Example Of Where To Buy Darkening Curtains? 3 Proven Options!

Do you know where to buy darkening curtains?

where to buy darkening curtains

Curtains are tools that help you out with your decorations, but the most important use is to add shades to your room.

Sunlight coming through the room is lovely, but too much of it, especially when it’s summer, is just too bad.

But then you can solve your problem by putting up darkening curtains all over your windows.

Do not worry too much because we got you! We will help you out in finding answers to your problems.

Putting these kinds of curtains is just so unique that it will neutralise everything in your household.

Upon thinking about where to get there, we got a lot of options for you to choose.

Stay with us and learn more information. That is for your good, so better bear with us.


Options Where You Should Buy Darkening Curtains

So, where to buy darkening curtains?

Putting up curtains in your home is multi-purpose.

It is for protection in too much sunlight, divider, and privacy purposes.

You have to buy and choose one base.

Darkening curtains are curtains that add shades and make sure that your house will be darker than ever.

It is evident from the name itself these curtains are widely available nationwide.

You should know where to find them, especially when you are a night person and into these curtains.

There are many places where you can buy these curtains, so chill out and rest your mind because we will guide you.

Here are options as to where you can buy your darkening curtains.


Option #1. Have it custom made

Then you want a darkening curtain. Having it custom-made is an excellent option.

Purchasing a custom-made curtain is better. It will help you out on the shade you want.

You can then pick the colour you prefer and the style and type of fabric you choose.

But then, upon doing this, you must have a consultation first to estimate the price.

Having your curtains custom-made would be expensive.

The same is true especially when you have a lot of requests, although this can give you a lot of edges when it comes to having your preference being applied.

It is up to you, but the people behind every customising company in the UK can help you out in deciding.

You can seek advice from the UK professional people they have, and they can help you install your curtains.

They will do every job, and nothing will be left for you to do, which is just excellent and unique in a way.

All you have to worry about is the amount of money you are going to spend on this.

It will be pricy since the curtains are already pricy, you then have to pay extra for the services and labour.


Option #2. Online shopping

The next option that we have for you is where all you need is to tap and add to the cart on your phone.

At this time of the pandemic, people in the UK find this way of purchasing their needs most practical.

It is hard to go out and risk every member of the family getting exposed to other people.

That is why buying online is an excellent model to purchase things you need. It also has a lot of options to go along.

You can use the reviews and the star ratings as the basis for the darkening curtains you will choose to buy.

Darkening curtains sold online also have descriptions along the side of its picture.

Use this information as your basis in figuring out if these curtains suit your standards or want.

The only downfall is that you have to wait for it to arrive and then it can also have an extra charge.

Some companies added extra charges when you did not reach the amount target for free shipment.

Option #3. Visit physical stores

This last option might be odd for this situation, but it is still one of the easiest ways to purchase your darkening curtains.

You can opt to visit physical stores in your locals—supermarkets, shopping centres, and all other stores that have curtains.

The people working there can be your helping hand and that they can give you advice and instructions.

Picking curtains are not easy. A lot of things are needed to be considered, so you better seek help.

Another thing is that you can quality check the items if it is in good condition.

Seeing the items can guarantee you a great curtain to have inside your houses that can pair with almost everything.

But then the most important thing about these is that you know the size of your windows to fit the curtain.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn tips on how to wash blackout curtains, click here.



Now we have answered, where to buy darkening curtains, you now have an idea and a lot of options.

I hope you apply the tips we shared in this article.

Any of the three options can apply to you, but you can choose which one is the best for you.

how to decorate curtains

3 Examples Of How To Decorate Curtains Easy?

Do you know how to decorate curtains?

Well, to tell you, there are numerous ways. It`s straightforward, and this activity guarantees you so much fun!

Maybe you have sat down this morning on your UK living room sofa and have sighted through your window.

Perhaps, you`ve noticed that your curtains seem to be plain.

Do you wonder how to transform those boring curtains? If you can make anything look elegant, why not?

Decorating your curtains is a must-try!

Now folks, if you want an ultimate transformation in your home, then this article is for you.

Easy Ways To Decorate Curtains

Windows are essential to one’s house. Where there are windows, blinds, drapes, or curtains are also present.

Having curtains benefits a UK household in so many ways.

Of course, they are there primarily to keep the privacy inside your UK house.

However, it is no doubt that curtains dramatically affect the ambience and mood of our home.

Dear friend, it’s time for you to make your curtains look gorgeous.

So, how to decorate curtains?

This section will learn, while not missing the fun, how to decorate our dull curtains.

Idea #1. Curtain Trims

The market offers a wide range of trims that may match any of your curtains.

That is very suggestive since you’ll give a little hand to finish off the decoration.

There`s no need for you to get a degree in embroiderer if we must say to achieve a stunning look for your curtains.

If you know the basics of sewing, you can get through this job in less than a day.

Yet, it would be best if you sewed the trim of your choice at the edges of the curtain.

If you think it’s pretty lovely seen on the hem, you may also sew it there.

But if you desire your curtains not to fly away, you may sew curtain weights along the hemline.

One of the most common trim is the fringe trim and is universal. Just be sure to choose trim with a colour that compliments your curtain.

Idea #2. Artistic curtain tiebacks

The simple art of tying can make your curtains look more fashionable.

We usually close the curtains by night and open them by day. But, did you know that there are different ties that you can do with your curtains?

Get away with the ties you did that left the curtains with wrinkles.

Seasonal tiebacks

Changing the ties of our curtains every season is such a wise way to decorate our UK home.

For example, during the spring season, you may use tiebacks with flower or leaf decorations.

In summer, you may purchase in teh UK tiebacks with sun or shell decorations as an indication of sea time!

Of course, you would decorate an artistic choice of tieback with flowers or leaves whose colours are dying during the fall.

For the winter, you may choose snowy tiebacks or branchy ones. Another idea is to select a tieback with a connection to Christmas.

Magnetic curtain holders

In this modern age, even curtain tiebacks innovate! Guess what. Magnetic curtain holders are such a trend in the market nowadays.

It has become one of the UK people’s favourites because it is convenient to use.

Used pieces of jewellery

Who would have thought that the pieces of jewellery that stayed long forgotten in your jewellery box can be the key to transform your UK home?

You may combine pieces of jewellery that look complimentary and united with your curtain. It will give your UK home a look like ancient times.

However, it would help if you took note to use more vital jewellery for heavy curtains.

This one is to ensure that the tiebacks can secure the curtains in place.

Idea #3. Paint it

You may try to skip this portion because you might think this is solely for the “artists.” Darling, you’re mistaken.

We’re not going to paint a mural in the curtain.

No! We will turn our plain curtains into striped ones.

If you can paint a straight line, then you can do this! Don`t be discouraged.

Plain curtains are much affordable if you compare them to the “luxurious” ones.

But it is pretty practical to buy in the UK and innovate it yourself for a low price, right?

So take out your plain curtain, masking tape, scissors, brush, and complimentary paint, and let’s start the “art.”

The preliminaries

First, you have to spread out the curtain you wanted to paint on a flat surface.

To ensure that the floor is not going to be affected by any paint, cover it with plastic.

Measure the length of the curtain, then divide this length by the number of stripes you want.

Then mark the divisions using a pencil to be sure to keep them straight.

After which, determine the alternating not-to-paint and to-paint portions of the curtain.

Then, put tape on the stripe that you should not paint. Put it below the top marking and above the lower marking.

That is to make sure that this portion is clean and no paint would leak to it. So stick the tape harder!

Apply paint

Using a paintbrush, you may also use a foam roller if you have one to apply the paint to and fro on the portion to paint.

If the paint isn’t that saturated enough, you can let it dry and do another paint layer.

Then, remove the tapes, and you finished!

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you`ve learned how to decorate curtains. May you enjoy doing such an activity!

Thank you that you have kept reading up to this point. Your time and effort are much appreciated!

Before I end, you might want to read this article to make your curtains!

That is all.

how to iron curtains

3 Bonus Steps How To Iron Curtains With Examples?

Are you wondering how to iron curtains? In three easy steps, you can, all of which you can do with ease.

Do you notice your drapes getting dirty and unorganised over time? I know indeed that it might stain your eyes with their unpleasant appearance.

Great! This article will be teaching you how you can iron curtains.

It would be best if you prepared your curtain, set your iron, and flatten it out.

In this method, you will need a few things including, of course, your curtains, curtain rods, flat iron, ironing board, and mist sprayer.

As a UK home buddy myself, I find this guide very helpful. So, without further talking, go scroll down and read the article.

Steps To Iron Curtains

Your curtains are the most basic designs to be put on your windows. It makes your UK room cosy and significant if they are in the proper orientation.

I know you are very eager to learn how to iron curtains by doing it yourself. Before all of this, you should prepare these materials.

  • Crinkled curtains,
  • Curtain rods,
  • Iron,
  • Ironing board, and
  • Mist sprayer

Let`s go to the steps, shall we?

Step #1. Preparing your curtains

Before you start this DIY method, you should get your curtains cleaned and dusted out.

You can go use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the rid attached to it.

I recommend you getting the curtain out of the window with the help of a family member or a friend.

You can also use a ladder if you want to do it by yourself.

Step #2. Setting your iron

Place your ironing board into its proper orientation with the iron getting switched on.

Before ironing the curtains, note the product`s guidelines if it says something important in cleaning.

If it notes that you cannot clean them using a steaming iron, I recommend getting them dry cleaned instead.

Else, you can go with flattening it using a standard iron.

In this step, an iron that has steam functions can be held your hands, or a standard garment steamer is recommended.

Also, fill in distilled or clean water into your mist sprayer.

This tool will be very beneficial in the next step, so take note.

Finally, before you iron the curtains, wear protective clothing like long sleeves to protect yourself from burns.

Step #3. Flattening it out

I know you are very prepared for this crucial step in this method.

First, place your curtain carefully on the ironing board with the iron turned on.

Then, spray some mist on the fabric before your iron them.

Smoothen the moist parts of the curtain using your iron.

Carefully iron the surface and observe the wrinkled going away.

You can iron them again if you see some more minor wrinkles.

Next, iron the next section of the curtain until you are finished.

Please note that you should not iron the same section all over as this can cause shrinkage on the fabric, ruining its overall appearance.

If you are not satisfied with some wrinkles, hang your curtain for 2-3 days, then do this method again.

I am sure that your curtain is already seamless and beautiful, so hang it on already on your windows.

How Often Should My Curtains Be Cleaned?

Now, you already know how to iron your curtains; you need to know how often you should clean them.

It would help not wait until your curtains look greasy and dirty, so it is better to wash them periodically.

UK experts recommend letting them stay clean once every three months.

You can get them machine washed or professionally dry cleaned.

You might also be washing them more frequently if you live in dusty areas, as this can protect the fabric from further damage and soiling.

If your loved ones suffer from allergies, frequently washing the curtains might greatly help them.

Your curtains are the perfect grounds for specks of dust, pollen, mould, and hairs from either pets or inside the UK home.

These threats can damage your curtain as an investment, so it is better to be often clean.

If someone in the UK household smokes cigarettes, you should be cleaning curtains more often than once every three months.

These smoke particles can attach to your curtains and beds as well. So, washing them every two months or lesser can protect your furniture.

Finally, you live nearby shorelines where the sea breeze can attach to your curtains.

Washing them more frequently can get rid of the salt deposits they can bring.

Finishing It Up!

Very good! You finished reading on how to iron curtains.

You need to prepare the curtains and materials required, turn on your iron, and flatten it out.

This DIY method only needs a mist sprayer, iron, iron stand, and soiled curtains with its rods.

I also shared with you some information on how often you should clean your curtains.

UK experts recommend cleaning them at least once every three months.

It can also be varying if your family suffers from allergies, smoking, or geographical reasons.

I hope this article finds your inquiry helpful, so share this with your friends already to read this article!

what kind of curtains for traverse rod

4 Steps What Kind Of Curtains For Traverse Rod?

Do you ever wonder what kind of curtains for traverse rods are you going to use?

Well, nowadays, you might find it nearly impossible to be seeing one.

Standard rods will surely give you lots of options, but the best for a traverse rod is typically pinch pleat with drapery pins.

You can have various selections from the market, but you must look for reviews to have the most recommended one.

This article will discuss some curtains that will best fit your windows and let you learn what to choose.

Without further ado, let us get right into it!

What Are Traverse Rods?

Traverse rods are mechanical rods that work with small clips; they can make movements within a track installed therein.

With this mechanism, the drape can move on a smooth path to prevent any snagging, which is very common to those traditional curtains.

You might want to have this kind of curtain rod if you wish to own a functional one rather than just for decoration purposes.

Traverse rods are great because wear and tear (due to manual drawing to open and close) won`t be much of a problem with it.

What Kind Of A Curtain For Traverse Rod

So, what kind of curtains for traverse rods?

The best option that you can select should be pinch pleat curtains if you have a traverse rod.

Why is that so?

It is mainly because these draperies contain gathered fabric folds, giving you a customised look and feel that comes at very affordable prices.

It works right with the traverse rod since the curtains move smoothly when the cord is pulled.

By this, you won’t worry, unlike traditional curtains.

This kind of curtains is not only for traverse rods, but it is pretty lovely for decorative rods that make your windows more attractive.

Steps On How To Install Curtains To Traverse Rods

In this part of the article, I will teach you the step-by-step process of how you can install your drapes to the traverse rod.

Here are the following:

Step #1. Make sure to lay the curtain into a flat surface

You must first measure your drape’s width from the first crease up to the last one.

This method will help you determine the correct length of the traverse rod that you will purchase.

On the other way around, you can first need to measure your rod, and that is when you look for the correct curtain width that will fit just right.

Step #2. Measure the length of your curtain

This next step is also essential since you do not want your curtain to come out too short or too long.

Now, if your drape has the right length regarding the floor, you need to allow about one inch for clearance purposes.

You have to add the length of the clearance to the size of the drape, and you have to subtract three-eights of an inch for the allowance of curtain hooks.

Step #3. Install the traverse rod

Measure the centre of the window so that you can have a position for the centre support.

Drill small holes by the corner of the window and insert wall anchors.

Next, secure the bracket to the wall for maximum durability, and then connect the traverse rod using a screwdriver.

Step #4. Install the pulley

Based on the installation kit, install the pulley on the rod and make sure to put anchor support.

Fasten the pulley with the use of screws that comes with the kit.

The following action is to insert the curtain hooks in each of the drape’s head wrinkles.

Place hooks on both ends to have a secured installation.

Try to open and close the drape, which is now hanging perfectly on the traverse rod. Make sure to do this so that you’ll know if it is working correctly.

My Say

With the use of traverse rods, you can open and close the curtains without a hassle.

All you have to do is find a curtain that will go with it perfectly.

Pinch pleated drapes are the ideal ones that you can get, so if you are a skilled sewer, you can change the regular drape into a pinch pleated one easily!

The curtain’s weight will surely test the pins, so you have to make sure that you get the best quality there is.

Here is an interesting article about how you can hang a curtain without any rod. How? Click here.


If you search for a covering on the window, curtains are not just the factor you should note.

There are many things that you can consider, like the drapery fabric, style, and even the rod.

Transverse rods are best with pinch pleated curtains since this type of rod is a mechanical one with a pulley.

By that, you can easily open and close the drapes by just pulling the cord found on the rod.

You should read and research the type of rod so that you can find the perfect drape for it.

You cannot just settle for less if you are sceptical about your UK house’s design and decoration.

I hope you learned what kind of curtains for traverse rod and that you very much for reading!

how many yards of fabric for curtains

Free Tips Of How Many Yards Of Fabric For Curtains? 

Do you know how many yards of fabric for curtains?

Upon making curtains, you will need to estimate the amount of fabric you are going to use.

That is not possible to buy fabric without knowing how you would want it to look on the frame, right?

Well, that is one thing that makes this critical. Not all the time dimensions are correct, so it is better to have an estimation.

Another thing about it is that you should know how to measure windows for your curtains to avoid problems.

Worry less because we will help you identify how many yards of fabric you would need upon making your curtains.

Stay there, and you are about to learn more, and you can apply it later on in your lifestyle.


How Many Yards Of Fabric Needed For Curtains? 

So, how many yards of fabric for curtains?

Indeed, a curtain is something you would want to have, especially that you will have a good home in the UK.

You will need this one to package the whole interior of the UK house and to add sophistication.

If you are fond of the aesthetic vibe, curtains are indeed the best you can ever have. It can be styled, patterned, or be custom-made.

Installing curtains could be one of the best investments you could make. It will last a long time with a proper way of taking care of it.

Also that it serves a lot of purposes which makes it even better for you.

So, you can say that curtains are versatile.

But then, how many yards of fabric do you need for this? Well, it is not that much, but just enough.

A rough estimation is around 5 yards, including the wrinkles and all the other things you would want.

Curtains are indeed multifunctional, and it is a good thing that you will only need 5 yards for them.

Imagine how good it is. Five yards is a good thing already, especially for a curtain, and it is not that much.


How many inches is a 1-yard fabric?

It would help if you were very confused about your fabric’s dimensions, especially that it is for your reference.

Do you know that it has 36 inches in length and 54 inches in width?

You can multiply it by 5.

Since you will need 5 yards for your curtains, you will need to fold them twice.

That one makes reasonable control of it, but then it will give off a good payoff.

And it will also be nice for additional decorations.

You can add more to it, like a scarf or scallop design on top, making it even good-looking.


Is a curtain necessary?

Indeed it is. It will serve a lot of purposes, and it will also help you with your interior decorations.

Well, it can stand as a protective layer, something that can add mood to your UK room and more.

Something outstanding is your curtain. It is a thing that can make your house stand out even more.

Do you know that it can lessen sunlight’s interaction from getting in the room as to how you prefer?

Curtains are definitely in any type of it. You can use curtains as dividers, protection, and even for your privacy.

It will always stand out. It is a good investment as to what I have said earlier.

You will have to find a good one.

These are unique and can be customised. You can infuse it with so many things as to the colours and patterns.

In that way, you will be able to manage the whole touch of your UK home. It will always be about how it helps.

And indeed your curtains are necessary, but then you have the choice to make it as an option.

But then again, as for us, it is crucial.


Do you know how to measure curtains?

Measuring curtains is not that easy, but you can always look for a guide where you will make things right.

It is one way of making sure that it is better to be sure than to be sorry later on.

You can always find ways to solve your problem with proper actions and a basis.

And this is the guide you will be needing, something that is efficient and would work well.

It well explained, and you can refer to it without any confusion on your idea of it.

That will do. Instead of asking others to do it and pay for a price, why not try to do it yourself.

You can always do research and verify the sources you have.

That may be one of the best references you could have.

Measure your windows correctly so that you won’t have any problems for future purposes.

This article is best applied if you are making your curtain.

Make sure that everything, especially the dimensions of your curtain, is accurate to avoid any mishaps.

That is all.


And we are now done with our article. I hope you have learned something you can keep and share with others.

Good thing we answered, “How many yards of fabric for curtains?” now you will have another knowledge unlocked.

what color curtains go with sage green walls

Guide What Colour Curtains Go With Sage Green Walls?

Do you want to know what colour curtains go with sage green walls?

We got you! Manage your doubts and distrust because we got you covered.

Read on to learn more about this topic.

You can choose your own, but we will give you the best options. Stay with us and enjoy.

Curtains are crucial in one’s UK home since they give a finishing touch to the whole interior decoration.

It makes the whole UK room look even better and well decorated. It enhances the designs and the windows.

Curtains would be better if it matches or complements the colour of your walls or else it will ruin it.

The purpose of this is to make the windows look fire and sophisticated. It is also for your protection.

But on top of it, curtains play a significant role in making the interior of your UK house look even better.


What Color Of Curtains Go With Sage Green Walls? 

So, what colour curtains go with sage green walls?

There is a lot of green-coloured shade, but then sage green is way darker and closer to brown and grey.

You may not recognise it at first, but a wall in this colour would look so delicate and cool to your eyes.

Upon putting up curtains on it, you should know what colour goes well to add pleasure to the feels.

It is not like a superficial protective layer. It also stands as something that would carry the look of your UK rooms.

We have options for you to choose from, and then you can pick your best options based on your preference.


Option #1. Sheer white

White-coloured curtains are practical. After all, it will look good on any coloured wall because it is universal.

Sheer white curtains can look good in green walls especially that it is affiliated to nature.

It is a good scheme if ever since sheer curtains are not too thick, and they are just like lacy fabrics that are plain.

Unlike all the other curtains, they don’t acquire a thick material that can block the sunlight, but it looks pretty and straightforward.


Option #2. Contrasting patterns (geometric)

This one is another option for you, but if you opt to put patterned curtains, make sure it has a white base.

As I have mentioned earlier, white goes along with almost everything.

But having patterns to it can be better.

You can always think of ways to elevate it and have geometric shapes boldly imprinted on it to the next level.

It works well in the green shade.

Make sure that the colour of the patterns matches or compromises the wall.


Option #3. Add something floral

Adding floral curtains on a sage green wall would be amazing. It can help you out big time.

One more thing about it, the floral highlights on it must be colorful and big detailed to make sure it stands out.

You can play on blue, green, white, black designed floral curtains to make sure that it would look good.

The complement it gives on your wall must be dark to light.

Since the colour of your wall is excellent and something warm for the curtains.

Always keep it balance to avoid too much darkness.


Option #4. Have something minimal

There are times where less is more.

You can also apply this technique to your curtains.

Also, you can have a white base and small minimalist patterns on the surface.  Make sure that the designs complement the mood.

The mood or feels of the UK room depends on your preference, but I think you can do that independently.

Upon choosing the pattern, a piece of advice can have dark shades of blue to complement the sage green walls.

Or have small black patterns to enhance the wall and make sure it gets other decorations’ attention.


Option #5. Light on dark or vice versa

This option is something that you can level up to make sure that you have a nice contrast.

You can play in one colour only.

Sage green does have different hues and shades.

It can be dark or light, but then this is what you can do to enhance the wall and the curtain at the same time.

Once you have chosen a dark sage green colour, you can have a lighter shade of sage green for your curtains.

And if you chose a light one for the wall using a darker one for the curtains, it will contrast beautifully.

It will still depend on your taste and preference but if you are still confused about picking a curtain, take your time.

And you can say that curtains play a significant role in your home in the United Kingdom.

Ensure that it makes sense to every corner and every purpose it should serve to ensure it is worth it.

That is all.


And we are now done with our article, hoping that you enjoyed and learned a lot.

We managed to answer “What colour curtains go with sage green walls?” together.

Researching and adding knowledge about a thing is always better than staying in the zone confused.

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