4 Proven Steps How To Hang Cafe Curtains Fast?

For someone in the UK who loves the practicality and appealing look of these fantastic curtains, you are in the right place to learn how to hang cafe curtains.

how to hang cafe curtains

Cute cafe curtains are decorative pieces with a history of enhancing the overall appearance of cafes and diners. They are window treatments that hang halfway up the window and give room to enough light to enter while providing some privacy.

 This article will take you through hanging cafe curtains and the different areas where you can hang cafe curtains. 


4 Easy Steps For Hanging Cafe Curtains

After choosing the exact spot where you would like to hang cafe curtains in your UK home, cafe, or dinner, then you start the process of hanging them. Here are the steps to take on how to hang cafe curtains: 

You will need the following tools; 

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Standard level
  • Screws    

Step #1: Measure Your Preferred Space 

The first step on how to hang cafe curtains is taking measurements. Ensure that you measure the actual width and the height of your window. This measurement will allow your cafe curtains to fit perfectly into your windows.

Note that choosing curtains about 2 to 2 and a half times wider than your window is the best. Measure the length of your cafe curtains to be up to 4 to 6 inches longer than the length from where you will place your rod to the window’s base. 

Step #2: Choose Curtain Rods 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is choosing the correct rods. The best options for curtain rods are either the classic, or you go for return rods. 

Step #3: Consider the rod Placement 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is placing the rod. It would help if you hung your cafe curtains a little above the window’s middle. They must cover the window panes’ meeting point, giving your window more privacy on the lower half and letting light come through it from the other half on the top. 

Step #4: Install the Curtain rod

Using a pencil, start marking the point where you want your curtain rods to be on each side of the window. Check again to confirm that the lines are on the same level before you mark holes, then fit the brackets into place.

After ensuring that you have the proper placement where you prefer and levelled with a drill, secure the brackets into the wall.  

How Should Cafe Curtains Hang?

Usually, you hang cafe curtains on a rod, which goes across the window glass’s middle part instead of hanging it on top. This position is good enough for getting some privacy and little sunlight as well.

The grommet and cafe curtains need hemming on the lower end. You need to use four to six inches for the hem, such that it balances below the sill’s bottom when you are looking at it from outside.    

Where Should Curtain rod Brackets be Placed?

You can place each bracket on the height that you have chosen, which should be up to four or six inches from both sides of your window frame. This allowance will permit your curtains to open completely. 

4 Steps on How to Connect Cafe Curtain Rings?

Step #1: You start with spreading out your curtain on any flat surface, such that the top edge of the curtain is pointing towards you. Spread out the curtain on a table or another flat surface with the leading edge of the curtain toward you.

Step #2: Squeeze the cafe curtain rings you have chosen or clips to open them. In case the ring is a solid one, squeeze the ring’s loop to open the claw. For rings with a separate attached clip, open the ring by squeezing the top of the clip.   

Step #3: After opening the claw, slide it or the clip onto the top edge of the cafe curtain and leave the pressure. When you release the tension, it will allow the claw or clip to grab into the fabric.  

Step #4: Attach one cafe curtain ring to the top left and the right ends of the cafe curtain. Fasten the rest across the top of the cafe curtain evenly. 

Where can I Place Cafe Curtains?

In the kitchen

In traditional UK homes, you would find cafe curtains as kitchen window covers. They are perfect for the window above the sink. They let you have natural lighting and an open view of what is going on outside while doing your dishes. 

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is also commonplace for placing cafe curtains inside your UK home. They give your bathroom windows the needed light and privacy.  

In a UK Home Office

When you are working from home in the UK, it is nice to have a conducive space in your home as an office where you can have better productivity. So you may want to throw in some plants that have stress-reducing and improved productivity effects.

Using cafe curtains in such a place will give you and the plants the needed natural light for growth! 

An Entryway

Entryways of your UK home are the first impression people see; the more pretty they look, the more inviting your home will be. When the front door of your home has glass panes that lead to the entryway, install cafe curtains to get the appealing quantity of light perfect for a warm welcome.   

In a Nursery

Letting natural light enter your room while you enjoy time with your little ones will do you both some good. They also look good in the nursery when you include cute embellishments into the pretty and delicate fabric. 


Usually, cafe curtains are lightweight fabrics like lace or muslin materials. The simple and nice looks of Cafe curtains make them ideal for kitchens, restrooms, or anywhere you have small windows in your UK home.

While some cafe curtains may have a casing or a pocket at the upper part where one can slide cafe curtain rods through or use a spring tension, other easier cafe curtains do not have a pocket. With these, you only need cafe curtain rings for hanging the curtains.

These cafe curtain rings may come in solid metal pieces with curves on end to make an oval loop with a claw on the bottom, and some come as circular rings with a small attached swivelling clip on the ring’s bottom. I believe reading through this write on how to hang cafe curtains.

how to hang curtains on corner windows

3 Steps How to Hang Curtains on Corner Windows?

It can be when challenging when fixing your curtains on the window. To make things easy, I will teach you how to hang curtains on corner windows.

Having spent years in the interior designing business, I have had a course in designing many rooms in the UK. Choosing the right curtain and installing them are the core aspects of my day-to-day activities.

While working for different clients, I understand that one of the tricky aspects of curtain installation is hanging curtains on corner windows. Figuring out how to hang the curtains in a tight perpendicular corner is complex than the conventional wall. However, following the below steps, you will become a pro on how to dye polyester curtains.

Steps on Hanging Curtains on Corner Windows

Step #1: Install the curtain hangers

The First step on how to hang curtains on corner windows is installing the curtain hangers. You must install the hangers at the same height in a vertical format.

Step #2: Fix the elbow plumbing piece

The next thing to do when planning how to hang curtains on corner windows is to fix the elbow plumbing piece at each end of the curtain hangers. This fixture connects both hanging rods.

There are different types of elbow connectors that you can buy in the UK market. You have to pick the one, and in choosing, ensure the design complements the curtain’s style. 

Step #3: Insert the curtains

The last step when thinking of how to hang curtains on corner windows is inserting the curtains. Hanging your curtain in a corner position may involve some form of trial and error.

But don’t be scared to try different positions as the ideas come into your head. When you finally get one that matches your expectation, you will be so amazed at the result. 

How to dress a Corner Window

There are many beautiful ways to decorate your corner window to give it that stunning look of elegance and beauty. I will be share with you some helpful ideas on how to do this.

Drapes Design

In this concept, you hang in the curtain so that the window gives you a darkened room when pulled and a window free from obstructions when opened.

Using Window Shades

Perhaps, this is the easiest way to dress your corner windows. They offer you privacy while at the same time obstructing light from entering when they are down. They don`t block your view when they are up.

Valances Design

In this concept, you have the benefits of achieving an elegantly finished UK room. However, the downside of Valances Design is that you won`t have your privacy, unlike the drapes design and window shade use. Using blinds can compensate for this.

Roman Shades

The Roman shade is a perfect option for those in the UK in love with a darker room. Roman shades design pulls up quickly. If you are looking for something romantic, I am pretty sure you will love this design.

How to Hang Curtains Against a Side Wall Windows

As an interior design consultant, I have come across some windows located beside a side wall instead of the centre of the wall. There are many ways to go about hanging curtains in a side wall window.

Step #1: You can decide to go with a single curtain. This single curtain should have a decorative heading and a tie back against the wall to pull it back, as shown below. You can also try a slim column of fabrics, as shown below. You can achieve this with an eyelet heading. 

The appearance is elegant, beautiful especially for those in the UK who prefer something very plain. In this arrangement, it is easier to move the curtain to either side of the window without needing a tie-back for a pullback.

Step #2: Using double curtains is also viable, but you must go with curtains made from light fabrics. This requirement is to reduce the number of materials sitting on either side of the curtains when open. 

The problem with these light fabrics is that they don’t protect your privacy, and you may need to invest in window shades to compensate for this.

Is it possible to hang a curtain without drilling holes?

Yes, there are several options available that you can use to hang your curtain without drilling holes if you don’t want to damage your walls or drill holes in your UK apartment. There are few easy options you can use to hang your curtains. They include:

Use of Adhesive: Some adhesives are strong enough to hold the weight of a curtain. You can use it to have the curtain hooks. For more details, you can check out this step-by-step guide.

Use of Tension rod: Tension rods designed to fit into windows without the need for hooks. The Tension rods must be the same as the wall to sustain the tension needed to keep the curtain standing. You can find more guidance on how to install this rod for your window. 


Wow, I hope you have learned some excellent skills today on how to hang curtains on corner windows. This skill is one thing most interior designers are always confused about as to how to hang the curtain on a corner to give it that elegance and beauty as those installed in conventional positions.

Do not hesitate to comment and let me know what you feel about the information in this article.

how to make pleated curtains

5 Steps How To Make Pleated Curtains For Beginners?

Have you ever wonder how to make pleated curtains? You might also ask yourself how to make those ordinary curtains extraordinary?

You will be surprised to know that pleating curtains are such an easy task to do.

Indeed, it is simple, yet it can change your UK room’s style into an elegant and dramatic one.

There is a saying in English that our window is the eye of our UK home, so I guess it is safe to say that the eyebrows of every UK home are the curtains.

Just like the eyebrows, it comes in different forms and styles. It is as essential as the other parts of the face because it gives detail and an overall accent.

Curtains have become an essential indoor decoration and beautification. Its sole purpose is not just to block the light from entering our UK home.

Also, a curtain comes in various materials, depths, forms, designs, and colours to set the room’s mood and tone.

And another form of beautifying the curtain is through pleating. If you want to know more about how you can make pleated curtains, keep on scrolling.

Steps To Make Pleated Curtains

Pleating curtains only requires basic sewing techniques and skills.

Sewing it on your own will make you create unique design draperies without costing you a lot of money compared to commercially available ones.

Here are the steps on how to change those ordinary curtains into a detailed one. Just keep on scrolling.

Step #1. Prepare the needed materials

The first thing you’ll need is a fabric for the outer layer of the curtains. There are a wide variety of materials available in the market.

The most common types of curtain fabric you can choose from include silk, cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, and lace.

Next, you will need another fabric, but you can use it to lining the curtain. These linings are usually available in white or cream color.

Pleating tape is the best hack you’ll need, for this will help you make the perfect pleats. It is a special tape that you should sew inside the top of a curtain panel.

The materials you must prepare are drapery hooks and drapery weights.

You are lucky if you have a sewing machine, for this will make the whole process easier. If you don’t have it, you can settle by using your hand.

Basic sewing supplies also include pins, scissors, needles, and iron.

Step #2. Measure the dimension of your window

The proportion of your curtain depends if you measured the length and width of your window correctly.

This step will also determine how long you will cut your fabric.

First, you can measure your desired finished length of the curtains by measuring from the spot on your curtain rod where the curtains will be attached.

Make sure that it reaches the point where you’d like the end of the curtain to touch.

Record the measurement you had gathered. When cutting the fabric, you must add eleven inches to the final length.

Next, measure your curtain rod’s width and add four inches to the final width when you cut for the needed fabric.

You want to make sure that you do this step correctly, or else your curtain will be too short or too long when you hang it.

Step #3. Cut the fabric to the desired length

You must take caution when you perform this step to avoid unwanted accidents.

Keeping everything even and straight with large fabric sizes is not an easy task to do, so try doing this in a larger space where you can do things freely.

You can either do this on the floor or any wider area, comfortably place the fabric on it.

Make use of the fabric`s selvedge for you to cut pieces that are straight and even.

Selvedge defined it as a “self-finished” edge of a piece of fabric that keeps it from fraying and unravelling.

During manufacture in the UK, it is where they attached the fabric to the loom.

It often comes in different colours and the manufacturer’s details.

Though, during the sewing process, you must trim the fabric off to avoid crumpled seams.

Using a straight rule and pencil, draw a line for basis and cut the fabric parallel to the selvedge ends.

Step #4. Sewing

To attach the exterior fabric to the lining, spread out the two pieces on their right sides.

Then sew both pieces together but give a half-inch seam allowance.

Step #5. Insert the weights and attach the pleating tape

Next, you need to finish sewing the hem and insert the weights.

Then in attaching the pleating tape, just cut the tape as wide as your curtain panel.

And fix the tape in line with the top edge of your curtain panel.

Finally, insert the pleating hooks into the pockets of pleating tapes.

There you have it, your pleated curtains.

Final Words

I hope your questions on how to make pleated curtains have thoroughly answered.

Pleating curtains on your own saves you from spending a lot of money.

You will only need the right tools and spare time. Voila! Your desired pleated curtains are achieved.

Know that your dedication to reading the article up to this point is greatly appreciated.

How to hang curtains from the ceiling

5 Steps How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling?

How to hang curtains from the ceiling? There are five steps that you can execute. Don’t worry, all of which you can do with ease.

Indeed, a standard curtain would usually hang inches above the window frame down to your desired length.

But then there are cases where curtains hanging from the ceiling look extra elegant and sophisticated.

That is why you have to consider this idea. But then how will you hang curtains from the ceiling?

Isn`t that a big concern and worry at the same time? Commonly these curtains are found in bedrooms.

Those that act as decorations or protection to cover the bed inside it. It would look like a curtain in the comfort room.

The one that divides the toilet from the shower area; the only difference is that sometimes it goes on each side of the bed.

Steps To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling

When you aspire to sleep in an even comfortable and private space, you can add curtains.

Adding curtains that hang right from the ceiling is way fantastic to watch and address your concern.

It can also be decorative as every corner of the bed has one. It is usually just tied when not used.

One would indeed feel like a Disney character having these types of high curtains hanged in their rooms.

But then hanging those is not easy, especially since the ceiling might be too high for one to reach.

Do not worry. I will give you tips on how to do this one and make sure that you will follow.

These steps based on my research and personal ideas.

Better try it than do nothing about your dream curtain.

So, here are the steps to hang curtains from the ceiling:

Step #1. Measure tapes and fabrics

The first thing you should do is to grab a measuring tape and measure your mattress right away.

You might get confused as to why the mattress included.

But then you must measure the width of your curtain based on the bed.

You can then divide it in half since you will get that division in every centre.

But remember to multiply it by two so that the curtain can look pleated and not plain and dull.

Also, please measure the length from the ceiling down to the floor to make it look even majestic.

You can also use a tape measure that is way longer.

There are ones that have 10 meters as maximum.

Make sure you make the measurement right.

And choose the fabric that matches all your dimensions.

Step #2. Up and drill – hook

Go up on a ladder and drill.

Make sure you make adjustments and markings, making sure both sides will be equal.

You can ask for help, but you can do it on your own too.

Get a drill and dig into the markings.

After that, you will be placing curtain hooks on it to serve as the curtain rod’s base.

That is important that you find a good hook, especially those that made for ceiling hooks.

You can find one in UK stores near you or check it out on online UK shops. I am sure there is one.

Ensure that it is the right size and your rod will fit on the book you bought, or else you will waste a good amount of money.

Step #3. Choose a suitable colour code

Adding to the design’s goodness is how your fabric and rod matches or counteracts the colour of your UK room.

It should be reasonable and not off into one eye, or else instead of it giving you sophistication, it might give you a distraction.

Even the rod needs to be precise.

It is better to use a black rod than a gold one or silver because it might ruin the colour.

You can checkout colour palettes on Pinterest for a guide, but you can also consult the professionals.

Step #4. Assemble everything

The next thing you will do is to assemble everything.

Start by putting the curtains on the rod and make sure your rod does have a stopper.

After that, you may climb up to your ladder and put the rods upon the hooks you placed and drilled earlier.

Secure it and make sure that you placed the suitable curtains as to where you should put them.

Step #5. Tie it on the sides

When you are not using your curtain, you can have a curtain tie to go with it.

It will be a problem when you do not tie it because it might flow back to the centre.

Most especially when it has metal loops on it, it might slide through the rod since it is flat.

Adding ties to it will also help you have that good look and organized curtains when it is not used.

One thing more is that when you have visitors, it will look pleasant and neat anytime they walk in.

That is all that is how to hang curtains from the ceiling.


And yes, we are now done answering “How to hang curtains from the ceiling?” and I hope you learned something.

Keep in mind that you can always look for something when you are not sure of it.

what is the difference between curtains and drapes

Free What Is The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes?

Are you confused about what is the difference between curtains and drapes?

Worry less because we got you!

Curtains and drapes are often mistaken to be the same. But then there are some aspects that they differ.

We will dig into that more later on. But then imagine how these two can have so many things in common.

It may look similar and serve the same purpose, but then one is better than the other depending on a person’s preference.

As for you, as someone who is not sure of it, you need to know a thing about it first for you to pick.

Don’t worry. I’ll tell you more of it so that you won’t be confused and clueless about it anymore.

You can always research and know more about these things. It might help you out!


Here Is The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

What is the difference between curtains and drapes?

All you have to know first is what curtains are and what are drapes. To avoid confusion.

With that, we will divide this into two and compare and contrast them later on.



Curtains are typical, and it is highly expected to be seen in one’s UK home.

Of course, because it serves a lot of purposes.

These are primarily custom-made and are best when put up in a room.

A curtain can be very beneficial.

It is also mainly used as decorative stuff, which you put into your window frames at home in the UK.

Curtains offer light control as something very changeable.

It considered something very flexible.

One thing that is nice about this is that you can make your curtains custom-made.

That can allow you to be able to pick your design, pattern, colour, etc.

Curtains are commonly associated with the design and something that will complete the look of your room.

It makes the whole interior decoration look even better.

In which you will see how it sets the mood.

One thing about it is that you can adjust the lighting based on your preference, and you will save energy.

The ventilation and brightness sense of nature is what you are going to appreciate more.

And that you can choose and put everything that you imagine in your custom-made curtains.

It can be embroidered, patterned, or laced—all up to you and to what gives sophistication into your eyes.



One thing about draperies is that it has another layer to block the ray of sunlight that gets into your house in the United Kingdom.

Also that the fabric used is also different.

It is way thicker and has more volume to it that gives darkness.

Not literally darkness that you could not see anything, but of course darkness that will hinder too much light from coming in.

This one is nice for rooms of your babies and bedroom.

And another reason is that it looks fantastic.

Another thing about this is that draperies run from the top of the window down until the floor.

This one has a lot of benefits more than the curtains knowing that it is even thicker.

It can minimise the noise that comes through your room.

Isn’t that nice? You can focus more and sleep more.

Draperies give off this touch of formality in your UK house, making it perfect for your dining areas.

And if you are a night person, it is best to have this one instead of a curtain. It can give you out the darkness you would want.

These things can block more sunlight than your curtains which makes it even better.

Do you know that this can save you when you just moved into a new place or house in the UK?

Yes, because draperies can go along with any room, style that you wish. In that sense, you can do everything about it.

There are no windows in a normal state, but you can also make this aesthetic by throwing draperies.


Which Works Better For Your House in the UK?

It is actually up to your preference to make every corner look pleasing and aesthetic in your UK house.

When you are up to something fun and relaxed, you can add curtains since they are more flexible.

You can use the patterned ones to make sure that it has a different touch and feels to the area.

But then, if you prefer something that can give you off privacy and sophistication simultaneously, have the draperies.

Something that can make you believe that it is best is to give off a formal look that works on everything.

One thing is you need to take note of is that draperies are thicker while curtains are thinner.

Have that as a basis for your preference for you to choose what works well.

For more articles, click here.

That is all.


You can always find ways to make things work in your favour; you need to know more about it.

It’s a good thing we have answered, “What is the difference between curtains and drapes?”

I hope you have learned something and will help you decide what looks good and better for your preference.

how to clean curtains without taking them down

Trick How To Clean Curtains Without Taking Them Down?

Do you know how to clean curtains without taking them down? Good news! There are many easy ways, and I’m here to teach you how as you read along. 

For many years, I guess one of the family chores that people in the UK already get rid of is cleaning curtains

Just come to imagine how hassle the process is. 

You have to take the curtains down, wash, press, and replace them! 

Is it exhausting, right?

Since you are already here, hold your drapes and curtains in a tip-top situation; don’t take them down first. 

Provided you have the perfect tools at your disposal, cleaning these things will be simpler than you observed.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Methods To Clean Curtains Without Taking Them Down

How to clean curtains without taking them down?

Here are the different methods that you can try!


Method #1. Using a vacuum

Do you want to clean your curtains?

If you’re merely handling dust, then the most effective means you can do is to use a vacuum cleaner with an extended attachment. 

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a good result, then you opt for a cleaning device that is lightweight and mobile. 

Perhaps, you may want to use steps or ladders to access the very top of the curtains.

Also, take note of this:

The only manner to try this properly is to maintain both hands lose. 

Use a soft brush attachment to remove stubborn dust and dirt. 

Also, vacuum often to maintain cleanliness, especially at the top. 


Method #2. Shaking them out

Get a ladder. See to it that it fixed. 

Maybe, you can ask for help from someone to hold the ladder for you. 

Then, that’s the time when you can climb up to the top of the curtain

Shake all the dust and dirt. 

Yes, shake them off!


Method #3. Brushing away little fibres

Some curtains are very prone to fibres and dust, which is specifically known as lint. 

And what’s amazing is that the link can keep on with fabric even if you vacuum it. 

If the vacuum is not effective in getting rid of the lint, then it’s time for you to use a brush or roller made explicitly for it. 

To make sure that you have eliminated the entire thing, seek help from someone. 

Have him pull the curtain outwards and level it for you. 


Method #4. Steaming

In case the curtains have grease or contain some stains, vacuuming it may not be enough. 

This time, you will need to use steam. 

A steamer is a hand-held cleaner that is known to be effective in removing this kind of dirt. 

There’s no need to drench the curtains; you just have to stroke it vertically using a steamer. 

Also, take note of this:

Would you please set it to the gentlest mode? 

Anyway, this method is more effective whenever you’re cleaning a thicker curtain. Or maybe, if such furnished with herbal fibres. 

Here’s another thing to take note of:

Determine the cleaning tips according to the UK manufacturer before you should opt for steaming. 


Method #5. Deodorising 

Well, a steamer is also effective in deodorizing your curtains. 

So if the curtains already have undesirable odours, then the best thing you can do is deodorise them; and there’s no need for you to take them down. 

If the steamer is not effective in getting rid of the odour, perhaps, it’s time for you to take more significant steps. 

You may be needing a deodoriser made for curtains and for removing foul odour. 

To maintain the curtains’ cleanliness, you can place a baking powder and your favourite essential oil by the window. 


Method #6. Cleaning your windows

Cleaning your curtains alone is not enough. You also need to maintain the cleanliness of the windows. 

The curtains made to cover the windows.

If the windows are not clean, then the dirt will most likely transfer to the curtains. 

If you don’t want that to happen, then take my advice!

Anyway, there are many ways to clean windows; mainly, it depends on the kind of window you have at home in the United Kingdom.


Method #7. Allowing curtains to breath

Just like any other thing, your curtains also need to breathe some fresh air. 

Yes, these things must have a feel of the air. 

It’s true every day; that means that it should not only get arranged after cleaning the curtains

Through this, I’m sure you can prevent undesirable odours. 

At the same time, it will help in preventing the growth of moulds. 

Final Words

Now, you’re already aware of how to clean curtains without taking them down.

You see, there are many methods that you can try.

And all of these methods are easy and feasible; no need to complicate everything!

There’s no way you’ll leave your curtains dirty again. 

Say goodbye to unwanted dirt and germs. Also, get rid of that awful smell in no time. 

Just choose the best methods you think what’s effective in your case. 

Have a great day!

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