How to Install Curtains Over Blinds In 6 Easy Steps!

Some people in the UK do not install curtains over blinds because blinds look like curtains the way manufacturers in the UK make them. You use blinds to limit observation. Blinds are sometimes called shade.

How to install curtains over blinds is very easy to plan and execute. People in the UK install curtains over blinds to add extra attraction to their bedroom and sitting room. They install curtains over blinds to keep themselves away from direct sunlight and also for complete privacy.

Of course, there’s a big difference between a sitting room where you cover the blinds with curtains and rooms without curtains. 

You need the following materials for installing curtains over blinds; 

  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  •  ladder 
  • pins 
  • chalk and 
  • curtains. 
How to Install Curtains over Blinds

Steps on How to Install Curtains over Blinds 

Step #1: Determine the Dimensions of the Blinds 

Before carrying out any installations, you need to take correct measurements to ensure you’re working with accurate data. Measure the length of the blinds and record the data. Also, measure the width of the blinds and record. 

From the top of the blind to the bottom, take the measurements. You do this to determine the length of the curtains while installing over the blinds

Once you have obtained all the data, proceed to the next step. 

Step #2: Get the Curtains Ready 

There are various types of curtains usually installed over blinds. Depending on the type of curtains you choose. Set them aside and measure according to the data you obtained from the blinds, both the length and width. 

Curtains are chosen based on the area you reside in. Some buy curtains that are very thick to disrupt noise from outside from disturbing them.

People in the UK obtain curtains that will protect them from direct sunlight, while others buy those that allow air into the sitting room. 

Step #3: Make a Rough Sketch of How you Want the Curtains Over the Blinds 

How to install curtains over blinds is such an easy-going task to carry out. Here, you make a rough sketch of how you want your curtains over blinds to look. This step is optional.

This sketch will give you an overview of how to carry out the installation. It’s an important step, though, but people in the UK are impatient because they want to finish and appreciate the look. 

Step #4: Gather all the Materials and Begin

You have all the data recorded. Now, get on with the business. Get the curtains, pins, and ladder that will support you, and finally, the scissors if there are places you will need to cut. Then, take your sketches, study them one more time and place the ladder to the blind and continue with the step. 

Step #5: Install the Curtains 

Since you have all the materials, you will need someone to hold the curtains for you as you climb the ladder. Pass the curtains behind bars from either the left side or the right.

You install some to cover up all the blinds while you double some. One from the left and the other from the right. When you must have finished, climb down and move afar to appreciate it and look out for mistakes. 

Step #6: Make Adjustments 

You have installed the curtains, and you feel there are places you need to readjust. This step is the right time for you to check if they are well established, check the parameters, and ensure all the measurements are correct. Then, you can appreciate your work and relax in your sitting room and bedroom. 

Why do People in the UK Install Curtains Over Blinds? 

From the steps above, you will understand that how to install curtains over blinds is something reasonably achievable.

You can decide to get the type of curtains you wish from any grocery mall, and with the steps above, you will get your sitting room this spectacular decor.

Many install these curtains over blinds to maintain total privacy and absolute serenity after a long day at work. To feel relaxed with your loved ones without the disturbance of noise from close by or vehicles passing by, you need to learn how to install curtains over blinds and produce one for your UK home use. 

What is the Cost of Production?

How to install curtains over blinds is not something anyone who’s willing cannot afford. With £30 and a little time, be rest assured that you can comfortably install these curtains.

For workers who don’t have time, they can make out time and visit any stores on weekends, and with little time, you will make this task achievable. 

Some people in the United Kingdom go as far as borrowing equipment to install these curtains before summer or winter when they’re highly needed. 


It is essential to install curtains over blinds, especially for people in the UK living in noisy areas and even during winter. It takes care of the extreme cold, and during summer, it ensures less penetration of sunlight into the sitting room. 

How to install curtains over blinds shouldn’t be a burden to you because you already have the steps. With the steps and the materials made available, you will surely obtain an outstanding result.

how to hang curtains in a dorm

4 New Steps Of How To Hang Curtains In A Dorm?

Are you wondering how to hang curtains in a dorm? Then keep on reading.

College students in the UK are always excited to move into a dorm.

But once they set foot in one, they will only realise how outdated and small these UK rooms can be.

One way to enhance these cramped quarters is to install some curtains. By doing this, you can make space feel more like home in the UK.

However, most colleges do not allow you to put nails or drill the wall, so your decorating selections will be limited.

But do not worry because, in this article, we will be teaching you the steps in hanging curtains in your favourite dorm without drilling.

We will also share some tips to follow to ensure that you choose suitable curtains for your UK room.


4 Steps To Hang Curtains In A Dorm

Hanging curtains can improve room temperature.

You can also sleep better with it. Don’t know how to hang curtains in a dorm?

Just follow the steps below:


Step #1. Measuring the window space

In this step, you need a measuring tape.

Measure the inner frame of the window to get the length.

You will use this number to acquire the dimension needed for the curtain rod.


Step #2. Gathering the tools and materials needed

It is essential to prepare all the supplies and tools required. You can choose any fabric material.

But in terms of the hardware to use, we recommend using a shower rod because they are more durable or adjustable tension rods.

Among the two, the latter option is relatively more cost-effective. It is also easier to mount.

You may or may not use an adjustable rod, ensure to measure the window frame correctly so that you can get the right rod size for it.

But if you opt for an adjustable rod, it does not require you to install brackets anymore.

Meaning to say the dorm rooms will not suffer any holes.


Step #3. Installing the curtain rod and testing its stability

If you are using a rod that you can adjust, you have to place it on the window frame and adjust its size accordingly.

It works just like those shower rods.

They are easy to tighten and loosen as you match them with the measurement of your window.

If you are using command hooks, you need to mark the location in the wall where you like to mount them. Use a pencil for this.

Detach the adhesive backing from the hook. Then, press the hook on the spot you marked earlier.

Remember that it is better to measure than to estimate it with your eyes when knowing where to place the hooks.

But just in case you messed up placing the hook, don’t worry because you can pull it down and repeat the process.


Step #4. Hanging the curtains

You can hang the curtains either by attaching them directly onto the rod or through the clips.

Clip your curtain panel beneath the curtain rod.

Take note that you need to put an extra allowance of about an inch or two when you are using clips.

That will intend for the drop length of the clip.

After you attach the curtain panel onto the clips or command hooks or slide them on the rod, you can see how the room’s ambience has changed.


Some Tips To Remember When Choosing A Curtain Fabric

Whichever method you choose in hanging the curtain into your dorm, you have to consider several things when choosing your curtain fabric.

Below are some of them:


Tip #1. Choosing a light fabric

Most methods that do not require drilling may not support heavy fabric materials, so it is better to choose light fabric such as linens or cotton.


Tip #2. Considering blackout fabric

Perhaps, you desire to block off the sunlight.

It would help if you went for blackout curtains. They are available in various patterns and designs.

More so, they offer you more privacy.


Tip #3. Choosing a subtle pattern or simple solid curtain

If your room in the UK already has many design elements, you won’t want your curtains to overtake or clash with them.

Choosing a curtain with a solid colour or subtle patterns will match them easily with the overall decoration.

Regardless, here is an article you might want to read.

And that is how you hang a curtain in a dorm.

It’s A Wrap!

When hanging curtains into your dorm, you can do it in several ways.

So, how to hang curtains in a dorm?

You can use hooks, clips, rings, or rods, depending on the easiest option.

What’s nice about hanging curtains is that you can transform the look of the room.

From the shabby UK room it used to be, you can still make it into something else.

Whether you want a minimal design or you prefer the extraordinaire interior design, a curtain can be an excellent material to add to your decorations.

According to interior designers, a curtain can break or make a room valid with dorm rooms.

So ensure to pick the right ones for your dorm by taking into account the tips provided above.

After that, you can hang them by following the easy steps that we also provided earlier in this post.

Good luck with your new journey, and stay safe!

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