How To Make Bunk Bed Curtains In 4 Bonus Steps?

No one is delighted with dorms and it’s annoying bunk beds. But with the aid of curtains, hooks, and rods, you can transform that annoying space into a very cosy corner to chill in after a long day.

Just hang on as I show you how to make bunk bed curtains. These steps will transform your room into a castle, just as I did mine.

Bunk beds can be very annoying, from changing the mattress to kids falling out of it. I found out late that they weren’t really what I thought them to be.

But then, the good news is that there is an easy way to make these temporary beds very personal and cosy. You can do this not only for kids but for adolescents and adults too.

With the proper knowledge of making bunk bed curtains, you can make that annoying place into a paradise for your kids or yourself.

Now bunk bed curtains serve a lot of value, from privacy to giving you that camping experience. You can improve privacy by adding curtains to your bunk.

Don’t worry about how-to; I will show you how to make bunk bed curtains from start to finish. It is no rocket science, keep scrolling, and you will find out all you need to know to beautify your bunks.


How to Make Bunk Bed Curtains

Steps on Making Bunk Bed Curtains

There are several ways you can hang your bunk bed curtains. You can either hang one long curtain at the top bunk and allow it to flow down through the down bunk.

Although this method will save you stress, I don’t recommend it. Inevitably, the occupant of the lower bunk will always get disturbed by the other person.

Note; the idea of adding these curtains is to facilitate the movement and activities of both occupants without disturbing the other person.

Now that you get this, you will understand that having separate sets of short curtains is better. Here, both occupants also get to choose the colour and type of curtains they need.

With these steps, you should know precisely how to make bunk bed curtains without mistakes. These steps include:

Step #1; The first step on how to make bunk bed curtains taking measurements. This step is crucial. Don’t assume you know the dimensions. Use your take and measure to avoid waste of resources and also a waste of efforts.

Measure the curtain rod hooks’ length, measure the size of the curtains, and make sure to work with these measurements. Taking steps will save you from a lot of mistakes.

Step #2; Attach your curtain rod hooks to the bunk wood. If your upper bunk doesn’t have posters, you can as well attach them to the ceiling.

Step #3; install your curtain rods to the hooks. You attach one end of the rod to one end of the hook, slide in the rod properly and connect to the other end of the hook.

Step #4; install your curtains. Remove one end of the rod, slide in your curtains and replace the rod with its hook. Now fasten the rod to the hooks and adjust your curtains. Your bunk bed curtains are ready.

You can now enjoy your privacy. You also transform this place into a fort. I will tell you how in a bit.

How do You Make a Den on a Bunk Bed?

Like making a bunk bed curtain, a den, otherwise known as a fort, is the most accessible building with a bunk bed.

Here are the steps

Step #1: Hang a blanket down the four sides of the beds from the top bunk. You might prefer a light blanket to ensure it stays secure.

Step #2: Use toys, books, or other heavy objects in the room to secure this blanket up.

Step #3: The lower bunk is now your den.

Step#4: You can use pillows, cushions, and blankets to make the inside more comfortable.

Can you put a Bunk in Front of a Window?

Absolutely. Why not?

Different people in the UK have different needs.

  • If you love the early morning sun on your skin, you should put your bunk in front of the window. It will save you the stress of moving outside to get vitamin D daily. You can lie on your bed and receive nature’s nutrients.
  • If you want your bunk lighted at all times, this is the best space for you. Your corner will always be bright during the day.

This position has its disadvantage too, excessive rays from the sun are not suitable for your body. But don’t panic. We have a solution for you.

Sheers or laces hung over the window will go a long way to iron this issue you can ensure your favourite space with no worries in the world.


Now, you’re not just known how to make bunk bed curtains. You’ve also known other ways to transform that annoying piece of furniture into a beautiful place to stay.

So away with the worries of living in a dorm, anytime you find yourself at a dorm, transform your bunk into a bit of a castle and let others drool over your creation. I hope you got value. Let us know in the comment section. We would like to hear from you. See you some other time.

How to hem curtains

4 Proven Steps How To Hem Curtains For Beginners?

How to hem curtains? You could either sew a curtain or applying fabric tape to it.

If your windows seem to be missing something, adding curtains will do the trick. However, we don’t always get the right size for every purchase in the UK.

You can’t make shorter curtains long, so having them longer is better. Having a sewing skill is an advantage too.

Have you ever heard of hemming? Or have you ever tried to hem long curtains to fit your windows?

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you will learn various ways to add hem to your curtains and fit your wall perfectly.

Hemming Curtains

A hem is a finishing method wherein the cloth’s edge is folded and sewn without showing on the outer side.

This technique prevents the fabric from unravelling or adjusting the curtain’s length to fit your needs.

Steps To Hem A Curtain

How to hem curtains?

Hemming is just like folding the edges that will add a little detail to your plain-looking curtains.

Well, you sew it to make the curtain more fitted.

Adding hem to a curtain can be from different sides of edges or done in various ways.

Here are the steps on how to hem a curtain.

Step #1. Measuring

The first thing to do is to measure the surface that the curtain will be covering.

That way, you will know the length of the curtain that you will use.

Next is to measure the curtains.

 Make sure that your curtains are long enough to for a double folded hem at the bottom.

Standard curtains have three to four inches wide hems.

So it is a given that your curtain must have a 6 to 10 inches allowance at the bottom.

Shorter curtains look better with a 2 inches wide hem, while longer curtains look best with 5 inches hem.

Step #2. Setting the curtain

After measuring the desired length, place the curtain on a flat surface with the wrong side up.

You could either do this on the floor or the table as long as it is lying flat.

Step #3. Folding

Then fold the bottom part of your curtain according to your allowance.

Divide the length of the allowance into two to have a two-fold hem.

Whenever you are folding aside, iron it to stay firm.

You could also use pins to hold it in place while ironing.

Step #4. Appling the hem

You can use various methods in this step.

You could sew, put on a tape or


When it comes to sewing them, make sure to have at least the basic skills in sewing.

You could use basting or backstitch if you are going to sew the hem by hand.

Basting is best if you want to make it look like it is attached to the curtain.

Suppose you have a sewing machine, the better.

You can sew the hem with the sewing machine, and you finished the job.

Iron-on tape

If you have no idea how to sew or are just too lazy to do so, you can use iron-on tape.

Haven`t you heard it before? It is an adhesive tape used to attach fabrics by just ironing them in between.

Place the tape in between the hem and the back of the curtain of the folded hem.

Make sure that the tops are aligned to make a better appearance.

Press the iron with the tape in between the fabrics.

Do it for 10 minutes or as the package of the tape suggests.

To prevent the cloth from burning, you can place a damp cloth on top of the curtain or a paper.

Sewing Or Taping: Which Is Better?

If you were to ask me which method I would like to do best or probably better, I would like to say it has to be sewing.

Both have their ups and downs:


Sewing is better than taping if were talking about long-term usage of curtains. It is also a plus to make it adjustable.

When you adjust the curtain’s length, you can remove the stitches and sew them again.

It could last longer than taping them if you sew them, and it will be less messy than the lather.

Yet, stitches will be visible with the curtain’s hem unless you use the basting stitching method.


If we`re talking about appearance, taping is better since you can`t see any sewing marks or traces on the curtain hems.

It also requires less work and effort. All you have to do is to tape and iron it.

Although you can’t adjust its length after taping it, it will become messy once you detach the hem.

Moreover, it will also cost you another pound to buy the tape in the UK, but if you already have one, there’s no problem.

Yet, this one still depends on your preference and what purpose your curtain is for; make sure that the curtain’s length is what you need.

We don’t want to make it all over again and waste our time, don’t we?

Want to learn more about DIY projects? Click this article.

That is all.


Knowing how to hem curtains can save you a lot than making others do it. You can save much from doing it on your own.

You could make adjustments yourself to suit your preference and add some finishing touches to it.

I mean, I had fun making hems on my curtain.

It helped me kill time at the same time, made my curtain add some details.

how to make swags curtains

How To Make Swags Curtains In 9 Proven Steps?

We will be looking at nine easy steps on how to make swags curtains. Curtains are not merely for privacy but can create a stylish appearance and make the UK room look fabulous.

Aside from the curtains’ colours and textures, one can add some additional flair with swag. But, what is a swag curtain? Swags loosely draped and slung fabrics on a decorative rod. 

Trust me, and they appear unique! Kindly note that you can’t achieve that desired privacy in your UK room by only using swag curtains. However, combining other window treatments like blinds, shades, shutters, and other curtains creates more privacy.

Steps on Making a Swag Curtain

People use loose fabrics to make swags, and this requires large fabric materials. With the correct measurements, you can purchase a sufficient amount of material to complete the entire decoration. 

Follow these steps below to get your desired swag curtain using strings:

Step #1: Sketch the swag curtain on a sheet

The first step on how to make swags curtains is to sketch. You start by drawing the swag curtain design on a sheet. This sketch covers the scenario of the swag curtain arrangements on the window or any other opening.

Step #2: Hold the Left Edge With a Pushpin

The next step on how to make swags curtains is holding with a pushpin. Get a pushpin and insert one into the wall, targeting the left edge. Hold the left edge of the fabrics at the top where you want the swag’s left end to appear.

Step #3: hold the right edge with a pushpin

Do the same for the right end, inserting the pushpin on the wall.

Step #4: Use a cord and tie at the left and right end pushpins

Once you’ve installed the pushpins, the next step on how to make swags curtains is to get your cord. Start by tying an end on the left pushpin and the other end on the right pushpin.

Step #5: Connect a cord on the left pushpin

Once you’ve successfully tied the cord between both pushpins, get another cord and connect to the left pushpin.

Step #6: Form a sag with the cord

Drop the cord to get the bottom edge of your proposed swag sag; keep adjusting till you get the correct depth.

Step #7: Take swag measurement

The next step on how to make swags curtains is measurements. Employ your metal tape and measure the swaged cord’s deepest part and the width.

Step #8: attach fabrics

Get your desired fabrics and attach them to the cord forming the swag curtain.

Step #9: Repeat the process if you need multiple swags

If you need various swags, you should repeat the process across other windows.

How to Cut Swag Curtains

Once you have your measurement at hand, you can get enough fabrics to give you the desired result. However, it will be good to cut the fabrics right to allow the swags to come out fine. Correct fabric management for swags should cut through the cross grain. 

You would be drafting swag patterns based on the depth and width required. Here comes the need for calculations. You might be thinking of how to get the exact fabric amount needed.

Don’t be scared; you can use various online calculators that will give you clues—these clues based on your swag measurement, mounting method, fabric pattern, and fabric type. 

The general rule states that swag fabrics should be two yards if they appear 45 inches across.

Steps on Cutting Swags Curtains Right

Step #1: Lay your material on your table

Layout your material on your working table and find the bases by getting the cut edge folded at the bottom or top. Such action helps align with any of the selvedge edges, and you can use straight pins to mark the fold.

Step #2: Fold the swag portion

Considering the curtain’s length, start folding the swag portion pattern halfway.

Step #3: Using a pressing iron on the swag parts

Make the lines from the fold very visible by pressing them.

Step #4: Align the fabrics and the pattern

Get your pins and align your fabric and that of the pattern together.

Step #5: Pin the fabrics and pattern together

Pin both and start cutting around the lines. Ensure that you add some allowance as you cut to provide space for the hems.

Step #6: Pin the swag’s upper edge to your ironing board

Pin the swag’s upper edge to your ironing board to glance through your work. Pin the edges together until the folds start forming the desired arc as you work from left to right.

Step #7: Use the window measurement

Employ your window’s measurement of the length of the curtain tails on your fabric.

Guides on How to Make a Swag Curtain Pattern

Below is how to make a specific pattern for swags with five pleats.

Step #1: You have to get the basic shape created on a sheet; start by marking the width and place the finished curtain swag on it.

Get the length of the chain weight measured and make any possible adjustments. It would be best to form the swag by practising with another piece of fabric, something simpler to help you get things right.

Step #2: Cut the fabric to shape and mark out the positions for pleats. Adjust the cloth piece to help form the arc.

Step #3: Check out the pleats to ensure they appear even across the centre vertical line and appear right from the back distance. Then, make your patterns.

Easy Ways on Making a Pleat a Swag Curtain?

Step #1: You can start making your pleats by folding and pinning the folds. Then, get the side timed for an excellent shaped side chain. Get your finished curtain fabric and layout on your table if you’ve been working with a test fabric. 

Step #2: Start off pinning a short distance right under the top for the right side. Continue to fold in such short distances, and pin to the top until you reach the edge. 

Once done, ensure that you do the same for the left side of the drape. Then, hang the pleated curtain on your window.



Swags create an outstanding appearance for windows and can help improve your UK room’s aesthetics. If you have been yearning for one on your window, you can get it done in no time by using the steps on how to make swags curtains outlined above. A glance through this piece would help you measure, cut, and create an attractive swag pattern.

how to hang cafe curtains

4 Proven Steps How To Hang Cafe Curtains Fast?

For someone in the UK who loves the practicality and appealing look of these fantastic curtains, you are in the right place to learn how to hang cafe curtains.

Cute cafe curtains are decorative pieces with a history of enhancing the overall appearance of cafes and diners. They are window treatments that hang halfway up the window and give room to enough light to enter while providing some privacy.

 This article will take you through hanging cafe curtains and the different areas where you can hang cafe curtains. 


4 Easy Steps For Hanging Cafe Curtains

After choosing the exact spot where you would like to hang cafe curtains in your UK home, cafe, or dinner, then you start the process of hanging them. Here are the steps to take on how to hang cafe curtains: 

You will need the following tools; 

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Standard level
  • Screws    

Step #1: Measure Your Preferred Space 

The first step on how to hang cafe curtains is taking measurements. Ensure that you measure the actual width and the height of your window. This measurement will allow your cafe curtains to fit perfectly into your windows.

Note that choosing curtains about 2 to 2 and a half times wider than your window is the best. Measure the length of your cafe curtains to be up to 4 to 6 inches longer than the length from where you will place your rod to the window’s base. 

Step #2: Choose Curtain Rods 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is choosing the correct rods. The best options for curtain rods are either the classic, or you go for return rods. 

Step #3: Consider the rod Placement 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is placing the rod. It would help if you hung your cafe curtains a little above the window’s middle. They must cover the window panes’ meeting point, giving your window more privacy on the lower half and letting light come through it from the other half on the top. 

Step #4: Install the Curtain rod

Using a pencil, start marking the point where you want your curtain rods to be on each side of the window. Check again to confirm that the lines are on the same level before you mark holes, then fit the brackets into place.

After ensuring that you have the proper placement where you prefer and levelled with a drill, secure the brackets into the wall.  

How Should Cafe Curtains Hang?

Usually, you hang cafe curtains on a rod, which goes across the window glass’s middle part instead of hanging it on top. This position is good enough for getting some privacy and little sunlight as well.

The grommet and cafe curtains need hemming on the lower end. You need to use four to six inches for the hem, such that it balances below the sill’s bottom when you are looking at it from outside.    

Where Should Curtain rod Brackets be Placed?

You can place each bracket on the height that you have chosen, which should be up to four or six inches from both sides of your window frame. This allowance will permit your curtains to open completely. 

4 Steps on How to Connect Cafe Curtain Rings?

Step #1: You start with spreading out your curtain on any flat surface, such that the top edge of the curtain is pointing towards you. Spread out the curtain on a table or another flat surface with the leading edge of the curtain toward you.

Step #2: Squeeze the cafe curtain rings you have chosen or clips to open them. In case the ring is a solid one, squeeze the ring’s loop to open the claw. For rings with a separate attached clip, open the ring by squeezing the top of the clip.   

Step #3: After opening the claw, slide it or the clip onto the top edge of the cafe curtain and leave the pressure. When you release the tension, it will allow the claw or clip to grab into the fabric.  

Step #4: Attach one cafe curtain ring to the top left and the right ends of the cafe curtain. Fasten the rest across the top of the cafe curtain evenly. 

Where can I Place Cafe Curtains?

In the kitchen

In traditional UK homes, you would find cafe curtains as kitchen window covers. They are perfect for the window above the sink. They let you have natural lighting and an open view of what is going on outside while doing your dishes. 

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is also commonplace for placing cafe curtains inside your UK home. They give your bathroom windows the needed light and privacy.  

In a UK Home Office

When you are working from home in the UK, it is nice to have a conducive space in your home as an office where you can have better productivity. So you may want to throw in some plants that have stress-reducing and improved productivity effects.

Using cafe curtains in such a place will give you and the plants the needed natural light for growth! 

An Entryway

Entryways of your UK home are the first impression people see; the more pretty they look, the more inviting your home will be. When the front door of your home has glass panes that lead to the entryway, install cafe curtains to get the appealing quantity of light perfect for a warm welcome.   

In a Nursery

Letting natural light enter your room while you enjoy time with your little ones will do you both some good. They also look good in the nursery when you include cute embellishments into the pretty and delicate fabric. 


Usually, cafe curtains are lightweight fabrics like lace or muslin materials. The simple and nice looks of Cafe curtains make them ideal for kitchens, restrooms, or anywhere you have small windows in your UK home.

While some cafe curtains may have a casing or a pocket at the upper part where one can slide cafe curtain rods through or use a spring tension, other easier cafe curtains do not have a pocket. With these, you only need cafe curtain rings for hanging the curtains.

These cafe curtain rings may come in solid metal pieces with curves on end to make an oval loop with a claw on the bottom, and some come as circular rings with a small attached swivelling clip on the ring’s bottom. I believe reading through this write on how to hang cafe curtains.

how to hang swag curtains

How To Hang Swag Curtains Quick And Easy?

It may look easy to install, and to an extent, learning how to hang swag curtains probably is. After all, it is just a few measurements here and there, a few brackets, and a curtain rod installation (or not if you already have one). 

Once you have your rod up and ready, you can easily slide the swag onto your curtain rod, wrap it around, make a few adjustments, and you`ve got yourself a lovely swag curtain. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not entirely. 

Hanging swag curtains takes on a pretty simple process. But if you are going for a particular look, and you definitely want that extra flair to spark up your interior, then you`re going to have to do more than just the basics of hanging these valances.

Swag Curtains

The obsession with gorgeous curtains and drapery stems from fashion and practicality. But let`s admit that we are all probably leaning towards the fashionable side. After all, who doesn`t love a chic-looking bedroom or living room? 

Window treatments include valance, swag, and cornices that overlay your regular utilitarian drapes. UK homeowners and interior designers typically hang these fabric pieces at the top of the window to hide the window treatment`s hardware. 

Swag curtains, in particular, are loosely slung pieces of fabric over a decorative rod. It could be wound over a tieback or draped over the edges of the rod. There are many ways to hang swag curtains to give your window a frame with a bit of style and romance to the room. 

Hanging process

Like we have established earlier, swags are pretty much easy to put up. You might need to pre-install your brackets if it is your first time installing curtains. Don`t worry. We have you covered. Here is a list of step-by-step procedures that will help you achieve that glamorous cottage look for your UK home.

Step 1: Choosing Brackets and Rods

We`ve included this step for those who are hanging curtains for the first time. You`re going to need to choose your rods and decorative brackets first. It usually doesn`t matter if the bracket`s colour coincides with your UK home`s colour palette since the swag curtain can cover it up.

However, if you chose sheer or other thin fabric as your swag, those metal brackets visibly showing within the fabric might ruin the look. You can get coloured brackets that will blend well with your chosen decorative rod. 

It is also essential to consider if you need single or double brackets to hang your swags. Get double brackets if you want to hang curtains along with your swag. They come with two slots, so they will let you hold two curtain rods. Otherwise, single brackets will do just fine. 

Your curtain rod depends highly on the type of material of your swag. Sheer swags use thin fabric, so if you`re going to use those, try to use a decorative rod that matches its colour and is also pleasing to the eye. 

Step 2: Installing Brackets

Take out your measuring tape and measure the width of your window. That will help you know how far apart the brackets can go. This will also let you know the exact length of the rod that your window might need. Try to make the measurements before shopping for rods and brackets in the UK.

Make a mark at about four to eight inches (4 – 8 or 10-20 cm) above your window on both sides. It would help if you didn`t hang them too high or too low unless you intentionally aim for a tall or short-looking window frame. 

Drill the holes on the marks and screw the brackets onto the walls. Make sure that they are tight and secured. The last thing you want is falling curtain rods due to flimsy bracket attachments.

Step 3: Hanging Swags

Put up your rod and hang each end of the swag near the finial. You can decide the length that will flow on either side. Some people in the United Kingdom opt for a one-sided look, so they let the swag`s excess fabric hang loosely towards one side while you wrap the other one around the rod. 

To achieve a relatively symmetric look, hang one of the swags near the finial. If your curtain rod has a rod pocket, you can easily slide the swag onto the curtain rod. If not, wrap the swag around the curtain to create a scarf-style swag. 

Adjust the middle and ends of the fabric to suit your preferences. Make it appear loosely hung for a more relaxed look. Make as many swags as you want. You can opt for a single swag look using thicker fabric or make a scarf-style wrap-around swag with silk or sheer fabric. 

Make as many manual adjustments as you please. Place your curtain near the centre or towards either edge to achieve your desired look. If you want your rod and brackets covered, you can try moving the fabric a bit more to the edge so that it hides unsuspecting brackets.


At the end of the day, it is up to you. I mean, it is your UK home, after all. Now that you know the basics of hanging swag curtains, you can experiment with different styles to further improve your home. Smooth them out with your hands, add pleats, make a back loop, and many more. 

how to hang curtains in a dorm room

5 Steps Of How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm Room?

Today, I will be looking at how to hang curtains in a dorm room in the UK. Have you ever been to a university or college dormitory before? If you have ever visited one or lived in one, you would have noticed how clumsy the rooms there can be. 

With a curtain, you can salvage the situation a little bit. A curtain can help you create a little space for yourself, thereby giving you a home experience out of the home in the UK.

However, this, too, comes with a challenge. Most dormitories forbid conventional curtain hanging techniques such as drilling or hitting nails into the walls. 

Despite this restriction, there are some workarounds you can use to hang your curtain in a dorm room without drilling the wall or hitting a nail into the wall. These are all that we will look into in the cause of this article. So, if you are ready for me, I am glad also.

Steps on How to Hang Curtains in a Dorm Room

You will likely do one of the things by yourself, which is decorating the room. This decoration activity will involve a lot of things, including hanging in your curtains. In this section, I will guide you on how to hang curtains in a UK dorm room.

Step #1: Take the Measurement of the Window

The first thing you need to do is to measure the window. This measurement is necessary to know the length of the tension rod you will be using.

You will place the Tension Rods between windows at the topmost part of the window. Getting this measurement is vital because a tension rod that is too long or short will not fit in perfectly between the windows.

Step #2: Gather all you Need for the Tasks

After taking measurements of the room, it is now time to get all the material ready. You need three things, your hooks, curtains, and the tension rod. For the tension rod, I will suggest that you go for an adjustable tension rod.

You can adjust the adjustable tension to fit into any length. Using a Tension rod also eliminates the need for installing Brackets, and the implication is that you will not be drilling any hole in the wall.

You have to be creative enough for the curtain to choose a curtain that blends with the room

Installing a curtain is a two-person task. Although you can do this alone, it is better to have someone who assists you during the installation to make the work easier, smoother, and faster.

Step #3: Installing the Tension Rod 

The next step on how to hang curtains in a dorm room is installing the rod. Place the adjustable tension rod between the two ends of the window and adjust it to fit perfectly between the windows’ ends.

When purchasing a tension rod, it is necessary to do so with the window’s measurement to avoid buying a tension rod that is either too long or too short for the window.

Step #4: Mount the Hooks

To do this, measure the point you want to mount the hook on both ends of the window. Make a mark there with a pencil. It is vital to ensure that the issues for mounting the hook on both ends are equal.

Next, place your adhesive on the back of your hook and hold it against the wall. You have to do this for the two hooks.

Step #5: Hanging the Curtain

The last thing you need to know on how to hang a curtain in a dorm room is the process of hanging the curtain. You can hang the curtain by either fastening it directly on the rod or clipping it through a particular curtain clip that clips the curtain just below the tension rod. Yes, and that is it; that is the end of this process.


What are the Ideal Curtains for a Dorm Room?

Besides figuring out how to hang curtains in a Dorm room, you also have to pay attention to the type of curtains you want to use for the dorm room. When shopping for your curtain, you should always pay attention to two things: price and quality.

I suggest an insulated hangout curtain as the best curtain for your dorm room because it allows you to sleep during bright hours while keeping the room temperature reasonable.

However, there are many other great ideas regarding the choice of curtains for your dorm room. Some of the options you can look into are:

Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Aside from thermal and blackout, these thermal insulated blackout curtains offer you an extra advantage of noise cancellation, which is very important in a dorm setting.

You want to eliminate noise as much as possible when you are in your corner, and this curtain type may be the piece of magic you need to achieve that.

Raina Blackout Curtains

These curtains are also insulated and offer more stylish effects. It is a good choice for you if you desire a blend of style and necessity.  


I decided to write on how to hang curtains in a dorm because many people in the United Kingdom have asked me questions about it, and I thought it would be great to put this down into writing.

I believe you have picked up on or more things on how to hang dorm curtains. Drop your inquiries or question in the comment box, and I will gladly respond to you.

If you can hang a dorm curtain after going through this, kindly share your experience with us in the comment section.

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