow more sunlight to your UK room, contributing to a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Tip #2. Mounting rods and hanging drapes

In perfecting mounting and hanging your curtains, you must consider using proper tools and safety measures.

Use a screwdriver in installing the brackets, ensuring the edges are equal in distance and height.

For safety, make sure to use a ladder in climbing higher spaces to avoid any injuries.

Also, inputting in bulkier drapes, you may want to put in wall anchors to secure the brackets.

In placing your drapes on its rods, you should loop them carefully in each opening.

If not, you can attach the curtain itself using rings or clips.

If done correctly, you can easily hang your curtains into your window.

You can hang your curtains without a rod too.

Finally, you should observe the surrounding space if there are fixtures or any furniture damaged during installation.

Concluding Things Up!

Great! You already know how to hang rod pocket curtains using two methods: the standard and metal ringed curtains.

You will only insert the rod into its pockets in standard rod pocket curtains and hang them already to the window.

For metal ringed curtains, you may attach the hooks or fasten the strings tied on each end before placing them on the wall.

I also shared with you some tips regarding hanging any curtains.

It would be best if you took note of the measurements and mounting rods to hanging the curtains.

I am hoping what you had read found you some help.

So, please share this with everyone you know that might be needing this information.

Thank you very much!

How wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window

New How Wide Should Curtains Be For A 72 Inch Window?

How wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window? Well, for this measurement, your curtains should at least be 144-inch wide.

Ever experienced that feeling when you don`t know anything about curtain sizes? And all you have done is wonder what you should put in your new UK home?

I remember my first experience with putting curtains up on the window; I had trouble finding the right size for the various window sizes.

That time, I had to find different curtain sizes for each one of them.

So I researched ways on how to find the right size for any window size.

I swear, I don`t want to worry again for a straightforward reason: finding the right size of curtains.

That is why I want to share with you what I have learned through experience.

Here is how to get the correct measurement of the curtain with your window. Read on!

Methods In Measuring Curtains

Before finding the dimension of the curtain, you should know how to measure one yourself.

The measurement of curtains could be customised to fit your windows perfectly.

If you do not know about measuring one, I’ll teach you how.

Method #1. Mounting technique

You will have to determine the mounting technique to use first. Decide whether you will place the curtain inside or outside.

Method #2. Outside Mount Curtain

Outside mount curtains make an illusion of a bigger window.

It is one of the most common styles for hanging curtains.

The rod located outside the window frame.

I use the outside mount method in UK bedrooms, living rooms, and other standard rooms where you usually receive visitors.

Method #3. Inside mount Curtains

In this method, the curtain rod is located within the window frames giving it a specific look.

Inside mount curtains don’t necessarily block out all the light, but they could give privacy and a minimalist look.

How Wide Should Curtains Be For A 72 Inch Window?

Before choosing your curtain’s width, you will have to select the right rod for you first.

Rods are commonly extended from 3 to 4 inches past the window frame.

There are different types of rods if you don’t know how to choose one: a classic rod, return rod, track, and tension rod.

Choose one of your preferred rod choices.

The Width

If you want your draperies to be as ample and refined as they are closed, you must ensure that they are wide enough to provide a whole appearance.

Curtains should at least be twice or thrice the width of the window covered.

It is also true with windows in pairs, although you can make an exception to the curtain’s width if you don’t plan to close them completely.

Here are the things you should do to find the right size of the curtains you`ll use.

Measuring the rod

The rod should be longer than the window`s width.

Then decide which type of fullness you would want:

  • Standard fullness

You will have to multiply its length by two. Mainly this is used in UK kitchens and bathroom windows.

  • Deluxe fullness

Multiply the length by 2.5. This fullness usually used in UK bedrooms and private rooms to provide a better cover in the window.

  • Ultra fullness

It is significantly the length of the rod. You could see this type of fullness in UK living rooms or rooms used to receive guests.

Although you plan to use a pleated curtain, you should.t worry about its size.

It should give you a whole appearance already.

All you have to do is to use the width of the rod itself. Then add another 12 inches allowance for it to overlap.

So, how wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window? It would help if you used an 84-inch pleated curtain width.

Just keep in mind that the fuller the curtains are, the richer and more sophisticated it will look.

The Length

In determining the length of the curtain, you should measure the window`s height first.

You will then have to decide how high you place the rod and how low the curtain will fall below the window.

The higher the curtain placed from the window, the higher it will give the room’s sense of height.

And the length of the curtain could make the room look higher if the length maximised.

Also, the curtain’s hanging method will vary its length since it will make a difference if you decide on a different design.

Curtain Installation

It is fun to install the curtain up yourself, but you could also do a UK handyperson to do this task for you.

And doing it yourself could save you some quid for installation fees.

A curtain rod is about 30 minutes to install.

It usually comes with the necessary hardware and instruction for installing upon purchase.

I had help from a friend when I was installing mine.

Imagine installing rods to 10 windows. It will take up much of my time.

So I had help from my friend to help me set up the rods and curtains.

The installation went smoothly, and we got it done within half of the day.


Determining how wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window, knowing how to measure one is a huge advantage.

A friend or two to help you install the curtains could give you more time to spare.

If you are in a hurry or don’t know to install these curtains, ask for the professional help from a UK handyman.

how to hang pinch pleat curtains

Free Guide Of How To Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains Correctly?

How to hang pinch pleat curtains? In 11 easy steps, you can! All of the steps can be executed with ease; believe me!

Hanging pinch pleat curtains can offer next-level elegance in your UK room.

However, this type of curtain requires a specific hook.

The hooks used for this are different from those hooks you use for other curtain types like pencil pleat curtain, for example.

This task may look very intimidating at first, but all the remaining steps will be easy for you after your first stab.


Steps To Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

Let us divide the process into two.

Before you can hang your curtains, you will have to mount the hooks first.

So, how to hang pinch pleat curtains?

Here’s how you do it:


Step #1. Laying out the fabric

Lay your fabric on a table with its top back facing you. Make sure to stretch it out flatly so that it won’t be wrinkled.


Step #2. Counting the hooks

Count the hooks to ensure that they have the same number as the rings.

Each pleat requires one hook. Also, one hook needed to present for each end.

Pinch pleat curtains can be hanged on a track using a glider or on a pole using rings.

Also, remember to ensure that all the hooks have a similar size.


Step #3. Measuring the space

Measure the space between the hook and the curtain hardware’s top. Start putting the hooks in place.


Step #4. Aligning the hooks and marking the fabric

Align each hook next to the wrinkles following the measurement you used.

You can lay the hooks on the material first to know where to position them.

Using a pencil, mark the bottom of each hook. But you might as well use a sewing pin to keep the spot.


Step #5. Piercing the fabric

Stab the marked area of the fabric using the hook’s sharp point.

Make sure to go all through the inner stuffing of the material from its outer layer.

Continue pushing the hook but ensure that it will not come through the front of the wrinkles.

As you are doing it, you must always lift each pleat and look at its front side.


Step #6. Adjusting the height

Before you check the length, insert some more hooks on each pleat.

It would help if you looped each hook into the curtain rod’s gliders or rings as you support the rest of your pinch pleat curtain.

Ensure that their heights are aligned. If not, you need to adjust them accordingly by repositioning the hooks.

If you want to take out a hook, pull it out straight until its sharp point will come out.

Re-insert it in its new position, just like how you do it earlier.


Step #7. Continue with the rest of the hooks

After ensuring that the height looks fine, you can now insert the remaining hooks.

Make sure that there is a similar distance in between each pleat.

You can measure the wrinkles to be sure that they evenly spaced.

After you have mounted all the hooks, it is now time to hang your pinch pleat curtains.

Follow the steps below:


Step #8. Folding the space between pleats

The first thing you need to do is fold each space between two pleats – either inward or outward.

This step is essential because when you hang your curtains later, that space can bunch as you push the curtain top together.

So you need to look for the spaces between the pleats and fold them to achieve a more polished look.


Step #9. Folding the remaining space between pleats

Continue folding the areas in between pleats throughout the entire curtain.

Again, you can do this inward or outward, depending on the hardware that you are using.

On each end, fold in half the hem allowance. Make sure that the hooks positioned at the centre.

Doing this will slightly push the end of the fabric outward.


Step #10. Inserting the end hooks into the ring or glider

Slide one hook loop over the ring or glider and allow it to fall into place.

It would be best to start working from the centre to add more rings and gliders when needed.

As you are doing this, make sure to support your curtain weight because if not, it might fall towards the hook’s end.

When you are using a glider, you will see that there is already a tiny eyeless per glider.

On the other hand, you should also push through the hook on each curtain ring’s eyelet if you are using a ring.

You will see this on the bottom part.

Repeat the process until you successfully inserted all hooks on each ring or glider. But ensure to perform this one at a time.

Also, remember to keep on supporting the curtain weight. It would help if you did not skip any glider or ring.

Otherwise, you will have to repeat each hook unhooking and put them back in their proper places.


Step #11. Adjusting the curtains to fill any space

Finally, adjust the curtain panels, and you finished the job.

It’s A Wrap!

After following all the steps above, you can now admire your newly hanged pinch pleat curtains.

That is how to hang pinch pleat curtains.

Job well done!

how to hang curtains in an apartment

How To Hang Curtains In An Apartment In The UK?

One of the difficulties (challenges) faced in an apartment in the UK is maintaining a rented one. Because the fear of damaging some parts – like boring holes on the wall, comes into play here. In this article, we will discuss how to hang curtains in an apartment in two contexts.

One is hanging curtains in a rented UK apartment, and the second is on a built or personally owned apartment. You would as well learn the general steps involved in this process.

Steps On Hanging Curtain in an Apartment in the UK

This section will learn how to hang curtains in a rented apartment without boreholes in the wall. Salvage and optimise your chances on how to hang curtains with the steps below;

  • Magnetic curtain rods
  • Command Hooks
  • Tension Rods
  • Simple Fit Shades.

Step #1: Use magnetic curtain rods

It only requires you to get the magic rods, fixes the magnetic rod on the measured or designated location across your window, where you’d want your curtain to hang.

After fixing the rod’s magnetic tape, in the curtain sleeves (that space in the knitted or sewn curtain, where you will have to pass the rod in), and bring it close to the magnetic tape for a perfect and tight magnetic holding.

However, this process is not often used for the long-term hanging of curtains because it may lose its magnetic properties if you hang heavy curtains.

But it may last for 1-2 years. You are to use lightweight curtains when taking on this step.

Step #2: Use of Command Hooks

The next step on how to hang curtains in an apartment is using the command hooks. Command hooks come in different sizes and shapes. When considering “how to hang curtains in an apartment” that you rent and the curtain is lightweight, this process/step may be best for you.

Large command hooks can hold up a rod firmly, and smaller command hooks hold up curtains with clips. Command hooks are not only limited to hanging curtains.

You can also use them to hang mugs, pictures, keys, etc. Make sure you are not giving the hook overload. If not, the hook will cut off, and the curtain falls to the ground.

Note: Always check the pack of the command hook you buy to see the hook’s recommended number you are to use in each hanging. It is always a minimum of 5 hooks.

Step #3: Use Of Tension Rods 

The next step on how to hang curtains in an apartment is using tension rods. Tension rods are the cheapest and quick solution on how to hang a curtain in an apartment. Tension rods come in colours to fit the colouration or decoration of your apartment in the United Kingdom. They have a rubber at the end of the rod to attach to the wall.

However, just like command hooks, tension rods are mainly used to hang lightweight curtains because if you hang drapes or heavy curtains, they will collapse, damaging or leaving a scrub on your wall.

Step 4: Use fit Shades 

The crucial aspect of this process is that it doesn’t need much time to install. A maximum of 50 seconds and a push of a button to lock them in place is required.

You can buy customised fit shades, and it comes in different colours and styles. This process is a tremendous damage-free step to hang curtains in a rented apartment in the UK. All you need is to buy the pre-installed shades and fix your curtains on them.

However, this process’s challenge is the price range of about £78 upward, which is considered costly.

What Happens if Curtains are too Wide?

When curtains become too wide, the hem may be at risk of loosening. It generally makes the decoration and beauty of a room (a location where you hang the curtain) unattractive on sight and tends to get dirty quickly.

How To Hang Curtains For UK Apartment Therapy?

One consideration in this class is to hang the curtain high. The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window becomes on sight. As such, do well to hang your curtain rods close to the ceiling 4-6 inches above your window frames.


How To Hang Heavy Curtain Rod On Drywall?

This process is less complex. You apply the exact steps on hanging curtains with screws here. This process is so because it holds the drapes/curtain rod firmly and strongly.

You only need to make sure the rod is so firm on the wall to avoid falling when a heavy, heavy curtain is on it.

How To Hang Curtains without drilling holes?

You apply the same process/steps on how to hang curtains in an apartment here in the UK. The only difference here is that you will not make a hole to hang your curtain rod. You use any adhesive material to hold the curtain rod. You now hang your curtain depending on your spec. 


If you have read this article from the start, you will notice that we discuss the problem with “how to hang curtains in an apartment” extensively. It would be best to have a proper understanding of the steps before practising any to avoid damages.

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