what is a muslin blanket

Special Guide Of What Is A Muslin Blanket?

Have you ever wondered what is a muslin blanket? Why does it matter whether we use it or not? One of the first items to prepare when expecting a child is the blanket they’ll spend most of their time with, and in the UK, one of the most popular fabrics to use is muslin. To […]

how to wash a wool blanket without shrinking it

How To Wash A Wool Blanket Without Shrinking It Easy?

Like other delicates, wool takes time to clean. If you’re asking how to wash a wool blanket without shrinking it, you’ve come to the right place! Dry cleaning is one way to go about it, but if you`re short on cash, follow these tips to get your blanket nice and clean. How To Wash A […]

what is a thermal blanket

4 Examples Of What Is A Thermal Blanket Like?

Colder months in the UK will soon be upon us. As this season draws nearer, you might find yourself wondering: what is a thermal blanket?  Fret not, because this article will talk about all there is to know about this handy piece of fabric! It will tackle what a thermal blanket is, its uses, and […]

how to sew a double sided fleece blanket

How To Sew A Double Sided Fleece Blanket In 5 Steps?

Blankets are relatively easy to make. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even learn how to sew a double sided fleece blanket to keep you warm during the cold months. While many people in the UK may think of this as a daunting task, you don`t need high-level sewing […]

How Big Is A Throw Blanket

Free Guide Of How Big Is A Throw Blanket In Total?

If you want to know how big is a throw blanket, you can expect it to be around 50 by 36 inches. This dimension is typical for standard throw blankets, but you can expect variations like other blanket types. Furthermore, you want to familiarise yourself with the sizing of throw blankets.  The knowledge of size […]

how to wash microplush blanket

5 New Ways Of How To Wash Microplush Blanket?

If you’re worried about how to wash microplush blanket, this article will present you with five tips on doing it right!   To prevent damaging your blanket, always set your washing machine on a gentle cycle. You must do it properly to maintain the softness of the fabric.   Washing a micro plush blanket can […]

how to knit a chevron blanket

4 New Ways Of How To Knit A Chevron Blanket?

You need to align your increases and decreases as you go along and work on the alternating rows. That is how to knit a Chevron blanket.   This pattern is great to try once you have mastered the most basic stitches.    Now that you know all the garter and stockinette stitches, you’re looking for […]

How To Cast Off A Loom Blanket

3 New Steps Of How To Cast Off A Loom Blanket?

We have simplified it into three steps for you for those in the UK who want to know how to cast off a loom blanket! Binding off or casting off a loom blanket is a relatively straightforward process that you can do neatly. However, we combined all the best steps, so even beginners can do […]

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