How to hem curtains

4 Proven Steps How To Hem Curtains For Beginners?

How to hem curtains? You could either sew a curtain or applying fabric tape to it. If your windows seem to be missing something, adding curtains will do the trick. However, we don’t always get the right size for every purchase in the UK. You can’t make shorter curtains long, so having them longer is […]

how to make swags curtains

How To Make Swags Curtains In 9 Proven Steps?

We will be looking at nine easy steps on how to make swags curtains. Curtains are not merely for privacy but can create a stylish appearance and make the UK room look fabulous. Aside from the curtains’ colours and textures, one can add some additional flair with swag. But, what is a swag curtain? Swags loosely […]

how to hang cafe curtains

4 Proven Steps How To Hang Cafe Curtains Fast?

For someone in the UK who loves the practicality and appealing look of these fantastic curtains, you are in the right place to learn how to hang cafe curtains. Cute cafe curtains are decorative pieces with a history of enhancing the overall appearance of cafes and diners. They are window treatments that hang halfway up […]

how to hang swag curtains

How To Hang Swag Curtains Quick And Easy?

It may look easy to install, and to an extent, learning how to hang swag curtains probably is. After all, it is just a few measurements here and there, a few brackets, and a curtain rod installation (or not if you already have one).  Once you have your rod up and ready, you can easily […]

how to hang curtains in a dorm room

5 Steps Of How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm Room?

Today, I will be looking at how to hang curtains in a dorm room in the UK. Have you ever been to a university or college dormitory before? If you have ever visited one or lived in one, you would have noticed how clumsy the rooms there can be.  With a curtain, you can salvage […]

How to shorten curtains without sewing

Guide Of How To Shorten Curtains Without Sewing?

How to shorten curtains without sewing? You can either use fabric glue or iron-on fusible tape, depending upon your preference! Indeed, you cannot hang a curtain properly if they are too long, so the best thing to do with this is to shorten it. Meaning to say, you will have to remove any excessing fabric. […]

how to make pleat curtains

Guide How To Make Pleat Curtains With Less Hassle?

Learning how to make pleat curtains with less hassle requires steady and skilful hands using traditional UK techniques. But who says that we have to fall back to our ancient methods? Using clip rings and similar curtain hardware, we’ll teach you an easier way to make pinch pleat curtains while giving you the same store-bought […]

How to Drape Scarf Curtains

5 Bonus Steps Of How To Drape Scarf Curtains?

How to drape scarf curtains is something people in the UK should learn to do. Every sight of a good and completed building is given superb and interior decor, especially with curtains. You use all curtains in a room to cover windows which in turn provide maximum privacy for users. The intention of fixing curtains […]

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