Free Guide Of Where To Buy Mermaid Tail Blanket?

If someone asks where to buy mermaid tail blanket, you can lead them to Amazon or even stores like NEXT or Tesco. We’ll also give a quick review of what you can expect when buying a mermaid tail blanket. By the end of this article, you should easily find the best one, whether it’s for a gift or a personal item you want to have. 

Not to be confused with a mermaid pillow, a mermaid blanket is free of sequins. With the array of materials available, it can be unclear to know which blanket is the best. We’ll also include our recommended techniques for those in the United Kingdom interested in DIY mermaid blankets.


Where To Buy Mermaid Tail Blanket

Where Can I A Buy Mermaid Tail Blanket?

It’s not surprising that you will find mermaid tail blankets in the e-commerce platform Amazon. The options you’ll see vary in sizes, colours, and styles, to suit every buyer’s preferences. But besides Amazon, you can also find mermaid tail blankets in companies and stores like NEXT and Tesco

Do note that you are not limited to wearable mermaid tail blankets when shopping in the market. Most furniture stores offer throw blankets that look like mermaid tails, but they are not enclosed. You can keep this feature difference in mind when finding the best mermaid tail blanket. 


What Is The Best Mermaid Tail Blanket?

There is not a single best mermaid tail blanket because the preferences of every buyer are different. However, one feature differentiates all the mermaid tail blankets in the market. As we have discussed earlier, these blankets can either come designed as enclosed or open. 


Enclosed vs open style

An enclosed mermaid tail blanket is wearable and designed like a sack. Not only does it give you the actual mermaid tail experience, but this design also feels cosy because it snugly fits around your lower body. On the other hand, some might prefer an open-style mermaid blanket, meaning it looks like a regular flat blanket. 

You’ll wrap it around you, and it can still look like a mermaid tail, but it’s more controllable when it comes to positioning. You might feel too cramped if you use sack-like mermaid tail blankets, and for younger kids, parents might opt for open-style mermaid tail blankets instead. Kids might have a hard time getting in and out of a closed mermaid tail blanket, which might be dangerous.


Our pick

Keeping the pros and cons of each style, our pick is a mermaid tail blanket that falls in both categories. What does it mean? Some mermaid tail blankets look enclosed, but the back is open, so it’s less constricting, but you can still move your feet as if you have a tail. 


Who Makes Mermaid Tail Blankets?

Different brands make mermaid tail blankets on Amazon, including Wowcher and ALDI. The former is Amazon’s choice for kid mermaid tail blankets, and they offer crochet blankets. On the other hand, ALDI has mermaid tail blankets for adults, and the material is flannel fleece for a cosy feel. 

If you want a mermaid tail blanket that uses Minky fabric, Fin Fun blankets come in kid and adult sizes, and you can find different colours in Tesco. But for those in the UK who prefer open-style mermaid tail blankets, NEXT has an acrylic throw that looks like a true mermaid tail. 


Two best considerations when buying a mermaid tail blanket



Besides choosing between a sack-style and open-style mermaid style blanket, you must consider the product’s size options. The product’s size is significant for those in the UK buying a closed tail blanket, so you can still feel comfortable wearing the mermaid tail. And as for an open mermaid tail blanket, it should comfortably wrap around the user. 



Finally, always check the reviews for the quality of the product. The material can affect the longevity and ease of maintaining the product, so be sure to get a blanket that will be durable yet washable. It should feel soft to the skin but washes easily to keep the blanket looking brand new. 


Can You Make A Mermaid Tail Blanket?

You can easily make a mermaid tail blanket either by crocheting, sewing, or tying the materials. You can select the method that will feel the easiest for you, but to give you a boost of confidence that a DIY mermaid blanket is possible, here is the main idea behind a sew-free method:

You can assume that the sew-free method of DIY mermaid tail blankets uses fleece. You will fringe the materials so you can braid them to connect your mermaid tail blanket parts. This method will make up for sewing, so you’ll end up with the tail and fins together.

But if you are more comfortable with sewing, you can find different patterns online, where you’re just essentially stitching two fabric pieces plus the fins. What about crocheting? It may take a bit more time and patience, but you can make a mermaid tail blanket using a crocodile stitch.


Mermaid tail blankets are cosy and even give you the full-on mermaid experience. But do you know where to buy mermaid tail blanket? You can easily find an array of selections in Amazon, Tesco, and NEXT, to name a few.

There are different sizes for adults and kids, and you can opt for an open, closed, or a combination of both for the blanket style. More so, some are fleece, Minky, or even crochet, so you can select the material that you want. But if you’re feeling extra artsy, there are different methods to make your mermaid tail blanket

What Size Is A Baby Blanket

Free Guide Of What Size Is A Baby Blanket?

The answer to the question of what size is a baby blanket depends on the type of blanket. Remember that there are different types of baby blankets, ranging from swaddle blankets to crib blankets. This article will familiarise you with these blankets’ dimensions to further help you prepare for buying or making a baby blanket. 

The term baby blanket might be too broad to specify a size for the product. After all, even receiving and swaddle blankets are also considered baby blankets. However, they differ in uses and, ergo, in sizes. 


How Big Is A Baby Blanket?

If you’re unsure what size is a baby blanket, it can range from 18 by 18 inches to even 40 by 60 inches. Remember that the term baby blanket pertains to receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, crib blankets, and multi-use blankets. Because there are different baby blankets, their sizes will also vary to complement their intended usage. 


Receiving blankets and swaddle blankets

The most miniature baby blanket is the receiving blanket, around 18 by 18 inches to 36 by 36 inches. On the other hand, a swaddle blanket typically measures 40 by 40 inches or even 48 by 48 inches to comfortably wrap around your baby. What about baby blankets for older babies?


Crib blankets and multi-purpose blankets

Parents usually have crib blankets and multi-use blankets for older babies. These blankets have different uses from nursing, diaper-changing, and even for a quick clean-up of your baby. A crib blanket has 40 by 60 inches, while multi-purpose blankets are 30 by 30 inches to 40 by 40 inches because they don’t have standard sizes.


Types Of Baby Blankets

The different kinds of baby blankets receive blankets, swaddle blankets, crib blankets, and multi-purpose blankets. The dimensions discussed are what you can typically expect in the market, but some brands may offer size variations. To understand their sizing better, you must know how each baby blanket type used. 


Receiving blanket

The receiving blanket receives the newborn to make them feel secure and warm after birth from the name itself. There are different sizes in the market ranging from 18 by 18 inches, 36 by 36 inches, and even 30 by 40 inches. Some even use the receiving blanket for swaddling, but it’s usually smaller and suitable for newborns.


Swaddle blanket

Swaddling is a practice to calm your baby by wrapping them in a blanket. Swaddle blankets can measure from 40 by 40 inches to 48 by 48 inches to fit every baby comfortably. You want to have enough material to make swaddling easy and comfortable. 


Crib blanket

It’s worth emphasising that cribs shouldn’t have any blankets if your child is under a year old. However, toddlers typically use a rectangular blanket measuring 40 by 60 inches to keep them warm. A crib blanket is a type of baby blanket, but it’s suitable for toddlers. 


Multi-purpose blanket

A multi-purpose blanket comes in different sizes, but the most common measures 30 by 30 inches to 40 by 40 inches. This site helps clean your baby, nursing cover, as a surface for play or diaper-changing, or even as a shade for your baby when it’s sunny in the stroller. This blanket can also become a safety blanket as your child grows. 


What Is A Good Size For A Crocheted Baby Blanket?

With the many baby blankets to choose from, which dimensions would be best for a crocheted baby blanket? The first blanket your baby will use is the receiving blanket so that you can make a 30 by 30-inch crocheted project. You can also adjust the width to 34 inches if you prefer the finish to be rectangular. 

If you want to crochet a receiving blanket, prepare two or three 5-ounce balls of yarn. But if you want, you can also crochet a preemie because it is smaller at 26 by 34 inches. Prepare the same number of yarn skeins and then adjust accordingly depending on the tightness of your crochet.   


What Is A Good Size For A Knitted Baby Blanket?

It’s more common to knit a lovey or security blanket. It can be around ten by 10 inches or 12 by 12 inches because it not meant to cover your child. A knitted lovey blanket is also small enough not to pose suffocation risks. 


Knitting vs crocheting a blanket

Some people find crocheting more comfortable when making a blanket. It’s also a faster method because crocheting uses a single hook, whereas knitting uses a pair of needles. Nonetheless, both are relaxing practices to try and allows you to create a more personal baby blanket. 


What Size Is A Toddler Blanket?

You can expect that a toddler blanket will be bigger than those needed by a baby. If you plan on crocheting one, prepare four 5-ounce yarn balls to make a blanket measuring 36 by 44 inches. Since there are no standard sizes for toddler blankets, you can always make them bigger or smaller to suit your child. 


Are you planning on crocheting or knitting a baby blanket? If you’re unsure what size is a baby blanket, you can make a smaller receiving blanket or something more extensive like a multi-purpose one. The most miniature baby blanket is only 18 by 18 inches, but some blankets can measure up to 40 by 60 inches. 

By understanding the different baby blanket types, you can expect what size they should have to perform their purposes. 


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