how to make curtains longer

3 Steps Explainer How To Make Curtains Longer?

Are you wondering how to make curtains longer? Worry not! I have some steps to share with you. When you see great drapes hanging into your UK home, you feel so much comfortable and appreciated as the view it produces. As a starter in these kinds of things, I recently discovered you could maximize your draperies’ […]

How to make curtains tie backs

6 New Steps How To Make Curtains Tie Backs?

How to make curtains tie backs? You can execute six steps, all of which are very easy to do! Just read through the article, okay? Curtain tie-backs can be the perfect finishing to your drapery or curtains. If you are not familiar with this, they are a form of material winded around the curtain, then […]

how to dye curtains

9 Proven Steps How To Dye Curtains For Beginners?

There are nine easy steps on how to dye curtains. All the steps are simple to execute; I`m sure it will just be a breeze for you! It would help if you had a dye solution, water and other tools to get this done. Dyeing your curtains can be very challenging to do. But succeeding […]

how to make back tab curtains

6 New Steps How To Make Back Tab Curtains?

How to make back tab curtains? Read on! Making your curtain panels will surely save you some bucks. You know those drapes can be very expensive sometimes. Luckily, sewing your back tab curtains would not take much of your time and money. Aside from that, it will also let you customise the treatment of your […]

how to hang lights behind curtains

How To Hang Lights Behind Curtains In 7 Special Steps?

To make a DIY project of hanging lights behind your curtains is like choosing to read an adventure novel on your own. To rate this DIY project’s difficulty level, you should be an adult and know the basics of wiring accessories, not like you have to be an electrician to make it awesome. This article […]

how to hang curtains with valance

Free Guide Of How To Hang Curtains With Valance?

Valances can be easily confused with swags, scarves, and cornices. Regardless, learning how to hang curtains with valance and similar decorative features can add a little something to your curtain’s aesthetic appearance. In this article, we will show you how to hang curtains with valance the right way.   Give your UK living rooms and […]

how to make macrame curtains

6 Free Tips Of How To Make Macrame Curtains?

Do you know how to make macrame curtains? Macrame curtains into your room can provide privacy, but it does not block off the light. It is an excellent way to keep a place open and breezy as it provides some coverage simultaneously. When we say macrame, it refers to a craft technique of knotting to […]

how to measure yardage for curtains

5 New Steps Of How To Measure Yardage For Curtains?

When you buy curtains at the store in the UK, they are often pricy and come in limited options. They are costly and, at the same time, may not match your decor or offer the same amount of versatility that custom-made ones do. So, this write-up will teach you how to measure yardage for curtains. […]

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