Why Is My Husband’s Pillow Yellow? 4 Best Reasons Why!

Why is my husband’s pillow yellow? You may ask. Having a crisp, white pillow with a yellowish or brownish stain is the worst, and I can relate to that.

It is probably your husband’s, and you would wonder why this nasty and unpleasant grime.

Well, fret not! These are the top three reasons why is my husband’s pillow yellow. These include body sweat, drool, product breakdown & oxidation, and exposure to light.

This article will elaborate on those and provide you with tips on reducing and eliminating those yellow stains. Keep on scrolling to know more!


Why is my husband's pillow yellow

Reasons Why Is Your Husband’s Pillow Yellow?

Yellow stains on a white pillow are very unpleasant to the eye.

I found four main factors why your husband’s pillow yellow; the following might cause that discolour on his pads:

#1. Body sweat

We sweat while we sleep. It is your body’s natural response regarding maintaining and balancing your internal temperature.

However, scientists have found out that larger men (and men generally) tend to sweat more often than women.

This statement could be the reason why your husband’s pillow is yellow.

The urea found in your sweat’s chemical composition reacts to the white sheets in the pillow.

However, this process takes an extended period, and it won’t happen overnight. The yellow stains are buildups of sweat and oils that your body produces.


#2. Drool

Well, drooling is inevitable, am I right? Your husband could be doing that all night and that would stain his pillow.

One often characterise drool stains as brownish, cloud-like patches on your pillow.

These stains are in this colour because drool traps dirt and dust on a pillow’s clothing. Minimising and quitting drooling could significantly cut down these stains.


#3. Product breakdown & oxidation

Did you know that these pillows are only synthetically white?

These textiles are subjected to chemicals that brighten and whiten the pigmentation, giving your pillows a bright white look.

It makes the pillows look clean and attractive, which is a perfect marketing strategy.

However, this optical brightener breaks down over time. It is due to exposure to oxidation from surrounding humidity, which diminishes the whiteness of that pillow.

Your husband’s white pillow could also turn yellowish.

It may be due to washing it frequently since the optical brightener wears off as it often comes in contact with water. This process affects the brightening compounds.


#4. Exposure to light

Lastly, pillows turn yellow because of exposure to light.

The UV rays from light sources (especially the Sun) break down the brightening compounds within the pillow’s surface.

It could be the reason why your husband’s pad could still be yellow despite him not sweating or drooling overnight!

This yellowing could be disheartening to the eyes, but it is expected as pillows usually don’t go white forever. However, you could still do something about it!


How To Remove Yellow Stains On A Pillow?

Removing yellow stains in your pillow is easy as 1, 2, and 3!

You only need a few materials: kitchen sponges, laundry pretreatment, salt, ammonia, one-gallon containers, and white vinegar.

You could begin by pre-treating new stains using a pre-soaked enzyme product.

However, your pillow’s fabric should not be silk, linen, or wool, as these could bleed or be heavily discoloured in the process.

If there’s still a stain, never rewash it or put it in the dryer. Doing so will heat-set the stain and would make it difficult to remove.

It would help if you sponged the affected area with a mix of 1 tbsp. Ammonia and 1/2 cup water. Immediately air-dry afterwards.

However, if the stains are older and impossible to remove, mix a solution of 1 tbsp: white vinegar and 1/2 cup water.

Apply the mixture and let it dry until the stains are eliminated.

What if there’s no hope and your husband’s pillow is still yellow? Well, you can insert the pillow inside a clean, reusable pillowcase and leave the pad as it is.

Otherwise, you can consult your local clothes washing shop and request a pillow cleaning. Or, if you have the budget, buy a new one instead!


Related Questions

Here are the answers to your questions:


#1. Can I use bleach to remove yellow pillow stains?

Yes! Bleach is an excellent pretreatment chemical that could eliminate those nasty yellow stains.

A drop of this could also improve your pillows’ pigmentation and colouration, which whitens them even more.


#2. Can I dry stained pillows inside a dryer or expose them outside?

No. Doing so would make the stains harder to remove, and further exposure to sunlight would affect the pillow’s colouration.

Remove the stains by pre-treating those and using laundry chemicals that improve the pillow’s pigmentation.


Final Words

Why is my husband’s pillow yellow? There are four main reasons behind this: body sweat, drool, product breakdown & oxidation, and exposure to light.

However, you could also diminish the discoloration by using laundry chemicals that make your pillow white and clean.

A great family starts with having a great connection with your husband. Knowing what’s best for you and your husband’s cleanliness and overall quality of life would make your relationship better.

Good luck and best wishes!

how to blow up an air mattress without a pump

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump

If you want to know how to blow up an air mattress without a pump, we will teach you how to utilize two everyday household items to do the job for you! It would be useful to learn if your pump is broken or if you happen not to have one and you need to inflate your mattress. While they still require electricity like an electric pump, they make useful alternatives if you don’t have the latter at hand. _x000D_
You don’t have to immediately consider blowing the mattress yourself because a vacuum and a leaf blower can inflate an air bed! We’ll also talk about some tricks to make the process quick and smooth. So without further ado, here is a pump-free way of inflating an air bed!_x000D_

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump Using Household Items


Using a vacuum

The first and perhaps most popular household item you can use to inflate an air bed is the vacuum cleaner. Understandably, you might be confused about how it will work to blow up your mattress since vacuum cleaners suck air. However, some models in the market come with a reverse mode and hose attachment. _x000D_
Instead of sucking air, these vacuum cleaners will exhaust out air, and you can use the hose attachment as you would a pump. To begin, ensure that you have removed the dirt container before using it to inflate the mattress. Run the vacuum for 10 seconds and replace the nozzle with something smaller to match the mattress valve. _x000D_
You can also skip the nozzle and simply attach the hose to the valve with an adapter or reinforce the connection with duct tape to keep the air from leaking. Once you’re sure that the link is sealed, select the lowest speed setting of the exhaust mode and increase as you inflate the bed. Fill your mattress to the required firmness, and then remove the vacuum to seal completely. _x000D_

Using a leaf blower

If you want something more straightforward, get your leaf blower out of the garage because its blowing feature can be useful for inflating an air mattress without a pump. Therefore, you can also use a snowblower as an air pump substitute because it has the same air-blowing mechanism. And what’s even better is you can use your vacuum hose to create a connection between the leaf blower and mattress valve securely._x000D_
Again, you want to start with the lowest setting and then gradually increase it as you fill your mattress. You also don’t want to overfill the bed to avoid putting stress on the seams. Once you’re done with the inflation, simply remove the hose from the valve and place the lid or cap of the valve back. _x000D_

Can You Use A Hair Dryer To Blow Up An Air Mattress?

If you have a smaller air mattress, you should successfully inflate it with a hairdryer. However, you can also expect that it won’t be as smooth as using something more powerful like a vacuum cleaner’s exhaust feature. For one, the connection between the hairdryer and the valve will be more prone to leaks because you can’t use an adapter like in a vacuum cleaner, and the hair dryer’s outlet is big. _x000D_
A useful way to make the air outlet of the hairdryer more complementary to the air bed’s valve is to wrap the former with a paper sheet to create a cone. Once you’re sure that no air will escape during blowing, select the heat-free or the cool setting of your hairdryer since heat can damage the mattress. It’s also why you should be mindful of continuously using this method because hairdryers tend to heat up after a while._x000D_

Can I Fill An Air Mattress With Water?

While it’s possible to blow up an air mattress without a pump, it’s still a lot of work. Won’t it be much quicker if you just use water? Before you go with this wild idea of yours, please stop. _x000D_
Water and air have different properties, and replacing air with water in an air mattress will only damage the material. You can test the theory, and the air bed will indeed restore its form. However, you risk mold growth because of the moisture. _x000D_
Furthermore, filling an air bed with water is asking too much for the seams. When you lie on an air bed filled with water, it’s more than likely to tear at the seams and, before you know it, have you a river in the room. Remember that water does not compress like air, which means it won’t support your weight successfully. _x000D_


Did you lost your air pump, and you need to inflate your air bed? You have two common household items to learn how to blow up an air mattress without a pump. First, check if your vacuum cleaner has a reverse mode to produce air and not suck it._x000D_
Find the right adapter for the hose to attach to the mattress valve, and you should blow up the bed without issues. You can also use a leaf blower using the same mechanism and ensuring a safe connection to the mattress valve. Once you filled your air bed, remove the hose, and that’s it!_x000D_

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