how to make austrian curtains

Example Of How to Make Austrian Curtains? 6 Efficient Steps!

Although you may have heard of them as Austrian blinds, they are a set of curtains with twice the fullness of a batten width. People in the UK may wonder: “How to make Austrian curtains themselves”? If you have ever attempted to make Austrian curtains, you should know the blind pulled from the bottom to […]

how to block a knitted blanket

How To Block A Knitted Blanket In 3 New Steps?

Blocking a knitted blanket is a process that involves several steps. You first soak it, do the blocking, then steam the seams. You may also steam the overall blanket if that is to your liking. So here is a more detailed explanation of how to block a knitted blanket. What is Blocking? First, let us […]

how to make shower curtains

How To Make Shower Curtains In 5 Special Steps?

There are five easy steps on how to make shower curtains. Creating your own makes it customised and inexpensive. Not only that, it would be a perfect way to set the theme of your bathroom.  What Is A Shower Curtain?  A shower curtain is usually a waterproof curtain that keeps the water from splashing out […]

how to choose curtains

How To Choose Curtains In Best Way For Beginners?

If you are looking for the perfect curtain match suitable for your UK home, and wonder how to choose curtains in the best possible way then you are in the right place. Choosing a curtain has never been easier with the help of these four tips discussed below in this article. Continue reading so that […]

what color curtains

7 Tips Of What Color Curtains Is Trending UK?

Choosing a curtain can be daunting because you must know what style you want, and often that style is not available on the market. So the question is, what color curtains would be the best for you? Picking a colour for your curtains can indeed be challenging.  Check out our curtain selection tips if you […]

what colour curtains go with brown sofa best

New Trick What Colour Curtains Go With Brown Sofa?

You might ask yourself, “what colour curtains go with brown sofa best?” White, grey, light brown and different shades of blue are only some of the many-coloured curtains that go well with your brown sofa. You might find that looking for the perfect pair of coloured curtains to match your brown furniture is challenging.  Sometimes […]

how to hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook

New How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook?

Learn how to hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook and transform your cosy space into a fancy-looking UK living room. Who in the UK would`ve thought that these plain, traditional, and inexpensive pieces of bent metal used in professional draperies?  This traditional method of hanging pocket rod curtains is relatively easy to achieve. […]

how to choose curtains for living room

Free Guide How To Choose Curtains For Living Room?

I think we can all agree that curtains add a little something to the table. Don`t worry, as we have detailed steps, tips, and tricks that will teach you how to choose curtains for living rooms. But it needs to blend well with your other living room aesthetics to make a statement.  When choosing curtains, the […]

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