how to wash acrylic yarn blanket

How To Wash Acrylic Yarn Blanket In 6 New Steps?

There are six simple steps on how to wash acrylic yarn blanket: soaking, washing, rinsing, squeezing, drying, and reshaping. True enough, acrylic yarns, like other crochet and knitted items, are more susceptible to deformations than other common materials. Besides knowing how to wash the item, questions about taking care of their blankets plague many people […]

how to fold a blanket

How To Fold A Blanket In 4 New Ways?

There are four different ways on how to fold a blanket. On which way you should use it, it will depend on whether it is for decoration or storage. You can fold them several times for storage, roll them for more space, but for them creatively over the couch for display, or make them into […]

How Big is the 60x80 Blanket?|How Big is the 60x80 Blanket?|How Big is the 60x80 Blanket?

Free Guide How Big is The 60×80 Blanket?

Have you ever wondered how big is the 60×80 blanket? Well, I am here to solve that puzzle for you. A 60×80 blanket is about 152cm by 203cm when converted to centimetres.  That size Blanket is big enough to cover a Queen bed; it is also big enough to shield you from head to toe. […]

What Is A Throw Blanket

Free Guide What Is A Throw Blanket For Beginners?

If you want to know what is a throw blanket, it`s simply a smaller item that serves functions not limited to visual appeal. Much like throw pillows, throw blankets are versatile because of their design, size, and materials. This article will discuss this nifty product in more detail below.  But first, why should you bother […]

what is an afghan blanket

6 Examples Of What Is An Afghan Blanket?

If you are curious about what is an afghan blanket, it is a knitted or crocheted blanket. Also, you can use either human-made or natural fibres to make one.    It is yarn art and is primarily decorative. However, it is also helpful as a blanket.    Does this pique your interest? If so, then […]

How To Make A Weighted Blanket With Removable Weights

How To Make A Weighted Blanket With Removable Weights Easy?

You can learn how to make a weighted blanket with removable weights in two easy steps. It’s always useful that you make a blanket with removable weights so that you can adjust it to your preference. You can even follow this guide and skip the buttons if you want the weights to be permanent.  We […]

How To Wash An Afghan Blanket

3 New Ways Of How To Wash An Afghan Blanket?

It only takes three steps to understand how to wash an Afghan blanket. Even though an Afghan is considered a throw blanket, you should still keep it clean to ensure that it stays looking good as new. This blanket one treat more commonly as a decoration in the UK, but it doesn’t mean you can […]

how much to run an electric blanket

How Much To Run An Electric Blanket In 5 New Ways?

Owning an electric blanket is relatively cheap. How much to run an electric blanket, you ask? Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect.   Is An Electric Blanket Expensive To Run? An electric blanket can keep you nice and toasty under the sheets when it gets cold. It makes it perfect for snuggling […]

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