The New Ways Of How To Make Balloon Curtains?

Learn how to make balloon curtains to complement your windows. Don’t think that these soft and elegant stationary top window treatments with folds sticking up from the bottom have gone out of style.  But don’t worry; we will show you innovative ways on how to make balloon curtains. 


The truth is, despite countless design trends that have risen and fallen over the past decade, balloon curtain valances never seem to go out of style. The best part is that you can quickly achieve this look with some creative sewing skills. 


Put together your chosen fabric, sew it into a panel. Use a measuring tape to get an exact number for the curtain dimensions. Perform a few hand stitches, insert your cord through the screw eye, and mount it on the wall.

smart ways on how to make balloon curtains

Balloon Curtains

When you think of balloon curtains, the primary design elements that should come to your mind are lines, texture, and volume. This window treatment mainly comprises distinct pouffes that protrude from the surface and give our windows character.


There are many ways to style balloon curtains. They can serve as a stationary valance that stands on its own or as textured under-curtain. They are an inexpensive and cost-efficient project that you can quickly put together in a couple of hours.

Step 1: Prepare the panels.

Make the necessary measurements to acquire the exact dimensions for the balloon curtain. When gathered together, the fabric should cover the upper part of your window. You can select the precise length or fullness of the panel, depending on your material.


Trace the panel from your fabric, and smooth out the cut fabric with the front side facing down. Get your tape measure and place equally spaced marks using a fabric pencil. Mark your material starting from the bottom and end at around twenty inches below the pocket rod casing.

You can choose your desired interval from fourteen to eighteen inches along the panel length. 

Step 2: Sew the rings.

Get your rings, needles, and thread ready for this next step. Start by sewing one ring at every mark using as few stitches as possible. Thick stitches will appear bulky and result in thread bumps on the face of the fabric. Repeat the step until you’ve attached all the rings in place.


Remember that the space between the horizontal row of rings will give way to form the balloon. If you want a smaller or larger curve, you can increase or decrease the rings’ intervals. Just make sure to keep it consistent throughout. 

Step 3: Attaching cords

Measure the total length of rings when aligned. Get your lift cord and cut it according to the rings’ size, but don’t forget to add a few extra inches for the knots. String the cord through and carefully tie a knot at the bottom and top rings.


Cut another piece of cord at around four to six inches long. Make one string for each row of rings that you have created. Set these aside.

Step 4: Inserting the rod

Get your drapery rod and insert it through the rod pocket. Hang your rod on the bracket. Get your pre-cut pieces of lift cord and string them through the bottom three to six rings. Repeat the step for each row and pull them tightly together. This procedure should help you form the balloon. 


You can manually adjust the length until it fits your satisfaction. Alter it depending on the size of your window. For a fluffy and oversize balloon valance, try to draw up all the rings together. Tie the knots that will hold it in place. Your balloons one should now visibly form.


Make as many adjustments to the fabric between each row. You can fix the wrinkles, make them appear tighter or looser. It depends on the type of look that you are going for. Once you’ve learned the basics of how to make balloon curtains, exploring other designs won’t be such a bad idea. 

Types of balloon curtains

You can mount different types of balloon valance on boards. Some DIY projects even show steps on how to create balloon valance without any sewing skills necessary. These curtains called gathered styles of balloon valances. 


Another style for balloon curtains blends in modern interior designs. Pleated style balloon valances are feminine and tailored, making them appear clean and serve as a neat transition for contemporary room designs. 


The valance does not gather at the rod. Instead, it forms from inverted box pleats. Different features allow the pouffes to extend and grow in volume. The amount of folds or wrinkles you add to the valance also affects its overall appearance. 


Balloon valances may seem out of style, but they could keep up with the fashion trends even in modern interior design. You can put them along the doorless entrance and exit points of your UK home, on your windows, French doors, and many more. 


It can serve as a transitional decorative ornament that softens up the concrete, wood, and other rigid interior elements. Just be careful in picking your colour schemes and fabric. It should be able to match your other furniture so that it doesn’t appear out of place.


You can typically create your style once you have mastered the basics of making balloon curtains. Brush up on your measuring and sewing skills to finish touches on your modern and contemporary UK house design.


how to make rv curtains

7 New Steps Of How To Make RV Curtains?

Are you curious about how to make RV curtains?

You have nothing to worry about because we will give you information to help you with that one.

It is like a regular curtain but cooler when it comes to its material and built.

Out of context, it may seem like one, but as you finish the steps we will be giving you, your expectation will be too high.

The standard curtain is way common and out of style, but then this one is something incredible.

It may also not be the standard size as your curtains at home in the UK, but indeed it is fun to make.

Creativity and imagination will be your greatest investment here.

The materials are also just around the corner.

RV curtains are not that hard to make, but some steps may be a bit strange for you.


Steps To Make RV Curtains

Do you want something cool and out of the box?

One that will make you brave for trying out.

Have RV curtains to see how creative and imaginative your mind can be at some point.

So, how to make RV curtains?

You will need to follow these steps to make your task easier.

So, stay there and take note!


Step #1. Measure the window

The first thing you need to do is to measure your windows for your curtains.

Make sure you do it right.

Among the width, add 1 or 3 inches for an overhang to have a nice effect.

All you need is to add for the hem and the rod pockets on top as for the height.

You may add 6 inches for the hem and 5 inches for the pockets.


Step #2. Cut the fabric out (drop cloth)

After measuring and making sure you had the right dimension cut out the fabric.

But before that, make sure that it is flat, or iron it to ensure that it is flat and there are no uneven parts later on.

You can use cutters or fabric scissors if you wish.


Step #3. Make the side hems

The next thing you need to do is to cut the side hems and iron them too.

And then you can backstitch it for a cleaner line.

Make sure you put an inch or a half to give a good layer on it.

Then you can iron down the fabric creating a crease on it.

It should be bold, and you should press the lines hard for it to look good and not pop any time.


Step #4. The top rod pocket

We will not make a usual rod pocket that will look the same as your casual rod pockets in this step.

We will be using 1 x 2 wood to serve as your rod here.

So make sure the fabric can cover it up.

You can start folding again, just like how you made the side hems, and iron it on the top to create a crease again.


Step #5. The bottom rod pocket

This kind is indeed a unique curtain, for it has rods also in the bottom.

You can make the usual way of putting a rod pocket.

Would you please do the same as how you did the top pocket but smaller since the stick we are using as a rod is cylindrical?


Step #6. The straps

You can buy leather straps online, depending on your preference.

Now, drill a small hole on it where you can pass a thread.

Fold it about just enough to put closure when you have inserted a D-shaped ring usually used for accessories.

The next thing is to put a d shaped ring with hooks on the other end of the strap.

Make sure both have the same length.

Consider it to lock in the curtain massively and hold it in place when it opened up.


Step #7. Install the rods

Install the top rods, insert the wood piece inside your pocket and place the straps behind it.

Drill the straps and the wood, considering screwing it up to secure the strap’s spot to hold the curtain up.

Do this on both sides, and you are good to go.

Hopping on the next thing to do, you will slide in your cylindrical rod at the bottom pocket.

That will serve as your roll-up once you want to open your window, and you can use the hook to let it stay in place.

It will look so cute, and your RV curtains would look like it has suspenders on.

Your rods will be best when painted in a dark brown colour or use a wood varnish to make it look natural.

Then you can drill your top rod wood on the wall after making all these steps.


And now we managed to get this done. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.

It’s a good thing we managed to learn together about “How to make RV curtains?”

Now you can say that you have another unlocked skill and knowledge you can share with your loved ones.

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