About us

Krostrade Marketplace specializes in selling high quality durable products which will serve you for many years. Our mission is to bring a new standard of excellence to the United Kingdom market.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 1994

The purpose of our Marketplace is to provide quality products to customers in United Kingdom, protect their interest as they deserve them, and help them get rid of the substandard items currently available on the market.

A perfect fit for your every day life

The key benefits of purchasing our products

  • Full control in your hands – quality, timeframe, and variety
  • Safety to your business and family
  • Independence and reliability to your business and family
  • Your business and family budget
  • Health to your business and family
  • Self-confidence and comfort to your business and family
The road ahead

We’re just getting started

Our store is in the process of being open within the next month or so targeting the UK market. It implies commercial business, i.e., farms, landscape architects, internet stores, builders, and individual households, i.e., families.  

We bring you our experience in manufacturing and sales across Europe and are ready to share our success with you.  We also deliver a variety of products from European manufactures which have outstanding quality compared to its price and durability. 

Please bear with us and read our blogs that should guide you in the right selection of our product line. 

Our marketplace for your products

What we sell

Our locations include

London, SW20 8BA, UK

For free advertising contact:
[email protected]

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