How To Keep A Tent Cool? 3 Bonus Steps!

Why suffer from the scorching heat of the sun if you know how to keep a tent cool? There are just a few steps that you should follow; all you need to do is to read ’til the last part of this article. 

I know the struggle is real if you’ve held your activity outdoor in the UK with the use of a tent, especially if it’s hot. Don’t let your visitors feel uncomfortable. Make sure to cool your tent, but the process should be easy. 

The same is true if you’ve used the tent as a carport at home in the UK. What’s the use of the tent if it can’t protect your vehicle from the heat anyway? As I said, we’ll learn the step in keeping your tent cool. And you have various options; just read on to find out!


How To Keep A Tent Cool

Steps On How To Cool Your Tents

You can use numerous methods if you want to keep your tent cool, especially if it’s too hot. Don’t worry. All of these are easy to execute. Here are the ways on how to keep a tent cool:


How to keep a pitched tent cool

If your tent is all set, then you should remember the following steps:


#1. Use ice

The best way to reduce your tent’s temperature is to use the ice from the cooler; this is true, especially if your tent is small. It’s possible if you have food and drinks during the event.  

All you have to do is to open the cooler full of ice. As easy as that, the air inside the tent will most likely cool down, thereby making you and your friends or family members more comfortable. 


#2. Use a fan

There are various battery-operated fans that you can get from the market. That means that these devices are portable enough, so you won’t be needing electricity to operate. 

Just place the fan in the back corner of the doorway of your tent. If your fan comes with an oscillating option, choose it so it can maximise circulation inside. Well, you don’t need a big fan if the tent is slight, such as if you serve it as a carport. 

But if you have a big tent, such that you use it to handle significant events, it’s best to have more giant portable fans. And if electricity is easily accessible, you can always opt for ordinary fans you find at home. 


#3. Make sure the vents and door are open

The air can come in if it can quickly enter the openings found in your tent. That’s why it’s a good idea to open the vents and doors, allowing better air circulation. 

Anyway, you can use a mesh to cover the openings to protect the insides from mosquitoes, bugs, and other animals. But if such is not an issue, then it’s not that necessary. 

Also, make sure that water won’t get inside the tent when it rains, even if you let the doors and vents open. Otherwise, you also need to know how to waterproof a tent.


How To Set Up A Tent To Keep It Cool

If you haven’t pitched your tent, then here are the ways on how you can keep it cool:


Step #1. In a shady area

If you have a huge space, then you should make sure that you’ve pitched the tent in a shady area, such as under the tree. Nothing is better than air from trees. Just come to imagine the comfort and the aura if you held your activity under the tree. 

By doing so, the trees will cover your tent. The sun won’t directly heat the tent because the trees have blocked the rays. If there are no trees around the place, you can opt for an area beside a larger structure; this is especially vital if you’re setting up one to serve as a carport. 


Step #2. With good wind

Look for a location that can provide good circulation; a blowing wind can surely help the temperature cooler. Moreover, you should know how to set up your tent, such that it faces the wind. 

Don’t know where the wind blows? Put your hands up, then determine which side of your hand is colder. Through this, you’ll be able to know the wind’s direction. 

If you feel you’re doing it wrong, you can always have a weather app downloaded to your smartphones. Who says it’s complicated?


Step #3. Hold an event in a cooler place

If you’re handling an event, you know that the place matters. For instance, if it’s a family event, you can choose places where it’s cooler such as by a lake or river. 

Whenever it’s hot and you want to chill with your family and feel the wind’s breeze, nothing is better than a touch of nature. Also, just come to imagine the sound of the rolling off of the water. 

If you’re the boss or the decision-maker, make sure to put up your tent in a cooler place. 


Final Words!

There are many ways on how to keep a tent cool in the UK. First, you have to determine whether or not the tent was already pitched. You can use ice (if the tent is small), use a portable fan, or open the doors and vents. 

Otherwise, you have the chance to choose your location. Well, you can make sure your tent is cool if you have set it up under a shady area, in a cooler place, or one with good air circulation. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article. Have a nice day!

How to make a comfortable bed without a mattress

How To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress? 5 Best Ways

How to make a comfortable bed without a mattress? We all want a comfortable and complete bed when we sleep.

However, buying a mattress could be a hassle, and maintaining one isn’t an easy thing to do, too.

It’s a whole responsibility, and I know none of us likes doing these tedious tasks!

Therefore, I thought, what if we try to make our beds and exclude the mattress itself?

Luckily, I found out that there are four best ways to make a comfortable bed without a mattress.

It includes using airbeds, futon mats, sleeping bags, camping mats, and creating a DIY mattress-less bed.

Finding the best bed without the hassle is an easy thing to do for yourself. Keep on reading to know more!


Ways To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress

So, how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress?

You could create a comfortable bed without a mattress by looking at these five main options:


#1. Airbeds

The first option that comes in this list is airbeds. These are portable, easy-to-build “mattresses” that are unlike mattresses at all!

Airbeds are inflatable beds that provide you with the comfort and a good quality sleep as any standard mattress would.

One thing that’s also great about airbeds is that they’re easy to disassemble.

You can fold and stack them once you’re done sleeping which makes it less of a hassle!

You don’t need to worry about maintaining them, too.

Purchase an airbed and assemble it using this guide.


#2. Futon mats

Futon mats are thin, foldable versions of your typical mattress. These tend to be smaller and are often used on the floor.

The Japanese created futons, and these beddings are still being used now.

These beddings are often layered with cotton or any soft fabric that feels like a typical mattress.

Moreover, futons also provide you with better posture in the long term since it aligns your back well compared to a bed.

Due to their small size, futons also provide you with more space within your room.

These mats could be easily rolled and stacked after use, making them an excellent alternative for a bulky mattress.

You can buy futons almost everywhere, from your local stores to online shops, your option is endless!


#3. Sleeping bags

Don’t have the luxury to purchase any of the said items above? Here is an option that is just for you.

Sleeping bags are sleeping items that you can find in almost every household.

These beddings are the epitome of minimalism and are also great for making a comfortable bed without a mattress.

These beddings are soft, warm, and are portable. We can use sleeping bags anywhere and any time since thin duvet sheets can be folded and disassembled.

You can put these sleeping bags on your bed frame or even sleep on the floor with them!

Beddings like these also help strengthen your back in the long term by keeping your back straight and sturdy instead of using a soft mattress.


#4. Camping mats

Still don’t want any of the stated options? Here is a bed option that could be just for you.

Camping mats are an excellent substitute for a mattress and could make a comfortable bed.

Typical camping mats are equipped with insulation technology which keeps your back warm from the cold air throughout the night.

The main advantages of these beddings are thin and easy-to-carry; you can stack them up quickly after using them!

Furthermore, camping mats are also soft and very durable since they are designed for camping, but these mats make for an excellent mattress substitute, too.


#5. DIY mattress-less bed

The final option for a mattress-less yet comfortable bed is for you to create your very own. I know this may sound like a tedious task, but it isn’t!

I have discovered that “sandwiching” or stacking a comforter, pillows, and a thin blanket in that exact order!

The comforter would act as an insulator for the bottommost part, and the pads provide softness like that of a standard mattress.

A significant advantage of these DIY beds is that they are easy to assemble and can be made by anyone!

These beddings also provide you with the perfect feel that is not too soft nor too hard, which can give you a great night’s sleep.

All you need to do is buy the said beddings and stack them up!

You can even sew them up by putting them in the exact order and sewing the comforter and blanket together.

It’s easy, cheap, and very comfortable too!


Related Questions

Are mattresses required on beds?

Nope! It could depend on your preference, but mattresses aren’t required for you to have your very own bed.

You can sleep by using the stated substitutes or even sleep on the floor itself!

As long as you find it comfortable, you can opt to sleep on a mattress-less bed that provides you with better posture and a good night’s sleep.


Should I buy a mattress instead?

If you have the budget, you can opt for a mattress that you prefer.

However, you can also choose these mattress-less options since beddings like these also provide you with the utmost comfort.


Final Words

How to make a comfortable bed without a mattress?

You can opt for these five ways and substitutes: using airbeds, futon mats, sleeping bags, camping mats, and creating a DIY mattress-less bed.

Choosing what’s best for you and your family’s sleep is a thing that you should prioritize.

By reading this article, you can save money and choose mattress-less bed options instead.

Good luck and stay safe!

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