how to divide Shasta daisies

How To Divide Shasta Daisies? 3 New Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to divide Shasta daisies? Flowers like daisies are great plants that give colour to our dull UK surroundings. Daisies, like other flowers, have their variation and particular planting techniques. Every plant has its methods and techniques for growing. We have marcotting, cutting, and more. Some sprouts from seeds and others […]

how to plant lotus seeds

How to Plant Lotus Seeds? 5 Powerful Tips!

Want to know how to plant lotus seeds? Lotus flowers may seem exotic and hard to grow, but they thrive in cold-hardy areas in the United Kingdom.   5 Practical Tips in Planting Lotus Seeds If you’re looking to plant lotus seeds, here are some tips you need to remember:   Tip 1: The best […]

How to Divide And Transplant Bleeding Hearts? More Facts!

Moving your plants to a new location may not seem like a significant issue, but not following how divide and transplant bleeding hearts can be lethal to their roots. These perennials are known for their heart-shaped blooms that have never failed to catch people’s attention during spring. However, when the flowers that one suppose to […]

How To Get Rid Of Asp Caterpillars? 4 Special Tips!

Are you looking to find ways on how to get rid of asp caterpillars in your garden? Perhaps as you were walking through your beautifully-tended UK garden, you spotted a group of tiny moths flying all around it. You probably didn’t think that it was an issue until you took one long, hard look at […]

How to Get Chrysanthemum to Bloom Again? 5 Effective Tips!

If you want to know how to get chrysanthemum to bloom again, then you must be very serious about honing your gardening skills. Perhaps you already know that the plants’ flowers refuse to grow in the UK when it’s near the end of a plant’s growing season. However, you’ll be glad to know that there […]

2 Bonus Ways Of How To Start Canna Seeds In The UK?

If you want to grow your canna garden, you should know how to start canna seeds in the UK. Growing canna from rhizomes is the easiest way to propagate these tropical flowers. Still, you can also grow cannas from seeds. Cannas can be planted as small, inconspicuous accents or as beautiful focal points in your […]

How to Keep Pets Away from Plant? 3 Proven Tips!

You need to know how to keep pets away from plants so that they can co-exist together. Co-existing means that there is no need to shun plants just because you have a pet or two. Pets in the UK, like elsewhere, see plants as delicious and sweet-smelling toys that they can play with at any […]

How To Propagate Bleeding Hearts? 4 Effective Tips!

Knowing how to propagate bleeding hearts should be the top item on your to-do list if you’re someone who is a lot into these heart-shaped blooms. Knowing the plant itself is not enough to make these plants blossom the way you want them to. On the earlier days of spring in the UK, if you […]

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